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First Protective Charm Birthing Gowns Miracle in the Heart

From moms to moms

Gowns for Childbirth and Postpartum

Gowns from mothers and skilled craftswoman

When Childbirth is your Solemnity

Our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns were created for childbirth in any place: a hospital, at home, in a birthing centre, birthing hotel, in nature. From our experience of motherhood, in communication with experts-perinatal specialists from 30 countries on 5 continents, with mothers with many children, we know that childbirth is a solemnity for a Woman and the whole family that rarely happens in our life, maybe only once (like wedding)! Childbirth affects the whole life of the MotherBaby.

In this regard, we created white, light, elegant, flying, soft, delicate, festive, eco-friendly (from natural fabrics and paints) gowns.

White colour represents tenderness, femininity, lightness and purity. The white colour is considered in many cultures as the colour of the origin of life and of birth itself.

Our birthing gowns are designed just for convenience in every sense during childbirth (as a wedding gown is for a wedding). We know that even in a hospital birth you can bring your beauty and festive mood, because a woman is given a choice between official hospital clothes and her own.

We received inspirational testimonials from the world-renowned midwives in consultations before and after the creation of our Birthing Gowns.

We have also already published very positive reviews from the first women who gave birth to their beautiful children in our Miracle in the Heart Birthing Gowns!

A skilled craftswoman Tatiana Kashina, with professional art education and a deep education as a skilled craftswoman in creating charmed clothes and embroidery, begins to create each Birthing Gown “Miracle in the Heart” with health, mood and necessary things, as an icon painter proceeds to paint an icon! Upon request, we cannot make protective patterns on your Birthing gown!

The mission of our Birthing Gown is to be beautiful (feminine, bright, solemn, light), charm (filled with the energy of maternity symbols and blessings from the skilled craftswoman) and comfortable in childbirth and during the month of your postpartum and recovery. It is intended to revive the status of a woman as the Queen Mother, to increase the significance of the state of the Pregnant, the Mother in Childbirth and the Woman in the consciousness of her family, society and medical community.

The gown is to serve you not only for the direct birth process, but also for breastfeeding, sharing sleep, and baby sling wearing at home.

To serve you not only for the direct birth process

Story of the Creation

It was on the five-year anniversary of our project (December 7, 2019) when we presented to the world our white, festive, special in every sense (energy, cut, femininity) Birthing Gowns “Miracle in the Heart”.

Our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns were developed along with the leading midwives and mothers with many children with positive experience in the birth of their children!

The birthing gowns are with the specific cut (obstetrical cut), and most importantly, with symbols that serve as a charm in childbirth and early motherhood ((this distinguishes our gowns from the world hospital wear).

Yekaterina Osochenko

Much gratitude to the delightful mother of 6 children, the expert of our project Yekaterina Osochenko for the amazing prototype of these gowns. We’re grateful and inspired!

We channelled in these gowns the special energy of the celebration of the arrival of a new man on this planet and, without a doubt, a piece of our soul.

Gowns are made of completely natural fabrics, decorated with natural lace, and the painting is made of almost natural colours for the fabric! Completely handmade up to the tag on the gown.

Completely handmade up to the tag on the gown. It is perfectly erased and can serve as a heirloom, inherited.

Completely handmade

A deep bow and admiration to the talented craftswoman, mother of 2, the expert of our project Tatiana Kashina for the final creative creation of gowns and accessories for labouring women and puerperas!

Here is what the craftswoman Tatiana writes about creating the First Protective Charm Birthing Gowns, “When I was asked what the price of the Birthing gown was, I replied, “They are priceless ... This is a huge experience not only mine, but also the experience of the organisers of the 5-year-term international project “Miracle in Heart", and the sum in the bill is a conditionality to put it further to the world. This is not a gown for the sake of the gown - it is light, very dense, healing energy, manifested through natural fabric, through the skill of joining stitch to stitch, smear to smear, which at the end connected to the Protective Charm Birthing Gown, which mission is to make your delivery a solemnity!”

First of all, this is a huge internal work on myself, my condition, my thoughts, so that you are at least just let you into creating this ... These are dozens of sketches and shopping trips to find, feel “your” material, “your” lace. Every detail, every little smear is loving, felt, thought out ... This is the wish of the purest, most blessed birth. And desire is healing, it is the creation of reality. Now I know exactly how this happens!"

Gown Style & Design

Our Protective Charm Birthing Gown has a special design to be comfortable anywhere in childbirth and does not look like a nightdress or robe. If you go to childbirth in the maternity hospital, then the gown should not be too long (which will interfere with the exams of the foetus by Ob/Gyns and midwife or the birth of the baby), and not too short (you will probably want to hide in the infancy. If the contractions drag out or even stop, your doctor would recommend you take a walk along the lobby of the hospital to speed up the process).

