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The article of Miracle in the Heart in Midwifery Today magazine

Creators of «Miracle in Heart»

In 2018 Jan Tritten (Oregon, USA), a mother of three, a well-renowned midwife, a founder and editor-in-chief of Midwifery Today magazine, a founder and a speaker of national and international conferences for midwives and birthkeepers, kindly invited the organiser of Miracle in the Heart project, Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko, to write an article for her magazine.

What an honour and pleasure it was for our hearts as for Miracle in the Heart! Thank you so much, brilliant Jan Tritten!

The article ‘Increasing Networks on Five Continents. The Primal Health Continuum of Pregnancy/Birth/Breastfeeding’ was published in the authoritative international magazine Midwifery Today, Inc. in March 2019.

It contains a description of the origins and evolution (since 2014) of the social Miracle in the Heart project in the preparation for childbirth, protection of the basic needs of women and babies in childbirth, assistance in childbirth, and protection of the rights of women in childbirth and pregnant women in a maternity hospital and homebirth: results, initiatives, miracles.

Part of interesting article

The contribution includes the following chapters:

  • The story of Miracle in the Heart social project foundation, its areas of activities and expert database;
  • Miracles in Miracle in the Heart project;
  • The initiation and realization of international projects:
    1. The First National Report on Human Rights in Childbirth HRiC: Ukraine (2016),
    2. The First Online Conference on HRiC for Lawyers (2016),
    3. The Uncoupling of the “Vitebsk Case” (2017–2018);
  • Why and How We’ve Changed Our Project’s Mission:
    1. “the brakes” interrupting the primal health continuum,
    2. our plan to contribute in the launch of new birth paradigm (the protection of basic needs of mother and baby in childbirth and early postpartum) at the international level (along with Michel Odent, Ruth Ehrhardt, Hilda Garst, Liliana Lammers, etc.);
  • Mother2Mother and Mother2Midwive global networking:
    1. methods of networking,
    2. Marina Lembo: a bright example of the rapid networking of mothers and midwives;
  • For Dreamers and Doers.
List of interesting articles, including Svetlanas'

“I strongly believe that only unconditional love for living creatures can change everything: regimes, paradigms…

Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.” That unconditional love is the love for God and a mother's love for her baby. It might be inconvenient and not everyone may agree, but I see that it changes things globally.

Factors affecting continuum

I was changed when I saw a slide of the presentation from Jan Tritten, the founder of Midwifery Today magazine (in a Midwifery Today conference in Saint Petersburg, 2015) with the quotation of American abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”

Being great dreamers and actors, it is time for humanity to abolish a “guide-support-help-education-management” birth paradigm and focus on the preservation of women’s ability to release the hormone cocktail of love through childbirth. We feed Mother Earth with love and new, caring human beings, while Mother Earth feeds us with beautiful resources, landscapes and energy.

Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko
I am so Excited

Jan Tritten kindly sent us her touching and inspirational feedback,"I am so Excited by the reach of your article in the work you were doing amazing amazing amazing. Was this article in a Facebook post or was it a review in a magazine. Anyway changing the world it’s fun to be on the planet with you. Let’s keep going your article here answer the question should I keep going thank you thank you thank you."

Sister MorningStar

Lovely American authentic Cherokee midwife Sister MorningStar also touched our hearts by her words towards Mother2Mother and Mother2Midwife collaboration, "You help me with your prayers and good place in your heart.  So much we preserve here on the holyland and around the world. Please speak from your own heart to all for me and let them know that prayers are lifted on their behalf. That the wimyn gather. That the babies are birthed in power and passion and under the moon. That mothers feed them that power through milk from their own bodies and that they can look at the moon and heart the voice of their pack across the big waters. That instinct can be grown and sisterhood can too. May they have strong bodies, lucid minds and clean spirits. To the mothers, know that what one womyn can do, all wimyn can do. To the birth keepers, break the silence, tell the stories, ask the questions, learn from nature, trust instinct, be a believer in what you believe. Thoughts are things. You are queens on your pelvic thrones. What you say, you decree. Think about what you are thinking about. From first to last breaths and all in-between, simple and sacred will preserve the ancient wisdom ways of the sacred feminine. You are the birth keepers. The story tellers. The Holy Ones. Like me, Love moving through Space and Time. One day, we will drum together in circle…

I have fed the 2019 spring equinox fire which we ignited last wednesday for the last time with these prayers:

I feed the last embers of this sacred fire with leaf and stick and twig and holy breath.
May the Voice of the Wimyn who were not with us be heard.
May the prayers of the Wimyn not yet spoken be heard.
May the Power and Passions of the Crone Elders Light the way for the ones who follow.
May the Maidens be gathered and protected.
May the Emancipation of the Children be returned to them.
May these embers alight the desire deep in the hearts of the awakening Priestess.
May the ancient wisdom ways of the sacred feminine burn bright.
Burn Bright this Sacred Flame as I walk on.
Burn Bright in the Souls of the Wimyn…"

Increasing Networks on Five Continents. The Primal Health Continuum of Pregnancy/Birth/Breastfeeding, Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko, [First Stage of Labor] [Issue 129] Copyright © 2019 Midwifery Today, Inc.