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Our Projects

The mission of the "Miracle in the Heart" project is to promote the natural childbirth in the world (starting off with the Russian-speaking Internet space) and to facilitate the shift to the birth paradigm with the realization and meeting the Basic Needs of MotherBabies in childbirth and early postpartum.

Information about us

Based on our worldview and the call of our souls, we have chosen the following main goals of our project:

  • Promotion of natural birth - at home, in maternity hospitals, birth centres, in water – oceans and seas, in places, chosen by women all over the world (firstly, in Russian-speaking Internet space).
  • Uniting specialists in the preparation for conception, support in pregnancy and childbirth (doulas, midwives, psychologists, dance and yoga instructors for pregnant women, swimming trainers for pregnant women and infants, dynamic gymnastics, etc.), postnatal period and activities, necessary for the development of women's energies (handicraft, yoga, creative activity, doll creation, cooking, dendro communication, etc.).
  • Giving women an opportunity to access easily the abovementioned practitioners with non-medical approach (many of whom are former accredited doctors) in their country and city in order to receive moral and emotional support, consultation, physical and tactile help (search for such practitioners is the first and unique bilingual search programme  ProEstRo-EXPERT© spanning 5 continents!)

Since the establishment of our project (October 2014) with the sense of joy and inspiration, we have been realizing our goals through the creation of our projects and participation of like-minded people.


Фест-2014 First International Online Festival’ 2014 on Natural Childbirth "Miracle in the Heart. Expecting. Giving birth. Cognizing."

During December 7-21, 2014 we, two conscious mums from Ukraine - Olga and Svetlana - conducted the First International Online Festival on Natural Childbirth 'Miracle in the Heart'. It was absolutely free of charge for all who was interested in, within 15 days over 60 the best and hearty speakers were talking about non-medical preparation for the childbirth, natural obstetrics and conscious parenthood online On Air.

Фестиваль-2015 Second International Online Festival’ 2015 on Natural Childbirth and Blessed Conception "Miracle in the Heart: Conceiving. Believing. Transforming."

In 2015 there were 39 speakers from 16 countries of 4 continents (Eurasia, North America, South America, Africa) in the Fest, among whom there were 16 spiritual midwives (4 of them men). 16 turned out to be a significant number of the Festival'2015 because we received 16 photos for the photo contest! :) For the contest of stories in its turn we received 12 revelation stories. We got over 2,800 comments and questions in the course of the Festival, and practically all of our speakers replied the audience questions in writing. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

ПостФест-2016 Post Festival ’2016 "Weekly Program: Miracle in the Heart on YouTube" (in Russian)

After Second Festival'2015 «Miracle in Heart» we've decided to provide weekly online-program — «Miracle in Heart on YouTube». It's available from 17th December. 20 speakers from 5 countries and 2 continents (Eurasia, Australia) spoke to You during the festival. As we promised, starting on 15th August 2016 access to all 22 webinars of Post-Festival are open on our YouTube-channel

National ReportThe First National Report of Ukraine on Human Rights in Childbirth (for the Europe Summit on HRiC, France, 2016)

Miracle in the Heart project is one of the authors of the First Ukrainian National Report that discloses women’s rights in childbirth and the situation of the information consent to medical interventions in birth. It is a unique and the only one since Ukraine got its independence in 1991. It is based on 3 surveys (2015-2016) and over 3,500 responds of mothers, midwives, doulas, obstetricians (ob-gyns).

Ukrainian projectUkrainian project “Natural Childbirth Protected by the Maternity Hospital"

The legalization of home midwifery, launching of family-like wards for home-like births in maternity hospitals, teaching the medical staff in principles of natural childbearing, - such changes might be expected in Ukraine in the nearest future. Due to the initiative of the administration of the maternity hospital No5 of Kyiv since Sept 2017, series of meetings took place with the representatives of home midwifery, doulas and mothers for the further collaboration. There are crucial results already. Miracle in the Heart Project is a part of the Working Group of such an initiative. Miracle in the Heart Project is a part of the Working Group of such an initiative (the article is in Russian).

