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Our Online Festivals

Our Festivals

When conceiving (we like this word very much :)) our project "Miracle in the Heart", one of the highest goals for us was to serve the world – to serve people through the assistance for the consolidation of like-minded people as to natural parenthood, through providing cordial information and counseling for everyone, who seeks advice from us (or the experts of the project), and through the popularization of natural childbirth throughout the world.

What does “natural childbirth” mean? – A delivery without medical intervention; childbirth in the atmosphere, place, and environment comfortable for the woman. As Grantly Dick-Read wrote: “Natural childbirth is a physiological process. If it is not accompanied by fear and tension, it is very seldom that a woman will suffer discomfort greater that she is willing to bear.” This comfort provides a woman by a realization and meeting Basic Needs of a Woman in childbirth and during first hours after birth by herself and her surroundings.

It would be glorious to be harmonious and receptive, thoughtful and full, loving and beloved – a Woman! To prepare for conception, to bear and give birth to your Golden Child happily and peacefully and with minimum pain. To know that your child is healthy and is growing and developing joyfully … We know that the art of motherhood was almost lost throughout the centuries. Nevertheless, we also know that somewhere in the world there are women, who have mastered this art. We know that somewhere people learn how to do it. They learn how to prepare for conception, to bear easily, to deliver softly and raise a child happy.

But where can we find those estimable, inspiring and genuine people? How can we learn from them, how can we adopt their best practices? As mothers, we gleaned information about that and chose experts-speakers, whose worldview and practice appeal to us, from all over the world. We have created a high-quality international resource on non-medical preparation to conception and delivery by virtue of our online Festivals.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize by our project that a woman is able to give birth on her own, without any assistance, because her body and her Kin’s thousand-year experience know HOW to deliver! “We need to shift our vocabulary, to go off the all-around assistance on the occasion and without cause, as if we are invalids and can’t walk on our own, without crutches. We need to avoid the management and instructions how and what exactly we should do. We should be inspired by the new paradigm (that Michel Odent talks about) if it appeared consonant to us, and to carry it through our worldview to others, not imposing but clarifying if necessary.” (note of doula Julia Shushaiilo to the Michel’s Odent webinar)

Two mothers from Ukraine

We, Olga and Svetlana, became friends when asserting the rights of parents and children for a natural birth. We have mastered the principles of natural parenthood and conscious approach. We recollect our deliveries with a happy smile, our children grow up being healthy and gifted, they develop rapidly and what is more important – they trust the world and love it. We believe that if we managed to do it, so other striving mothers might do also.

We set the goal for ourselves — to popularize natural parenthood and to ensure that any woman has a free access to truthful, reliable, diverse and proved information and to the informants — the authors of magazines and books on the subject, experts of thematic Internet resources and just practitioners.

We dwelled on a question, how to render this information, how we can help pregnant women and young mothers to study up on conscious parenthood, blessing conception, and natural childbirth as well as to find teachers and assistants in birth. This is how the idea of our Festival was born.

Welcome to the First and the Only One on the Russian-language Internet, and, as you will see for yourself, the most Outstanding, Interesting and Unique Online Event, the speakers of which not just recount the advantages of the natural approach in their webinars but also give good counsel how to deliver a healthy and sturdy child at our post-Soviet maternity hospitals in the environment of aggressive medicine peacefully, happily and with no fear. Or maybe You contemplate home birth? – Then, you will find our website interesting and topical!

As the organizers, we are rightly proud of our project: it became large-scale, vivid, useful and unique indeed. We believe that

were very educative and symbolize the creation of a new paradigm for childbirth, about which honourable Dr Michel Odent said.


Thus, our online Festivals have embraced all the 5 populous continents of the World!

The following speakers participated in our Miracle in the Heart Festivals: Michel Odent, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Katerina Perkhova, Valentina Ostrogliad, Hermine Hayes-Klein, Jack Newman, Diana and Valery Divo, Ruslan Narushevich, Oleksandr Kobasa, Yulia Shelepina, Anna Knyazeva, Mikhail Fomin, Lyubov Miloserdova, Evelina Gevorkian, Julia Shushaiilo, Maryana Oleinik, Anna Nikitina, Valérie Dupin, Tetiana Azarenko, Marina Dadasheva-Drown, Izabella Voskresenskaya, Fernando Molina, Natalia Kotlar, Sister MorningStar, Grigori Brekhman and others.

We are happy and filled with pride that You, the participants and speakers of the Festivals, became the part of a newly fledgeling paradigm for childbirth and make your contribution to the emerging global change in people’s consciousness towards a healthy and reasonable approach to childbirth and life.

As you have probably already guessed, the implementation of the Festival’s idea, contacts with speakers, as well as website creation and work on its content take considerable time and energy from us, as well as certain financial resources.

We deliberately made our Festivals absolutely free of charge. However, we kindly ask those participants, who have such a possibility, to support our project for the sake of peace, happiness, and health of You and Your Families!

"A miracle does not contradict Nature but what we know of Nature"
- Saint Augustine