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New children or old parents. Thoughts of Marina Dadasheva-Drown about childbirth, parents, informational memory, Tantra and Igor Charkosky

AMarina Dadasheva-Drounll children are different and they differ from each other not only by their parents. Cutting the umbilical cord, joint sleep, family Tantra, and post-delivery practices with a newborn exercise significant influence over the perinatal matrices of a new human being.

How waterbirths were carried out in the Soviet Union, what was the Tao of Marina Dadasheva’s spiritual midwifery, what secrets do Marina Dadasheva and Colin Drown use during and after deliveries? For the first time ever, personal memories of Marina Dadasheva-Drown are on the Internet!

Dedicated to my mother Maria, tender Murochka and my grandmother Agafia, strong-willed Ganichka

May this knowledge, which came from those, who accomplished a feat with their humble integrity, broaden our outlook and penetrate into our creative consciousness

Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence

Midwives were the first to suffer persecutions, as they revived femininity and love, spiritualizing the process of giving birth…

Creator and created are interdependent…

The Beginning of the path: "What do children remember, see, hear, feel and know, why do they come to their parents?" Who chooses who? New children or old parents?

What do children rememberChildren come from none knows where, ancestors pass away none knows where… Will we meet somewhere…? Do we help each other to cross the frontier of memory in joy and sorrow…? We can only conjecture and try not to reflect on this side of our being too much.

All children are different and they differ from each other not only by their parents. From the very beginning, they may look "ordinary" or "extraordinary". ("Ordinary" babies are those, whoseforeheads are not protruding (developed frontal lobes),napes and neck vertebrae are not elongated; they do not smile right away (under the water) and their eyes do not surprise with centuries-old wisdom … These children do not crawl or hold their heads right after the birth; they cannot be taught rhythmic breath holding under the water at one stroke).

God has shared the right with me to experience not just the sacraments of birth, but the sacraments of conception and the journey of pregnancy as well. I travel since my own conception up to the birth of my children, grandchildren and other kindred souls, who allow me to open their arms and heartsat the moment of birth. I remember them all – probably, because they remember me. They remember many things, but after separating from the Universal Soul,a part of the memory of an individual soulis transferred to a placenta, an embodied Guardian Angel, liberating the space for new imprinting.

Informational Memory and the Holy Grail

When a baby is tied to its mother with pulsating umbilical cord and placenta, it is the most important moment of the reunion with the parents and with the spiritual hypostasis of the planet Earth as well. This is the time when the baby’s immunity settles in; the breath and heart beat alter as well. The longer umbilical cord pulsates, the milder a child will be introduced to the whole new life, completely different from the life on the planet Mother.

Informational Memory and the Holy GrailProstaglandins (proglandins), transferred from the umbilical cord to the blood of a newborn, become a very important physiological impulse for the adaptation and protection. Stem cells, contained in the lymph and blood not just in the umbilical cord but in placenta too, form the informational memory about ultimate health to all the cells of a newborn. More profound and consistent information may be preserved if the navel cord is not cut until it separates itself from the navel ring (2-7 days). That means that after the labor, aplacenta, connected with a baby by anumbilical cord, shall be kept in a handy container with a lid and a hole for the cord. That won’t limit the mobility of a baby, who will always be in motion (when awake) in the "child’s pose" on the belly.

Now and then, a woman, who gives birth to her beloved child at home, in the water or in the sea, may beruled not just by philoprogenitiveness instinct, but by self-preservation instinct too. From time to time, during the deliveries, in which I have the honor to assist, new moms have the spontaneous instinct of progenitresses: they cut or bite off a piece of their placenta and hold it in the mouth before swallowing. At times, they ask me for a glass of water to wash down the bite – before the ritual of  "the confluence with the temple myrrh".

At various times, theisothermic culture revealed its knowledge that the Holy Grail is nothing else but a woman’s womb that nurturesa new life and gives it to the world. Enjoying the elixir from this Grail is the end of the birthing processat neuroendocrine, psychological and emotional levels. The substances, contained in the body and blood of a placenta, quickly restore the organism of a woman.

