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Reviews from Puerperas about Protective Charm Birthing Gowns Miracle in the Heart

Every child comes with the message that God is
not yet discouraged of man.

– Rabindranath Tagore

We were waiting for these first reviews from mothers the most! For us, they are long-awaited and precious, because our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns ‘Miracle in the Heart’ are purely for the Woman-Mom!

It was important and necessary for us to check out whether our Birthing Gowns really fulfill their mission of serving?!

The mission of our Birthing Gown is to be beautiful (feminine, bright, solemn, light), charm (filled with the energy of maternity symbols and blessings from the skilled craftswoman) and comfortable in childbirth and during the month of your postpartum and recovery. It is intended to revive the status of a woman as the Queen Mother, to increase the significance of the state of the Pregnant, the Mother in Childbirth and the Woman in the consciousness of her family, society and medical community.

The first women who emailed to us were those ones whom we presented our Birthing Gowns as gifts, since they sincerely performed as photo models for Miracle in the Heart birthing gowns. They gave birth to their beautiful babies in different maternity hospitals of Ukraine in 2020.

Olga (Ukraine), mother of the first-born, owner of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown ‘Goddess Gaia’ (2019),

“I feel being a mom! It's great! Childbirth in your Protective Charm gown went gently, and how then to not believe in magic? I felt very good and safe in it. Obstetricians perceived that I would be in my own gown, and not in their shirt, normally. Although I was suggested to change clothes twice :) ...

After giving birth we washed the gown and wear it still, it is very convenient to breastfeed in it. Thank you for everything!"

Eugenia (Ukraine)

Eugenia (Ukraine), mother of the 4th child, owner of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown ‘Lotus Flower’ (2019),

“Yes, I gave birth in a charm protective gown that you presented to me. Doctors and nurses could not understand: was that a dress or nightie, and looked at me with surprise :).

I felt very comfortable and fine in the gown, I felt beautiful, although it was painful and, it seemed, there was no time for beauty. However, it was comfortable in it! Everything went well. Everything was completely OK with me and with the baby-girl. I can say that the gown really protected us :)! Three days later we were discharged from the hospital.

Thank you again for the gift. I’ll save the gown for my daughters by inheritance!”

Victoria (Hong Kong)

Victoria (Hong Kong), mother of the 3rd child, owner of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown ‘Goddess Gaia’ (May 2020),

«Our babyboy Levuska was born 2 weeks ago in gentle home waterbirth, in our inflatable pool, my husband delivered him!:)

The Birthing Gown came in handy very much. The most intensive contractions, the last 2 hours, I wore it, as well as the first days after the childbirth! Thank you!»

Video with Victoria wearing a Birthing Gown ‘Miracle in the Heart’

Yana (Ukraine)

Yana (Ukraine), mother of the 3rd child, owner of the Protective Charm Birthing Gown ‘Goddess Gaia’ (March 2021):

«Our son was born!.. [The midwife] barely had time: everything was happening so quickly. I managed to wear the gown for half an hour, and an hour later, our baby was born. As recommended, I wore the Protective Gown before giving birth. How nice it is to feel like a Goddess in it, and so fancy!

Thank you again for the wonderful Birthing Gown and lofty wishes for childbirth! This is how it turned out: naturally, harmoniously, cosy in the home space with candlelight.»

Now I know which daughter will inherit it: the eldest daughter was with us within the whole birth time, so this miraculous birthing gown with magnificent energy and generic strength will pass to her. All the best, we embrace you with love and gratitude!»

It is an indescribable happiness and honour for us to participate in this great Miracle - the Miracle of Birth and to act as co-conductors of increasing maternal strength, beauty and radiance in the woman Goddess!

We believe that this web page will be replenished with new reviews from beautiful mothers from around the world. Check it out! :)

Filled with reviews and blessings from mothers and experts, we release Birthing Gowns to the world! Let them fulfill their mission, and bring purity, celebration and light, serving the Woman and her Baby!

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