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Lucy Maratkanova
Lucy Maratkanova
(Люся Маратканова)
Brazil, Paraty
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2 children, 1 out of them born in homebirth.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
traditional (authentic) Midwife
childbirth preparation educator
postpartum recovery professional
expert in healthy life-style
Lucy Maratkanova & Kolya Zharov are the initiators of two social projects GRAVITA (First Global Birthing Village based in Brazil) and GRAVITY (maternal movement for a healthy birth). Organizers of the Russian branch of the international flash mob #StopObstetricViolence (Roses Revolution).

Lucy Maratkanova is a traditional midwife, placentaire (specialist in placenta capsulation, puerperal swaddling, and postpartum recovery), creator of the Free Preparation for Natural Childbirth Programme ‘Conversations about Birth’.

"On January 31, 2017, our son was born in the planned homebirth in the cosy Brazilian township of Paraty. This amazing, transforming Event has opened our eyes to what childbirth can be like when it takes place not in a hospital, but in a comfortable home environment without medical intervention and stress. This event split our lives into BEFORE (travel, photography, blogging, motivating meetings, all kinds of businesses) and AFTER (support and assistance in motherhood, defence of women's rights to natural childbirth, education, midwifery, social projects).

In 2018, the idea of creating the world's first International Home Birthing Village in Brazil (GRAVITA) is born in our heads - a fabulous space in one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly places on the planet (7 km from the colonial town of Paraty):

- about 150 huts where families from all over the world can come a few months before giving birth, living and preparing for childbirth physically, informationally, emotionally in a circle of supportive environment and caregivers;
- give birth to a baby here in a comfortable cosy house with the support of a midwife or on your own;
- adapt it to this world in warm and mild conditions;
- and go back or, if you wish, to live in Brazil further (with the right to receive documents for the whole family thanks to the baby born here).

Soon we officially begin to popularize the project, and at the same time we understand that GRAVITA BIRHTING VILLAGE is only a physical manifestation of a wider and more necessary work aimed at disseminating information about natural childbirth and childbirth in maternity hospitals. The information vital for every woman to make the right decision about her future birth. We are launching the maternal movement for the healthy birth named GRAVITY (@gravitagravitacia), bringing together families, professionals and activists who are ready to take real action to improve the obstetric care system in Russia and the world.

Every year, starting in 2018, we run in November the action #StopObstetricViolence, the Russian branch of the international movement against obstetric violence (Roses Revolution), urging women to cover the widespread cases of obstetric violence in maternity hospitals in Russia and the countries of the former CIS.

We have prepared a detailed Free Birth Preparation Programme “Conversations on Birth” ( and created a free chat to support women in the process of preparing for childbirth and the first year of life with the baby."

From the first months of the life of the projects, Kolya Zharov (Lucy’s husband) helps families arriving in Brazil with the settling down, and Lucy helps in preparing for childbirth, accompanies pregnancy and childbirth with absolute respect for the Nature and Wisdom of the woman in the process of the birth of a new human being into the world.

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