It’s common knowledge that this instinct is used for the preservation of species inthe animal world– the dual sphere of mother and child. Baby’s suckling reflex comes on when a baby is touching the mother’s body: breast and abdomen, as well as due to new vision and hearing; kisses and endearment, and when receiving nutritious nectar – foremilk. This reflex is necessary for the separationof a placenta from epitheliumat the right time. Baby sucks and switches on all vital impulses; a uterus contracts, adrenal glands produce a group of hormones, necessary to complete the labor process and enjoy motherhood.

The Bridge between Home and the World. Tao of Love

I would like to cite a very important idea from David Albert’s book "And the Skylark Sings with Me" that fathers are a bridge between a comfy home and the big outside world. This is the happiest moment for the baby and mother when they unite with the nature of Love, to which the father is included too. Mutual care and endearment restore loving relationship for the trio: father, mother and a child. This momentis particularly important for the subsequent distribution of the hormones responsible for lactation and sexuality.

The Bridge between Home and the World. Tao of LoveA manparticipating in the delivery (after the rigorous preparation for it) also needs support, approval and caring for his psychological balance. A birth attendant (of course, she is the only assistant in the birthing process and of kindred spirit) cheers father with praises, appreciatingthe skillfulperformance of his mission in the birthing process, makes gentle massage of mother’s abdomen, delicately examines the mother’s yoni, humorously encourages the couple to continue their sexual interactions. This is the knowledge that brings happiness, Tao of love and Tantrato a family, the knowledge that should be received by the couple during the preparation to the delivery. Those orgasmic vibrations, a woman felt during the sacral and intimate process of water birth, shall not be forgotten when feeding her baby with breast milk. Continual stimulation with suckling impulses and tactile sensations shall be accompanied by eye contact.

Nature developed these mechanisms in order to rejuvenate mothers, allow their husbands to be in the process of parenthood from the very beginning and perform the role of father and a tender lover. That is why we are all in favor of the intimacy of birthing process. It is essential that other assistants do not diminish the leading role of a father in the birth of his child and do not disturb the intimate creativity of the Family.

The sexual happiness of a family may begin or end with the birth of a child. When in labor and after the delivery, a woman opens up as a dewy bud of love. She sheds with joyful gushes of the intimate waters of happiness and foremilk dew. This gush should not be dried outby the rules of those, who know nothing or just forgot the reason and the purpose, why children come to our world – because of love and for the sake love.

Inclusion to Life

We must not separate the lovers after the sacred process of giving birth: A baby sleeps with parents. But notin between them! A childlies on the mother’s or father’s abdomen and feels the impulses of life as its belly touches the skin of a parent. Hearing, vision, sense of smelland tactility rejoice the baby and engage to life. There is nothing like it in a hospital service.

A newborn hears the heartbeat and usual cooing of internal flows in a human body.It learns to breathe in tune with the breath of its parents. A child unites the parents, not separates. Afterward, a woman feeds a baby lying on her side, and a father cuddles them in a spooning position. Thus, the impulse of the necessary intimacy between the parents will retain, their love will flow to a child through mother’s milk.

Then the father may lay the child on his side of the bed, the mother will take a rest lying on the abdomen. Such position facilitates prompt recovery of the uterus. It would be nice if the father’s side of the bed could be next to a wall or a baby cot, in which the baby can be put during the intimate games of the parents or a sound sleep.

Impulsive Loads and Creativity for Recovery

After the birth, a child especially needs loving support from its mother and father. The mother feeds her baby many times, in a continuous manner, with caresses, and with pleasure. The invited birth attendant helps the father to learn the art of massage, yoga, and gymnastics. The father often bathes the child, and, before bed, the family takes a joint warm bath with the obligatory dousing with cold water in the end.

Impulsive loads and recovery massage are essential for good health and a sound sleep.