Results of the SurveyResults of the Survey of Women of Ukraine about their ideal place for natural childbirth (realised in the framework of the project “Natural Childbirth Protected by the Maternity Hospital”)

For revealing of the needs of Ukrainian women for the reformations of Ukrainian obstetrics system, as well as for the manifestations of them to the key players, we conducted the online survey (from Sept 26 to Nov 20, 2017). The results of the Survey let realise what a place for the childbirth should be to fulfill the women’s needs comprehensively.

Серия коротких полезных видео Series of short useful videos on natural childbirth #chudovideo on

We understand, that we, moms, sometimes can't watch long videos over an hour. That's why on our YouTube-channel we've created 76 short and useful videos about natural childbirth that takes only 3-5-10 minutes. Without "water", intros and outros! Only knowledge, wisdom, practice and pieces of advice from experienced and best experts worldwide. You can also find this videos on social networks (VK, Facebook and Youtube) using tag #chudovideo

Первая онлайн-конференция для юристов First Online Conference for Lawyers on Human Rights in Pregnancy and Birth of the Social project "Miracle in the Heart"

The idea of the conference appeared after the webinar of Evelyne Opondo (Kenya) during the Second International Online Festival (2015), where Evelyne demonstrated overwhelming facts of violence against women’s rights telling about real legal cases. Participants – experts in medical law. Conference Partner – Ukrainian Civic Initiative “Birth Rights”.

Давайте изменим систему родов в Украине The all-Ukrainian initiative "Let’s Change the System of the Obstetrics Aid in Ukraine Together!"

Dear girls! We need to join together as soon as possible! In the name of our health and health of our children. Today we – Olga and Svetlana, providers of "Miracle in Heart", want to create the database of people, who wants to change childbirth to Ukraine. If You want to provide three-tier childbirth system – join us and stay connected!

Флеш-моб Flash mob "YES" to birth centres in Ukraine!

On 10 may 2015 flashmob flash mob "YES" to birth centres in Ukraine! took place in Kyiv. With the active support of project "Miracle in Heart", kindred spirits provided bright and soulful event, where we told to media and world about the thing, that we, wonderful mothers, need to have for happy childbirth. In the sign of choosing free childbirth, mothers painted posters, answered a questionnaire and send air balloons in the sky.

Открытое письмо министру Open letter to the Minister of health in Ukraine

For the purpose of our initiative to implement alternative obstetrics in Ukraine (you can find more details here), Olha Vereshchak and Olha Gorbenko, doulas and professionals of the ‘Semitsvet Family Development Center’, have written an open letter to our Minister of Health of Ukraine inviting his attention to a very important problem – the inadequacy of obstetric aid system in Ukraine, which jeopardize the reproductive functions of a woman and the health of our children!

Петиция министру Petition to the Ukrainian Minister of Health "Give the mothers, who gave birth at home an opportunity to raise their children instead of dealing with papers!" (in Ukrainian)

On 9 January 2013, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Procedure for confirmation of the child's birth outside health facilities, which greatly complicated the procedure of state registration of home children. We ask the Government of Ukraine to simplify this procedure. We invite you to join our petition concerned parents, professionals, employees, representatives of science, culture and art to further appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

We are also proud to present our main project - portal, which became a platform for mutual support and interaction between women, women and experts and on inter- expert level to improve the conditions for the birth of new people in the world (in a place, environment and under conditions, chosen by a woman in accordance with International Conventions and Constitution of almost all countries) in order to create healthy nations and improve the quality of life of families in the world.

Therefore, every woman or family have an opportunity to join and get involved in our communities:

  • with like-minded women (in natural birth, raising, nurturing your children and enjoying family relationships, where the union of a man and a woman is at the core),
  • with experts of natural approach (non-medical ways to support women and families),
  • with large, happy and well-known families (3-12 children).

With believe in Miracle, purposefulness and joy,
Your Svetlana and Olga