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Our mission

Happiness of maternity

The mission of Miracle in the Heart project is to promote natural childbirth in the world (starting off with the Russian-speaking Internet space) and become a bridge between future parents and assistants in the preparation for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, and between the experts themselves in this area and related fields.

The project is accessible, cordial and global.

Gathering together experts in childbirth (professional birth keepers) from all over the world, we would like to send a message to them in particular (not only to mothers-participants of our project) that a humanity urgently needs to shift from the birth (obstetric) paradigm of “guide-support-help-education-management” (in which we, by Dr. Odent, appeared “on the brink of the abyss in childbirth”) to the paradigm where the key words are “Protection” (from the processes, stimulating a woman’s neocortex) and “a comprehension of the physiological needs of human species in birth and postpartum”. 

Thus, “the brakes” of the birth process are human speech, light and if a woman feels, she is observed and she’s in an insecure situation/place.

 “Here, in London, in a clinic it is possible to provide such conditions for childbirth. Still…with a high probability there appear a person who would like to help: “would you like this? Are you comfortable? Let’s go to a pool? Would you like this or that?” They help-help-help… and it makes childbirth complicated. Much changed for the best, but still far from perfection.” (Liliana Lammers, doula) Liliana often talks about the need to meet the basic needs of the woman in childbirth [1].

"Helping is the way to make birth difficult" (- doula Liliane Lammers) [2]

Our own experience of giving birth and amazing collaboration with practitioners advocating the need for a new paradigm of "knowing and respecting the basic needs of women and babies in childbirth and the first hours after birth" (e.g. Michel Odent (UK), Ruth Ehrhardt (South Africa), Hilda Garst (Italy), Valentina Ostrogliad (Ukraine) show us that we want to join their work and concept, and to contribute at the international level to the following affairs:

1. At the level of medical institutions and organizations of midwives and doulas, there is a foreground necessity to change the vocabulary and the language of communication with a woman in childbirth (including avoiding the terms "labour management", "pregnancy management") towards a very respectful and caring attitude to a woman’s feelings and her family (table 5 and Appendix A of the Survey for Women in Ukraine "Describe your ideal place for childbirth - help to create it!", 2018; Human Rights in Childbirth National Report: UKRAINE, 2017).

The language of the communication and medical science should be aligned with the physiology and should clearly manifest what the human mammal needs in childbirth are. 

2. At the level of international organizations (including WHO, WABA, La Leche League, International Labor Organization, etc.) and the Ministries of Health of countries worldwide, to put into practice studying and training medical personnel in the Basic Needs of Women and the Child in Labor and in the early postpartum on the basis of the brochure of Ruth Ehrhardt "The Basic Needs of a Woman in Labor". [3]

The Basic needs of a birthing woman are as follows:

  • a sense of security (a complete seclusion);
  • turning off the thinking brain (neocortex) - do not talk, do not be distracted by someone's questions;
  • silence;
  • darkness or a muted light;
  • warmth;
  • no feeling that you are being observed;
  • no adrenaline.

The basic needs of a woman after childbirth are:

  • the born baby needs to be put on his mother’s bare tummy or a breast, skin to skin, leave them alone and do not disturb for at least an hour;
  • no fuss around! No one should talk. No one should take pictures;
  • a mother and a baby should be in warmth; 
  • do not touch the umbilical cord for at least the first hour after the delivery.

3. At the level of all future and current parents, midwives, doulas, specialists in obstetric care and the perinatal sphere, to start thinking not in terms of an individual or an organization, but in terms of the human species and humanity. As there are no other people's children, there is no difference between a certain nation and a region in the field of the physiological needs of a woman during childbirth.

Our basic needs in childbirth coincide with the basic needs of other mammals!

“…The whole world-attitude should change.
You are everybody, because your true nature is omnipresence.
I enjoy giving things to others; I feel the greatest happiness in seeing their joy.
When we feel for God and love others, we feel that all creation responds to us.
So you should make the whole world your own family. Will you remember?
This consciousness is with me every moment. I have no caste, no country –
I feel that all are mine. Love all human beings as your friends.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s eternal quest”

Организаторы проекта - Светлана и Ольга

Let it be and let the Lord help us!

With love and for the
Miracle of Childbirth worldwide,
Svetlana & Olga

An amazing picture from the amazing artist Julia Yuleyeva specially for our project.

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