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Membership in the Miracle in the Heart project

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Each member of ‘Miracle in the Heart’ is our value, pride and inspiration. We know and believe that our members are positive, frank, thinking and striving persons, able to not only accept gifts with gratitude, but help others as well.

As a valued Member of the Miracle in the Heart International Community, you may enjoy access to exclusive materials only available on our website, as well as to our library of videos and articles of the experts of our project, to the up-to-date news in the world of events on natural childbirth and conscious parenting on 5 continents, and to contribute in them by your own, getting discounts and bonuses.

Members of our Project get the Following Benefits:
Сontacts of experts
access to the personal contacts of experts of 5 continents
management of your newsletter subscriptions at any stage
Questions and comments
possibility to add questions, feedbacks and comments
Personal room
storage of the marked experts’ cards and materials in your personal room
bonuses and discounts for experts’ events

Becoming a Member of ‘Miracle in the Heart’ is Very Easy. Please:

  1. Enter your data into the form below (by your own or via Facebook).
  2. Answer three simple questions (to let us get to know you closer and to select the materials the best).
  3. Confirm your membership in the project via e-mail (just one click).

We concern and care about the needs of our members in certain materials, requests and means of help, so we send them all purposefully and in time via various services (including those developed specially for ‘Miracle in the Heart’).

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