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Our Story

Female environment

Uniting people in any affair is the Divine plan always, as well as an idea, a wish and sensual aspiration of several like-minded people who dream to introduce it to the world.

Who knows why we are here and for what purpose? But does a flock of birds, which chose the course to the south, have any doubts? No. Driven by its nature, birds, waving their wings, go on their journey. By creating an organized flock, without looking, but feeling each other, they overcome day after day hundreds of kilometres. These birds are driven by a common intention, which is to get into the warm lands. And by its appearance in the sky and its crying, the flock anticipates the change of the season for others. They always fly towards light and warmth!

We have become such a flock and, in the quest for warmth, and for this warmth we bring the message that the world does not have any boundaries for those, who is waiting for meeting with the sun. We felt as the sunrays and now we are moving, guided by our intuition and faith in our truth... In the power of nature, in the miracle of childbirth and in upcoming spring in every loving heart.

By conceiving – we like this word very much :) – our "Miracle in the Heart" project, we were pursuing one of the highest goals to serve the world by helping in uniting like-minded people through natural parenting, informational and consulting assistance to everyone who asks us and experts of the project, and to raise awareness on natural childbirth in the world.

What is crucially important for us? The shift of the attitude to the childbirth from a purely medical issue and necessity of the medical aid to the attitude as to the sacral sacrament (as much intimate as sexual relations with the husband), where the woman in birth plays the main role. We strive for every woman before her delivery might select it CONSCIOUSLY. The ways, surrounding and place of birth she chooses herself.

Our services give her self-confidence and the attitude to pregnancy and birth as to the magic and grand event in a Woman's and Family life.

We work for the project to make it a mainstream, to let the topics "I will give birth as others" and 'make me C-section: it's quick, less painless and better as we live in XXI century!" vanish from women's consciousness and subconsciousness. Almost every day of our life we devote the activities to let childbirth worldwide medical facilities become finally available with the like-home atmosphere.

We think that this is precisely our goal, and a WONDER (magic, demiurgic, transformation) lays in the title, giving us more opportunities by the higher force, energy and ways to realize our own dreams and project goals.

Olga and Svetlana

We, Olga and Svetlana, are two conscious mothers, became friends and partners of "Miracle in the Heart" project on the basis of protecting our family rights in choosing the place and environment during childbirth by contacting various public bodies in Ukraine [1,2], Russia [3], Belgium [4] and the Internet communities.

We have mastered the basic principles of natural and conscious parenting. We remember with joy the birth of our children, thanks to the natural birth they received the most important - trust in the world and love! It is noteworthy that conscious parenting ensures the health and well-being of both children and family as a whole.

Communicating with each other from different cities of Ukraine, as well as in other international communities, we came to the conclusion that Ukraine, Russia and neighbouring countries need experts who can protect women from the inappropriate attitude of doctors and medical officials and support them in their efforts to give birth to a child, a Devine creature, naturally, regardless of the place of birth. More information on our preparation for childbirth and conclusions can be found in the interview for (in Russian).

We want to share this light and knowledge with other parents, give them warm support and inspire them to take this path. So, 2014 saw our First Online Festival, 2015 saw the Online Course on Blessed Conception “Seven&Me: How to Properly Conceive a Healthy Child" and The Second Online Festival, and in 2016 we hold Post Festival '2016.

What will happen next? God only knows, and we could state the following: we work as a team, and our participants have international experience in participating and organizing educational projects, these are creative, enterprising people, conscious parents, freelancers, enthusiasts in the fields of self-knowledge, quest for laws of life, alternatives in birth, care, parenting and development of children.

The main thing that unites us is the realization that each of us is engaged in the activity, which is close to our heart, something that a person on our planet should take up a priori, especially women with their original mission of caring for the family and home.


a creator of and an organiser of the "Miracle in the Heart" festivals


A grateful wife and a conscious mother of two sons (the second child was born in home water birth). A researcher, publicist, translator.

Svetlana is an economist with two international university degreesDonetsk National University (Ukraine) and University of Sunderland (UK) (2004), PhD student (Donetsk National University, 2007-2010), Vice-President on Exchange of AIESEC-Donetsk (2000-2002), assistant at Management and Applied Economics Dept (Donetsk National University, 2004-2006). She is a joyful host of the International Development Studio "LIGHT INDIGO" (2009-2013), co-founder of the public organization "Artists of Life", organizer and host of the clubs on the Conscious and Joyful Parenting (2009-2014), coach of the joint gymnastics trainings for moms and babies from 2 months (2013-2014), an assistant and inspirer for children and parents of indigo children (since 2009).

"It was precisely the birth of the first child 12 years ago that gave me the opportunity to see the potential unlimited capabilities of a person on the example of children. This approach is now commonly called ‘conscious or natural parenthood’ - the desire to have a child, the "dreaming" of his arrival, joyful second birth at home, babywearing, prolonged breastfeeding, no use of children’s teats, natural swaddling, complementary foods based on pedagogy, dynamic gymnastics, joint joyful learning while communicating with the child.

