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Online Post Festival ’2016

Post Fest ’2016 is regular weekly webinars
from competent, light and hearty speakers of our project

Post Fest ’2016

During our Online Festival ’2015 we received many messages, where experts associated with our project subjects asked us to let them speak within our Festival. Unfortunately, we could not accept all of them as we had a limited schedule formed in advance. However, many of those experts deserving of being heard by you, our audience, therefore within December 17 - May 25, 2015 we have come up with the weekly interactive Online Programme

weekly interactive Online Programme
‘Miracle in the Heart on YouTube’ (in Russian)

On our website we organized a free weekly webinars and interviews with experts who shared online their useful information and answered questions concerning the following topics:

  • light conception,
  • happy pregnancy,
  • homebirth,
  • natural birth in a hospital,
  • hearty childbirth assistance,
  • postpartum recovery,
  • maternity of the first year conscious parenting,
  • family life.

20 speakers from 5 countries of 2 continents (Eurasia and Australia) performed for you.

All webinars of the Post Festival ‘2016 are in Russian.

Please visit our playlist of the videos of the Post Fest ’2016 to recommend it to your Russian speaking friends and colleagues.

We put our heart into the organization of our social project Miracle in the Heart! We did our best to make the webinars useful and inspirational for you: we selected the speakers and topics, run webinars and Q&A; we did it with joy and for the sake of Miracle of Childbirth worldwide. Now we actively popularize the subjects of our projects via our new YouTube channel where we would be pleased to see you and your comments.

With wishes of light, warmth and love to you and your family,
Svetlana, Olga and Miraculous Team