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"Miracle in the Heart" Festival'2014

December 7-21, 2014


Our Festival is a pilot and free of charge event
for the Russian speaking Internet

During December 7-21, 2014 we, two conscious mums from Ukraine - Olga and Svetlana - conducted the First International Online Festival on Natural Childbirth 'Miracle in the Heart'.

It was absolutely free of charge for all who was interested in, within 15 days over 60 the best and hearty speakers were talking about non-medical preparation for the childbirth, natural obstetrics and conscious parenthood online On Air.

60 speakers from 16 countries of 3 continents (Eurasia, North America, Australia) conducted their inspirational webinars!

To let you at ease we collected all webinars of the Festival'2014 in a play list on our YouTube channel 'Miracle in the Heart'

We also welcome those who feel more comfortable to watch ALL webinars via our website to go here.

You are very much welcome to enjoy ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING WEBINARS of our Project  in a play list on our website or YouTube.

P.S. Three natural childbirth occured within the Festival on Natural Childbirth:) while 3 webinars were conducted by pregnant Speakers!:)

English speaking Speakers of Festival'2014

non-medicinal preparation for the childbirth

During 15 days the speakers and we did our best to present the worldwide participants ‘the elite’ knowledge of the most heartfelt and reputable professionals on non-medicinal preparation for the childbirth (physical, psychological, spiritual), professional partnership in giving birth and natural obstetrics, as well as on baby’s first year life span on natural parenthood approaches.

We as the organisers are extremely proud of our project, as it appeared really global, interesting, fruitful and unique. We’d like to believe that the Festival comprises a strong educative inception and symbolizes exactly that new childbirth paradigm phenomenon that our dear Michel Odent, MD inspirationally talked about in his webinar.

Miracles of our Festival!

So now let us share our watches of Miracles that occurred within our Festival ‘ Miracle in the Heart’ :

Festival on Natural Childbirth Festival on Natural Childbirth Miracle #1 – touching!
Three natural childbirths during the Festival on Natural Childbirth!

We were informed that within our Festival 3 our participants became mothers, and their childbirths occurred naturally and well. We sincerely congratulate Tatyana, the mother of 10th kid (but the 1st naturally born), Svetlana (the mother of her first-born baby), and Julia (mother of the 3rd baby) ! Grow up being healthy and happy!

Miracle #2 – sweet!
Pregnant speakers conduct a webinar for pregnant participants.

Just before the webinars, we’ve found out that our Speakers – Evelina (Russia), Olga (Netherlands) and Ana (Slovenia) – are in exciting delicate condition, expecting a baby-Miracle. We’re sure that their condition and their babies helped them to enrich their webinars making them more valuable and energetic for pregnant women and planners! We’re so happy for our speakers and do wish them joyful pregnancy, safe and easy giving birth, happiness in their families!

Festival on Natural Childbirth Festival on Natural Childbirth Miracle #3 –
cheerful! Winners of Contests.

During the Festival we announced the Contest for the best manuscript about natural childbirth. The platform of the Contest was provided podarokbyzivot our partner website, the community of thinking parents We received 25 touching stories, and all their authors got a prize – the free of charge webinar from We reward 4 winners with valuable presents (sling, sling-coat, Weleda natural cosmetics set, breastfeeding blouse). Among the winners, there was a story of the father of the home born baby during our Festival! :)

Besides, within 2 weeks of the Festival we carried out other contests among the participants (for the best question to our speakers and the most active participation), and rewarded them with prizes (natural handmade soaps, gift tokens for clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, free webinars from the portal from our miraculously appeared sponsors – kind mothers and fathers.


Natural childbirth non-medical preparation

Topics of the webinars within our Festival comply with following three areas:

  • Natural childbirth non-medical preparation (psychological, physical, spiritual);
  • Natural childbirth per se, and its professional assistance;
  • Natural parenthood up to one year (breastfeeding, sling baby wearing, early child development, etc).