When my first child was born, other children, older ones, began to "knock on" my life. They are considered to be indigo: they showed me their abilities in amazing jumps, intuitive vegetarianism, understanding of the world order, the vision of people’s and animals colour, the deep need to be understood and accepted by their parents.

Svetlana with her family

These experiences, signs and circumstances inspired me to establish the Studio and Club for Reactive Development ‘INDIGO’, which was renamed in 2012 into the International Development Studio ‘INDIGO LIGHT’ because of my fidelity to my dreams and the experience of international activity. Having received international education and participating in the projects with 3-year experience of teaching at the university, it was only with the birth of the child that I realized that "... the perception of subjects and sciences should not be an end in itself. The main thing to know is how to be happy and only parents can show by their example." (Vladimir Megre, "Creation")

The second homebirth became for me a magic and initiation, as well as a challenge in its clash with the medical and judicial systems. "Everything that is done is for the best," and I'm grateful for this bittersweet experience, otherwise there would not be my Internet project "Miracle in the Heart", which brought together families and experts from five continents, and provides moral, spiritual, information, consulting and legal support to our participants! I am grateful to this project, which helps me to develop my research, writing and spiritual qualities.

It was of fundamental importance for me to create a global educational project that helps people speaking different languages to serve people. Serving children and parents, in my opinion, is one of the highest missions of the mother and person, as "... it is thanks to the children, parents experience this mother or father love, and soul could experience something that can not be bought for any money; It is thanks to the children parents recall the inherent unconditional joy, purity, clarity to their childhood, and even feel it again; It is thanks to the children their parents have a wonderful opportunity to discover selflessness, compassion, creativity and other qualities ...” (- Sergey Mazurkevich, psychologist, writer)

Svetlana is a Midwifery Today Inc. Country Contact (Ukraine) (since 2019), a contributor of Midwifery Today magazine, and Ukrainian and Russian online editions on pregnancy, childbirth, homebirth, midwifery, mother birth movements.

More detailes about Svetlana here.


a creator of and an organiser of the "Miracle in the Heart" festivals

Olga Vishkina

"I am a mother of three wonderful boys. I gave birth to all of them at home in joy and love, with my life partner, i.e. my husband. During the childbirth, I received the assistance of a professional midwife. She helped me as a midwife, as a psychologist, and as a friend.

After each birth, our family faced difficulties in state registering our children born at home, so I had to study thoroughly this issue. And with my degree in law, I eventually began to provide legal advice to couples who found themselves in a similar situation. I still give legal advice on the state registration of children, born at home, in Ukraine. I do this for free, and anyone can contact me. Therefore, you can write to me to box.

You can also watch my video trilogy (in Russian) with detailed recommendations for state registering children born outside the medical facility. By the way, I met Svetlana while I was trying to resolve these registration issues. We drafted a Petition (in Russian) to Ukrainian Prime Minister, in which we asked to simplify the procedure for state registering children, born at home, because, in our opinion, this procedure is artificially complicated. The answer of the Ministry of Health in Ukraine to the petition is here (in Ukrainian).

For about 8 years I have been practising the principles of natural parenting for my children and myself. As for the most visible results, I note that my children are healthier than children of their age, and they are much more independent in daily matters.

Olga with her children

At some point following the third birth, I wanted to share my knowledge, especially on the importance of pregnancy period. I'm not a vigorous fan of the home birth. I understand perfectly that not every modern woman could take such decision, that this is quite extreme. I have several friends who have given birth in the maternity hospital without medical intervention, and I understand that this is also a way. Although it is fair to note that they were accompanied by professional assistants or informed husbands.

I support the preparation for the childbirth and I very much welcome the professional assistance in this. Fortunately, more and more specialists proceed to work in the Russian-speaking space, they can provide the following assistance - doulas, spiritual midwives, specialists in birth preparation, yoga trainers, coaches at a pool and oriental gymnastics, etc.

Coming closer to my 35th birthday, I was interested in transferring my experience, knowledge and ideas. Therefore, I created an Internet project "The child in Eco-Style". It contains few short videos and articles on natural parenthood (ProEstRo), where I provide an information on various aspects of this method, experienced by my family and me.

But I decided not to stop. I believe that more can be done. It is necessary to unite like-minded people, to create a community of people so that they can share their experiences. And one of the steps to realize this aspiration was the idea to organise our festivals.

If our position resonates with you, please share information about our project. It is really unique, large-scale, accessible and interesting.

Tests with miracles come upon our own intentions!





You can download the Open Letter of Svetlana to Human Rights in Childbirth Conference Belgium,  November 4-5, 2013) declared by Katerina Perkhova (