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Five years of our international project “Miracle in the Heart” activity

Conclusions, achievements, and gifts

Experts are close to you, we are in touch!☺

Project organizers

5 years ago, on December 7, 2014, the first webinar of our First Online Festival on Natural Childbirth ‘Miracle in the Heart’ took place, which lasted 15 days and brought together 60 speakers from 16 countries on 3 continents. Our festival was opened by the Ob/Gyn, the world-renowned humanist Michel Odent.

Within 5 years of its existence, our project has covered 30 countries, 5 continents, more than 150 experts on motherhood and informed parenthood. We can’t even believe that today, we, two simple mothers, are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our ‘Miracle in the Heart’, which was born really from a pure heart and the positive experience of the birth of our children and motherhood.

With tears of joy and deep gratitude, we re-read the reviews of the experts of our project:

“I discovered Svetlana's and Olga's project ‘Miracle in the Heart’, and I realized that two mothers (TWO MOTHERS (!) had been able to create and work hard on an international festival in which they involved the most famous activists and experts on world level for the rediscovery and re-protection of ‘Conception-Pregnancy-Birth-Breastfeeding-Primal (as science shows more and more!) Evolutionary Health’… Isn't this simply AMAZING?! Isn't this an UNDESCRIBABLY sign of how powerful and INALIENABLE the mother life processes are and how they are registered not on competition or exploitation war or domination, but on cooperation, on peaceful sharing, on symbiotic conviviality of life?!” (Hilda Garst, Italy)

“The fact that your project doesn’t cease and keeps on pulsing reflecting the unstoppable rhythm of the struggle for happy future of nascent generation, is worthy of it! Besides, it gives hope for extending the circle of like-minded persons!” (Grigori Brekhman, Israel)

“It might happen obviously. However, every time somebody should take such a mission – to become a conductor of new world parts into this world. They did it! ‘Miracle in the Heart’ lives and develops, and it became a source of many miracles itself that made our world better.” (Mikhail Fomin, Russia)

“May the wimyn themselves find their own inner light and instinctual knowing because of the light kindled by these two devoted and caring mothers. Blessed Be. Blessed Do.” (Sister MorningStar, USA)

And how many rays of kindness and warmth we received and receive from wonderful mothers of the world who write about their birth, about inspiration from videos and articles that we continue to create as volunteers (without rewriting and copyrighting), about moral support by emails and calls! So this symbiosis of gratitude energy goes on lending wings to us in the development of the project ‘Miracle in the Heart’, when “we are not working on the project already, but the project is working on us”! ☺

5 years. 5 continents. 5 conclusions on childbirth

5 years video

We are infinitely happy and grateful that the Higher Forces all these 5 years have given us energy to act for current and mothers-to-be, and their families from different countries, and to be filled with even greater love for them. Therefore, we initially took with our slogan “for the sake of the miracle of birth worldwide".

Our goals have not changed over the years, but our mission of the project has changed in 2017. We wrote about this here.

The experience of deep immersion in the subject of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood through our social activities in different countries allowed us to formulate 5 conclusions about childbirth, which we are now happy to share with you in our special video dedicated to our anniversary.

Our projects within the framework of the ‘Miracle in the Heart’ project still warm and inspire us, and after all, how many projects have not been completed due to health reasons, how many have fallen out due to a discrepancy with ‘our project spirit’ or have not stood the test of time. Of those projects that we love very much and still hardly believe that they have 'mastered’ (sometimes at insanely deadlines "), we can note the following:

  • Online Festivals on natural childbirth and blessed conception ‘Miracle in the Heart’,
  • First National Report of Ukraine on Human Rights in Childbirth (for the Europe Summit, France, 2016),
  • First international 7-week video course “FAMILY: How to Conceive a Healthy Child” with 14 speakers from 4 countries,
  • the first and unique bilingual search engine ProEstRo-EXPERT©, combining perinatal professionals with a non-medical approach on 5 continents.

Additionally, we'd like to point out to the following projects:

  • Ukrainian project ‘Natural Childbirth under the Hospital Protection’ (since 2017), to which we were invited, and it was an honour for us to collaborate with the staff of the hospital No5 (Kiev, Ukraine), home midwives and doulas of Kiev to create favourable conditions for childbirth and legalization of home midwifery in Ukraine. This project is already 2 years old, progress in comparison with other Ukrainian maternity hospitals is evident, however, there are some conclusions that pregnant women should know when organizing the place of their birth;
  • the global Movement against obstetric and gynaecological violence (Roses Revolution), in which we have already participated three times (since 2016), having cast our vote on obstetric violence, calling a spade a spade and calling for the elimination of obstetric and gynaecological lies and violence;
  • cooperation with the international organization and the magazine Midwifery Today, Inc. (since 2019). An invitation to act as a MT Country Contact for Ukraine for our project came from the remarkable founder of the organization, midwife Jan Tritten (USA), after the publication of Svetlana's article “Spreading Cooperation on 5 Continents. The continuum of primary health "pregnancy-childbirth-breastfeeding."

Unique new projects in our project!☺

Today is not only our anniversary, but also a debut! Today we are incredibly glad to present you those projects that we have matured only for our fifth anniversary of the project. And these are really those initiatives that made us breath-taking only from the very thought, because no one in the modern world does them! We want to share this with you.