The following persons are sincerely invited to our Festival as participants:

  • Childbirth planners
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Natural childbirth non-medical preparation
  • Mothers having a child of up to the first year of life
  • Conscious fathers and infant’s relatives
  • Centres and web portals supporting natural parenthood
  • Childbirth professionals (Health professionals in maternity care: prenatal, childbirth, postpartum)
  • Professionals in the preparation for childbirth and parenthood: swimming coaches for pregnant women and babies, psychologists, prenatal psychologists, puppet-makers, masseurs, art-therapists, family photographers, charm makers, astrologers, needlewomen, specialists in yoga, baby yoga and dynamic gymnastics, child allowance counselors, breastfeeding consultants, sling consultants, instructors of children’s centres and studios for preparation for childbirth, etc. Information sponsors and investors supporting development of the eco-friendly approach to the family life.
Natural childbirth non-medical preparation

Our Festival fulfills its specific mission to merge - creating a stable bridge between the experts and their developments in obstetrics, maternity care and conscious parenthood.

The strategic idea of the Festival is to involve international professionals to increase women’s awareness about :

  • their basic needs (including babies’ needs) in childbirth and early postpartum,
  • their human right to choose the circumstances in which they give birth,
  • a role of childbirth assistants (Midwives, Doulas) in childbirth preparation and labour,
  • importance of the preparation for childbirth per se,
  • support of the authentic midwifery development.
Natural childbirth non-medical preparation

We sincerely invite you to our online event where about 50 international experts on childbirth preparation, labour management and postnatal patronage (from US, UK, France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc) within 15 days will be conducting 30 minute webinars on topical issues for pregnant women and newly moms.

Online Festival format is the day-to-day webinars (three 30 minute webinars per day with follow-up 15 minute questions-answers session; weekdays – 3 webinars per day, weekends – 2 evening webinars). Peculiarity of such a Festival format is possibility for speakers to feel comfortable in conducting webinars at home, while for participants it’s not to miss out the online Fest at home, at work, on a visit.

We provide speakers with an extensive technical support in webinars conduction, even though a speaker is unskilled in work with PC and Internet. We also provide them with assistance of the option of proper webinar topic and right webinar structuring.

You can see in the screeshot how Lisa Sykes, a president of European Doula Network (Geneva, Switzerland), tells about our Online Festival on Natural Childbirth’2015 in the EDN Newsletter (March 2015).

You can also watch Lisa's video about the fact that Ukrainian and Russian Doulas Associations joined EDN just due to our Festival here.

Lisa Sykes president of EDN The EDN Newsletter (March 2015)

Besides, within the Festival we plan an event especially for the invited speakers-experts – a Round Table (Peer Review) targeted to provide clear definitions of ‘Doula’, ‘Home Midwife’ and ‘Spiritual Midwife’: functions, ‘competence limits’ for ideas exchange and worldwide partnership establishment. Such an Information Partnership affords following potentialities for speakers:

  • extension of the data pool of your participants, partners, patrons due to the facts that:
  • Festival target audience is pregnant women;
  • we email your offers in our subscriptionsrs data base before, during and after the Festival;
  • during your speech (web appearance) web links to your websites will be available for the listeners;
  • strengthening of your technological possibilities in positioning you as a webinar conducting expert (you allocate information about the Fest on your websites and social networks doing a mutual promotion of your own web resources with the Festival.
Let Mothers Gave Birth at Home

The apotheosis of the Festival is supposed to be signing a web Petition to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine ‘Let Mothers Gave Birth at Home, Being Busy with their Babies but not with Papers! ’ by participants and speakers of the Festival, which will be send out to the addressee just at the end of the online event.

If you see your own format of collaboration, we would be pleased to consider your suggestions.

With hope for fruitful collaboration and Belief in Miracle,

Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko

Mrs. Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko
Festival Organiser and
International Affairs Director
Ph: +38 0664827294

Olga Vyshkina

Mrs. Olga Vishkina
Organiser and Promotion Director
Author of
Ph: +38 095 710 17 70