Taking this into account, our Birthing Gowns have a specific design:

  • front length is just above the knee (normal length for a cute dress, comfortable and chaste);
  • special midwifery cut - the length of the dress at the back is 7-8 cm below the breech (the gown is long enough so that you are not shy, and short and comfortable enough for various poses at birth and examinations by the doctor and or a midwife);
  • the lap on the chest allows you to easily and completely open the gown when the baby is born, and you (or the doctor) put the baby on the chest, or put it on your belly. At the same time, one flap of the gown serves as a diaper to completely cover the baby if necessary, when it is lying on its mother and / or sucking. In the early and late postpartum, it is also convenient when feeding the baby at home and in a sling;
  • lace inserts (lace from natural fabrics) - an element of femininity, festivity, tenderness;
  • an open armpit - convenience in childbirth in any climate, does not constrain movements, hygienically appropriate (many women feel hot during contractions). We have gowns with wide sleeves and without sleeves;
  • no strings and hooks (strings and knots for childbirth we exclude, in principle, for easy, safe childbirth), instead of them are miniature soft snaps that allow the gown to swing open and close easily with a wave of the hand of a mother or a doctor;
  • 2 styles of gowns: 1) with a yoke (underlining of your chest) and 2) a one-piece gown without a yoke;
  • a protective pattern is located on the back of the gown (so that you and the baby do not have contact with the paint, even spare paints), and on the front there is an element in harmony with the pattern on the back (for example, if there is a stork on the back, then on the front of the gown there is a feather; if Goddess Gaia is on the back, then on the hem there are elements of water and earth; if on the back there is a lotus flower, then in front is the petal of this flower). You can order the Birthing Gown without any protective charm symbol!

Efficiency, functionality (obstetric cut), beauty and preservation of our Birthing Gowns for beautiful birth were confirmed by the first few reviews from puerperas!

Protective Charm Birthing Gowns

Basic Universal Birth and Motherhood Symbols that we have Chosen for Birthing Gowns

On our birthing gowns we displayed universal charms, understandable in the context of childbirth and motherhood to any culture of the modern world.

These symbols are applied by the artist with many years’ experience in painting on fabric. Each gown and each symbol remains unique - handmade from stitch and lace to charms.

Craftswoman Tatiana Kashina, with professional art education and education in creating amulet clothes and embroidery, starts creating each Miracle in the Heart Birthing Gown with health, mood and necessary things, as an icon-painter proceeds to paint an icon! Upon request, we cannot make protective characters on your Birthing gown!

1. Storks adorn the process of expectation and protect the childbirth.

“These large and white birds are associated with cleanliness; their nests are large, noticeable and are located near human habitation. The parental behavior of these birds is well known to people," interprets Rachel Warren-Chadd, co-author of Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend. During the pagan era... couples usually married during the summer solstice, as summer was associated with fertility. At the same time, storks began to migrate south, flying through Europe to Africa, and returned in spring, just 9 months later. So the storks became the messengers of the emergence of a new life, giving rise to a bizarre idea that they bring babies to people.

According to ancient pagan beliefs, white storks delivered the souls of babies (and not the babies as a whole), since storks were considered intermediaries between heaven and earth and transferred human souls. In some cultures, the female deity who gives life is embodied in the image of a stork. In the echoes of ancient beliefs that have survived to this day, it is said that the stork protects people not only from snakes, toads and insects, but also from evil forces in general. In Greece, the stork was an attribute of Hera - the bearer of life and a nurse. In Rome - an attribute of Juno, the goddess of motherhood, who helped women in childbirth. In Germany, in ancient times, the stork was called "delivering gifts" or "delivering life."

storks pattern

The stork is considered the guardian angel of the hearth, a symbol of constancy and prosperity. It has long been believed that a stork brings good luck. To give a stork to a future mother or parents of a newborn means to wish great happiness.

On the other hand, the stork was perceived as a symbol of children's love for parents. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the children of storks take care of their parents and feed them in old age. The law prescribing the care of parents in Rome was even called ‘The Law of the Stork’.

A woman in childbirth opens her 'feminine' wings! Thus, with our gown, we, parents, figuratively give our baby wings and roots.

2. Goddess Gaia gives the power of Mother Earth, revives life, carries and protects fertility.

Gaea (or Gaia) (from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, "land" or "earth") is the ancient Greek the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. Definitely, one cannot remain indifferent to Mother Earth, because she is "an invitation to each and every human being to enter consciously into the myth and story of the living Earth and to respond to Her as our Mother, as the larger being of which we are all part. No matter what language you speak, no matter where on Earth you come from, you can hold The Millennial Gaia in your hands and hear Her message." [Millennial Gaia Statue - Mother Earth,]

goddess gaia pattern

3. Lotus flower contributes to spiritual transformation, persistence, wisdom, and maternal transfiguration..

“The lotus flower is a reminder of the beauty that comes from change, the magic that a new beginning brings, and the seed of potential that’s buried in the most unlikely places.” – Jennifer Williamson

Bursting with dawn and closing at sunset, the lotus represents the rebirth of the Sun, and, therefore, any other rebirth, the renewal of vitality, the return of youth, and immortality. In Hinduism, the lotus is an image of purity and perfection: growing out of the mud, it remains clean.

