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What to Wear in Labour and Delivery: Why is it So Important Nowadays?

How Important is the Functionality of Gowns for Labour & Delivery?

Wonderfull birthing gown

When we are about to give birth, what do we take with us? What do we hear about what we need to take, what to wear for labour and delivery, or for the postpartum? Yes, right! Usually we are advised to take something inexpensive, which is not a pity that you can throw it away later. Something, perhaps already worn out, old, something that can be easily removed, lifted, giving medical staff easy access to the body of the woman giving birth. Hold on, please! Are you certain that it should be the main characteristics of the birthing gown? No, no, I'm not sure at all.

When we go to a party, restaurant, graduation, to an event dedicated to this or that initiation, do we wear something worn, old or cheap? And buying a dress for a New Year's party or reception? Yes, you guessed...

Yes, we know that we buy it to wear it once, just like for wedding, for example. But the main thing is not even that! Is the task of the dress is functionality? Oh, well: do not fool yourself! Looking at the dress you like, we are not thinking about functionality. Yes yes exactly! First of all, we choose a dress because of the mood, because of the feeling that we experience in it and looking at ourselves in it.

Beautiful Queen Mother

First of all, it is always a mood. The main task of the gown is to create a mood. The way we feel wearing it! Queen at the ball! Irresistible. Beautiful. And only then we look at the functionality. Yes, of course, even the most beautiful gown should not only suit perfectly, but also have excellent functionality. We imagine what we want and plan to do wearing it. We are reckoning. And if it fulfills these two key functions, we take it “without thinking” and feel excellent at the same time. Why is such a neglect to the birthing gown?!

Let's get a look. What do we need from a gown for labour and delivery? What are we going to do wearing it? Of course, to give birth! To give birth to your baby. How would you like to feel at the same time? Surely unattractive, in a torn old t-shirt or fake synthetic clothes with ties at the back? That is the point.

How do we perceive our birth? is it something insignificant that needs to be hidden, and then quickly rolled up, thrown away and forgotten? Or do we want to experience this moment, remember and keep, as something sacred and precious, and unique? How do we want to feel? Convenient and accessible for any untying and pulling up, for easily opening at any time and examining from all sides? Or comfortable, cozy, in a safe cocoon that retains warmth and intimacy? And which can only be easily revealed by you from the inside, but not someone else outside? Who should be comfortable, comfortable and safe in childbirth? A woman giving birth or an assisting staff? How do you want to feel: attractive and beautiful or not important ... who will look at me?

But we go back a long way and know that it really doesn’t matter whether they look at us or not. We perfectly know that if we are wearing what we like, then we will look and feel confident, and safe. And in a cheap uncomfortable bathrobe, you feel the same way. And we already know for a long time that it is exactly feeling, exactly self-awareness that gives us the necessary mood for childbirth. And that is important. It is important how we feel in childbirth, how comfortable, safe and dazzling, in power!

Birthing Gown as a Talisman/Charm

Beautifull and usefull

However, the gown for labour has another special function. This is a charm. You buy it not only for beauty and convenience, but also in order to feel protected and safe. It gives power. Since ancient times, women's clothing for childbirth has been covered with charms to create all the necessary conditions for a good, favorable birth. And even if we do not believe in all this deep down, we want to have all these “hooks”, secrets, symbols that protect us. And this is the third main function of the birthing gown.

When I gave birth myself, in the first birth, I took with me a short pretty nightie, of course, easily opening from all sides. This was its main advantage. And I was uncomfortable. I wound up in a sweater and trousers, and took it off all at once in spite of any stories of the staff about their needs.

I also heard stories that this clothing is for one time and then you can just throw it away: "Put on something you wouldn't miss much." And you know what? I still keep this nightie in a drawer, in a place of honor, as something sacred and most valuable.

In the second birth (it was already a completely different clothing, as well as a place for childbirth), the clothes did not survive, because they were worn out. It was a comfortable long T-shirt. It suited very well to me. Unfortunately, then there were no options.

Now when women have created a beautiful protective charm birthing gown for women, and when I saw it, how sorry I am that it was not that time! I really needed it!

This is a excellent, beautiful, comfortable and functional thing that can be worn during birth, before and after (antepartum and postpartum). For myself, I would not hesitate to buy it. Any gown can't be compared by importance with the birthing gown! This is a really necessary thing. Besides, it's also so beautiful!.. I am very happy that now women have such a thing available.

Doula's Glance at Gowns for Labour & Delivery

I began working as a doula when I realized that childbirth is not at all what is shown in films and told to women everywhere. I wanted to help women get their unique births so that no one could take away their natural opportunity to give birth happily and without pain and horror and trauma. I wanted to help women realize their importance and power, to experience this and remain it forever as something crucial and sacred. Sometimes it’s very difficult for a woman to realize her strength, to accept her right, to grab it and keep it in childbirth. So I'm so pleased that women have another way to protect themselves, to preserve their space and right, to wrap themselves in care and safety in the literal sense of the word. This gown... it is not only beautiful and comfortable, it creates protection, gives courage and daring, creates a mood in which a woman can feel her strength and power, and this is just what you need for a solemnity, where you are going to be involved to bring one more soul to this world.

First protective birthing gown by 'Miracle in Heart'

Editor's notes:

We sincerely thank Galina Mukha for her precious work for women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and for her fruitful conclusions presented in this article. Reviews from puerperas dressed with our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns Miracle in the Heart are posted here. Testimonials from the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children can be read here.

We dared to define the functions of the Gown for labour and delivery from Galina’s narrative:

  1. Originating the tuning and mood for an auspicious and beautiful birth.
  2. Functionality (providing convenience, comfort, safety, which retain your warmth and intimacy during childbirth).
  3. Secrets and patterns protecting a woman giving birth.

  • Protective Charm Birthing Gowns and Protective Charm Birthing Clothes Sets ‘Miracle in the Heart’ in detail are here.
  • Testimonials from the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children are here.
  • Reviews from puerperas dressed with our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns Miracle in the Heart are here.


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