The First Protective Charm Birthing Gowns

First birthing gowns

The idea of creating a protection charm birthing gowns was born in our minds in 2015, and it matured and found its embodiment only a few days ago (December 2019)!

Our protective charm birthing gowns were developed by us together with the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children with positive experiences in the birth of their children! They are with their own specifics (obstetric cut), and most importantly - with symbols that serve as a mascot in childbirth and early motherhood (which distinguishes our gowns from American and Australian hospital gowns). Well, judge the beauty of the dresses yourself by the pictures☺. By the way, one of our beautiful photo models is waiting for the fourth baby, can you imagine ?!

We are so grateful to the delightful mother of 6, the project expert Yekaterina Osochenko for the amazing prototype of these gowns, and the talented craftswoman, mother of 2, our project expert Tatyana Kashina for the final creative creation of dresses and accessories for women in childbirth and puerperas! A deep bow and admiration to you, our dear!

Gowns are made of completely natural fabrics, decorated with natural lace, and the painting is made of almost natural dyes for the fabric! Completely handmade up to the tag on the gown.

We even came up with birthing gowns sets!

Childbirth is a celebration for a Woman and the whole family, which rarely happens in our life, maybe only once (like a wedding)!

More about our maternity dresses for you - at our debut page here. You can see it soon at

First Global Birthing Village GRAVITA

First birthing village

About a year ago, we were approached by the idea of the Birthing Eco-Village by a family of volunteer activists, travellers, creators of the maternal movement for healthy birth “Gravity” and organizers of the 2 annual world flash mobs against obstetric violence “Rose Revolution” Lucy Maratkanova and Kolya Zharov. They live in Brazil for more than 2 years, where their second child was born at home.

And even this wonderful idea over the year has been very transformed, and our communication with Kolya and Lucy has grown into a strong friendship and genuine admiration for their enthusiasm, responsibility, determination and love for the world in all its manifestations.

So, we came to the fifth - fundamentally new for the modern world - type of the organization of the place of birth, where a pregnant woman has time to form a microbiome (microbiota) before childbirth; the basic needs of a MotherBaby in childbirth and the early postpartum are understood and protected, which means that all conditions for the safety of childbirth are created.

At the same time in May 2020 Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko left the GRAVITA project (probably at the certain stage) strongly believing that the basic needs of a MotherBaby in childbirth and the early postpartum should be understood and protected, which means that ALL conditions for the safety of childbirth should be created (otherwise it is not the favourable conditions for any Mother to come and for any birth assistant to work).

Imagine a place with a constant warm climate for natural childbirth, where future parents during pregnancy create their own "birthing nest" by living in one of 150 private ecovillage huts located in Brazil relict forests on the ocean coast, a UNESCO objects, between the famous Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

After childbirth, the family can stay in the Village for as long as they want (visa-free stay for up to six months for citizens of most countries), surrounded by people who are close in spirit and worldview; where home midwifery is legalized (and medical care is free for foreigners, even C-section!), where you will be living in pregnancy and the postpartum in a company already “filled with oxytocin” - among people on the eve of or already with a positive experience in the birth of their children.

Already, when the land for GRAVITA has not yet been purchased and the infrastructure of the Village has not yet been developed, couples applied up for Lucy and Kolya to come to Paraty (Brazil) for their giving birth until June 2020. Unbelievable, but it is a fact!

Perhaps this place is for you? We plan to live there and meet you! ☺

We really want this idea to serve as the “first sign” that paves the way for the creation of such villages in other countries, thus forming a Global Birthing Ecovillages Network.

More information about the idea and stages of the First Global Birthing Village GRAVITA project can be found here.

Anniversary Gifts

Gifts :)

In our happy birthday, we want to tell you that you are extremely important and valuable to us! All we do is just (as it turned out over these 5 years) for the sake of receiving an email/message with the news that someone managed to conceive a long-awaited child, or finally a child was born without medical intervention (and it was an amazing experience for mom), or a child was born after Caesarean section (or 2 C-sections) magically at home; or that our website helped a mother in her pregnancy and motherhood with the information. Or some doctor or organization was inspired by our social activities and he / she made adjustments to his/her activities, or for the sake of a short message in a year or several years, that "you don’t know me, but you helped me with your videos ”... And in some cases (when we managed to defend all together the mother Olga (the mother of the deceased newborn at homebirth) in Belarus, or when you are wrapped with “milk thread” in Sardinia, or when Ibu Robin Lim (Indonesia) invites you and your children to stay in her home after several lines in the messenger), we think that kindness, love and the power of maternal solidarity in this world are simply incredible!

So in this special day we’d like to give you our gift - a 50% discount on our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns for 3 first customers! On our special webpage with the presentation of Birthing Gowns more about this. You’re welcome to try it on!

Can we ask for gifts from you today as well?

We’d like to ask you:

  1. More trust in your heart and intuition, especially in pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.
  2. Enjoy life more, it is beautiful and fair, no matter how it seems.
  3. Write us your first impression of our Birthing Gowns.
  4. Tell everyone about the First Global Birthing Village GRAVITA and help us find patrons and sponsors for its launch in 2020.
  5. Wish us something good, albeit unrealistic, because we know that “there is nothing impossible”☺

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

♥ In joy and sorrow, with love and for the sake of the miracle of birth in the world ♥,
Your Svetlana and Olga

P.S. We also invite you to subscribe to our updated and charged with new beauty :)


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