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Festival'2015 "Miracle in the Heart"

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Olga with her children Svetlana with her children

We are pleased to welcome youin our Second International Online Festival where we keep on popularizing Natural Childbirth all over the world. We want to share Light and Knowledge with other parents, giving them friendly support, encourage and inspire on this Way. Thus, in 2014 our first Festival ‘happened’ and in 2015 we organized the Course on Blessing Conception («Seven&Me» (Family): How to Conceive a Healthy Baby’), a new website and the project «Find Your ‘Own’ Birth Assistant».

We are two conscious mothers – Olga and Svetlana – who are following principles of the natural parenthood and natural childbirth, in particular, for a long time. We see in our kids and children of like-minded people how such an approach brings health and wellness not only to the babies, but also to the family as a whole. We are pleased to presnt you our new following project. You are very much welcome!

& Blessed Conception

In 2015 there were 39 speakers from 16 countries of 4 continents (Eurasia, North America, South America, Africa) in the Fest, among whom there were 16 spiritual midwives (4 of them men). 16 turned out to be a significant number of the Festival'2015, because we received 16 photos for the photo contest! :) For the contest of stories in its turn we received 12 revelation stories. We got over 2,800 comments and questions in the course of the Festival, and practically all of our speakers replied the audience questions in written. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

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One of the leading professionals in prenatal and perinatal psychology and medicine
in the world, ostetrician, MD, professor Grigori Brekhman welcomes to the Festival'2015

We are also happy that in our event, created to inspire pregnant women all over the world, two lovely Olgas (from Russia and Ukraine) took part as speakers. They are expecting for their third and fourth child! Our wishes of joyful pregnancy and gentle birth to you!

In the meantime we invite you to share with us the joy for
the most important Miracles of the Festival'2015:

Miracle #1. Long-awaited :)

Festival'2015 Long-awaited

This year we added the conception theme to the Festival´s topics, so it seems symbolical that we received 3 news about blessed conception right in the course of the Fest (from 2 participants of our Online Course of Blessed Conception from Russia and Poland, and one participant of the Festival from Russia).

We are sincerely happy for them and congratulate their families with the expectation of Miracle, and wish a beautiful pregnancy and gentle childbirth! We also received some news that some women, inspired by the Fest'2014, have had natural childbirth. Thus, the miracle of birth of the firstborn in the family of Anastasia, Greece, took place at home, during our Fest'2015, on December 9, with psychological assistance from two speakers of the Fest'2014.

We congratulate Anastasia and her family with “Miracle at home” and wish good health, love, support and wisdom!  By the way, you can find out about Miracles of the Fest'2014 (3 natural childbirths within the Fest on Natural Childbirth) here.

Miracle #2. Significant

Festival'2015 Significant

On December 1, 2015 during the webinar of the Master of global obstetrics, Michel Odent, MD, the interpreter suffered unexpected technical problems (occurred after 2 successful tests!). So we managed to shift the webinar to December 6, 2015.

Olga, the organizer, said, that apparently the webinar was greatly needed by someone, who could not watch it at that moment, since the webinar subject was a crucial topic for the modern humanity: “Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section”!

On the day the Closing Ceremony of the Fest we received the news that doula Tatiana (Russia) assisted natural homebirth in water – and that was a homebirth after C-section!

The birth happened right after Michel Odent´s webinar (Part1, Part2), in the miraculous atmosphere with music and candles. We are grateful to the God and Dr.Odent for this Miracle of birth! Truly, they are doing good deeds and miracles all around the world!

We warmly congratulate Svetlana´s family with a happy childbirth: good health, love, goodness and milk to you! We send our thanks to doula Tatiana and are happy that Festival knowledge rendered such a good service!

Miracle #3. Beautiful

Festival'2015 Beautiful

Right on the closing day of Festival'2015 (!) we also received an email from doula Julia (Russia), saying that during the Festival, on December 8, she assisted childbirth for the first time. She has “realized herself as Doula for the first time, everything went perfect and wonderful!”

She used information from several Festival´s webinars during her assistance. We are enormously happy and inspired that Festival brings happiness to families and makes possible women´s self-realization as mothers and educators in maternal art!

Miracle #4. Angelic

Festival'2015 Angelic

To run the great mission of holding the International Festival, we called for support of the Higher Powers, our Angels.

And we were lucky enough to feel their help and presence in the form of talismans and signs: Svetlana, the organizer, got for her birthday (December 1) an Angel pendant, and Isabella Voznesenskaya, the speaker of the Festival, during her webinar had her own huge picture on the wall behind her, with an Angel holding a child´s soul. We are grateful to Angels of Heaven and Earth!

Miracle #5. Balanced

Festival'2015 Balanced

We expected that due to the unforeseen circumstances of our speaker from Zulu (South Africa), the geographic extension of the Fest would shrink, nevertheless it had not:

The Providence helped us to replace Zulu for Moldova! :)

We are happy to «visit» all the countries our speakers come from and are grateful for such a tremendous opportunity!

These were definitely wonderful incidents that impressed us and were remembered. We would like them to remind you about good deeds of the Festival-2015 and we understand that likewise such miracles may happen to you personally! :)

Now we are pleased to present You our following Natural Childbirth and Blessing Conception Festival’2015 ‘Miracle in the Heart: Conceiving. Believing. Transforming.’. We believe that it will be fruitful and useful for all the participants, while every woman will find something crucially important especially for her.

In the online mode, we put You in touch with with 40 international experts on the conception and childbirth preparation, labour management and postnatal patronage (from 4 continents), who were conducting 30 minute (three or more webinars a day) on topical issues for planners, pregnant women and newly moms. In the open warm-hearted atmosphere, they shared their own experience, knowledge, insights and inspiration on the following themes:

  • Nonmedical solutions for some conception difficulties
  • Skill of living happy life while being pregnant
  • Natural childbirth, training and support at hospital and in homebirth
  • First year after birth for mother and baby
  • Natural parenting philosophy
Partners of Festival’2015 
Festival’2015 Partners Logo

We aim to popularize natural parenthood and let any woman access to truthful, reliable, diverse and proved information, as well as to the info carriers (journal and books authors, experts of networks, practitioners).

We sincerely believe that our activities within the Festival would lead to a good deed – to help children worldwide to come to conscious parents and to help parents managing the thoroughly preparation for their coming. 

With gratitude and for the sake of  Childbirth Miracle worldwide,

Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko

Mrs. Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko
Festival Organiser and
International Affairs Director
Ph: +38 0664827294

Olga Vyshkina

Mrs. Olga Vishkina
Organiser and Promotion Director
Author of
Ph: +38 095 710 17 70