Just as a lotus flower unfolds and remains light, so a woman unfolds in childbirth and transforms with the birth of every baby for her lifetime. The human placenta is very similar in shape and pattern to the lotus leaf, and lotus birth is the principle of communication between the baby and the placenta, which remains until the right moment, and it does not need to rush (clamp and cut the umbilical cord - the "stem" of the lotus-placenta).

We also plan to create a Birthing Gowns with other symbols of birth and motherhood.

In the meantime, you can make your own embroidery or additional painting on this gown, enhancing its properties!

lotus pattern

You can find out what world-renowned midwives, mothers with many children and doulas think about our Birthing Gowns and protective symbols here.

Birthing Clothes Set: Important and Cute

We thought that an important and purely feminine (we are women and mothers ourselves :) addition to the directly festive Protective Charm Birthing Gown will be such convenient, useful things that you would definitely want to take to both hospital and home birth.

These accessories to the birthing gown are made of the same materials (fabric, and lace) as the gown itself, and are in harmony with it in colour and features (details).

  1. The headdress - hairband (headband). It bands and decorates your face very beautifully, dresses comfortably, does not press and gently holds your hair in the birth process and while feeding the baby.
  2. accessories
  3. The pillowcase for the bed pillow. A pregnant woman, a woman in labour and a puerpera often want to be surrounded with many pillows: it is convenient for sitting, sleeping, and feeding a baby.

If you take a “familiar” (and fancy!) pillow that contains your home microflora to the hospital / birthing centre / birthing hotel, then this will undoubtedly affect your health and the health of your baby, as well as you will feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident in alien walls.

If you are at home, then you can simply (like in a hospital ward) lean on a pillow in contractions, and then put it in, as conveniently, after the baby delivery, and throughout your entire period of motherhood! This pillowcase can be used for a pillow that you can use to feed your baby, but it does not replace a special breastfeeding pillow, which has the shape of a horseshoe and other sizes.

Mother Love in Everything

Features: Mother Love in Everything

We know how it is important for a woman in her most vulnerable periods of life - pregnancy and breastfeeding period (while childbirth is an incredibly “unfolding” time for a woman) to experience joy and positive emotions. We are eager to let every little thing touch you and make you happy when you receive your Protective Charm Birthing Gown or Protective Charm Birthing Clothes Set.

We sincerely did our best to let you feel our mother, sister, and friendly care for you - so beautiful, precious, radiant in your pregnancy - when you receive your Birthing Gown and touch every detail.

We highly recommend wearing this Protective Charm Birthing Gown not only in labour, delivery and in the early postpartum, but also in the last month of pregnancy, impregnating and charging it!

Gowns Features

How to Order?

The creation of the Protective Charm Birthing Gowns and accessories is entirely handmade. The gown is sewn by indicating your size and height, taking into account your preferences!

You can fill out the application form here.

At the moment, we have 3 patterns:

  1. Storks
  2. Goddess Gaia.
  3. Lotus Flower.

All of them have their own lace and their own type of sleeves (please see the application form).

ATTENTION: We provide you with the opportunity not only to choose a protective pattern (from the three above), but also the type of lace and sleeve! Please note that only this type of lace will not always be available (it depends on the suppliers), therefore we are always happy to offer alternative lace and always pre-coordinate the lace with you!

OPPORTUNITY #1: You can order your own design and a new charm symbol that touches your soul (it is possible even without a charm drawing). The cost of such tailoring is discussed individually.

OPPORTUNITY #2: We know that in Western countries some women purchase 2 gowns for childbirth: one directly for the childbirth (anxiety of not washing off) and one for the postpartum period (for convenience and beauty). In any case, the second gown can then be presented to a friend, sister, daughter ☺.

At the same time, we are confident that our gowns will become your heirloom if you fulfil the Care Instructions for your gown.

The cost of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown is 355 USD, and the cost of the Birthing Clothes Set is 395 USD. (There is a discount for a woman with an amazing story of conception or pregnancy!) 

To make the order please approach us:

  • @miracleintheheart
  • +38 0664827294 (Viber / WhatsApp)

The order is delivered to all countries of the world at the expense of the recipient.
The term for the order fulfilment is within 2 weeks. In the package you will find our Blessing Message for  your childbirth and a beautiful envelope-handbag for storing the Gown or the Set.

  • Care Instructions of Protective Charm Birthing Clothes are here.
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  • Testimonials from the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children are here.
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  • The article of the professional doula "What to Wear in Giving Birth: Why it is So Important in our Times" is featured here.

P.S. One of our beautiful models in pictures was expecting a fourth baby, one was expecting for her first child, and the mother with the baby is 18. We were so amazed at what amazing moms came to us!

The full information about Protective Charm Birthing Gowns is to be very soon on to let your order easy and comfortable!

With love, for love,
and for the sake of the miracle of birth worldwide,
mothers Svetlana, Olga, and Tatiana
‘Miracle in the Heart’