Mother also douses herself with cold water from a bucket (she trains herself to do it in advance), such procedure facilitates prompt recovery. We do not bandage the abdomen, but we use special massage and gymnastics to train it. We visit sauna or steam room together with the baby daily starting from the 3rd – 7th day after the birth in the same manner as during the pregnancy.

Active life after the birth is very important for the family. It should be within reasonable limits, of course, and of good quality, like singing, reading, drawing, and having a meal with a prayer together.

Impulsive Loads and Creativity for RecoveryCollaborative creativity is the essence of home birth. Mother and father are doing gymnastics together with the baby– this is the continuation of their yoga and Chi Kung (Qigong) practices in a pair.

I would like to remind one more time: the parenthood just starts with the delivery, a birth as such is the culmination and apotheosis of what was conceivedin love…

Mothers, do not be afraid to take the leading role in this wonderful skill – to love and be loved. Doctors cannot help us in what we can createwith our faith, eagerness to learn, centricity, and love… Medical workers help us only if we do not shift our responsibility for our life and for the lives of our beloved ones on them. A help from outside does not waive our responsibility for the future of our children. Learn how to perceive the impulse of your heart correctly…

Memories about Home

And now let us speak about those, who one day knocked at our door, and we took them, him or her, in, with prayers or in despair, accepting or rebelling, feeling on top of the world or vice versa… Somebody may even have closed the door. What then? Where are those, whom we rejected?

Our children are our teachers, aren’t they? It is more commo nwhen they are our pupils, and sometimes our toys, the slaves of our collective ego or even our enemies, as children can reflect the imperfections of their parents…

Sometimes we feel (accepting that or not, get used to itor rebelling) the alienation of our children - fears, resentments, distrust and egocentrism are generic for this process.

If only we remembered our home and sometimes traveled there, we would become closer to our children and would accept their individualities and the gaps in their upbringing more easily.

Remember that we are growing together with them and make our mark on this Earth together, as they are our children, who will continue their way from our common home. Everything may be recollected when you feel your child’s conception, development on the planet Mother and birth together with the child in compassion and empathy.

Sensory Imprinting. Some Pages of Personal History

We already know a lot about the first and the strongest imprinting and reunion (or tying), which happens in the moments of conception and birth. I always remembered my conception: the explosion, the splash of its sounds, smells, and tactile sensations, the gentleness and the realness of accomplishment. As if it was today, I see that place, where it happened, the colors – the rainbow of happiness, and also distrust. It also has its taste and smell. Warm September morning: the smell of lilies in a pot and fresh sheets. I also remember the grandmother’s smells from the kitchen in the communal flat, where my childhood was spent; they also penetrated to the joy of that accomplishment... Nothing can overshadow that sensation of joy, even thatmy father passed away 7 years later in the same wonderful September morning…

Sensory Imprinting. Some Pages of Personal HistoryI remember the joys and sorrows of my mother, I see the pictures of her, when she was pregnant with me, and hear various sounds (hissing), words (coo-chi coo-chi-coo), melodies, whisper, songs, fairy tales, with which my mother comforted me after the birth. I remember the styles and colors of her dresses, which I saw on photos much later. My favorite one was bright yellow, golden; my father hugged her when she was wearing it, and the memory of that happiness still lives in me…

I remember my birth — not as vivid lyas I remember the moments of touching the mother’s breast and her caresses during the feeding. I remember the taste and smell of the mother’s milk; it cannot be compared to anything else in life… My own milk, which was in my breast during 36 years of externalized motherhood, smelled differently, and I think it is different for every child.

The brightest memory of my birth was the taste of iron in the mouth. My mother’s amniotic sac was ruptured with a metal instrument; I saw that much later during the practice of Rebirthing. I felt that taste in the moments of spiritual or physical crises when moving into adulthood until my son was born.In 20 years after my own birth, my long-awaited baby came to my arms and brought the amazing sensation of unconditional happiness: I caught him up from my womb and pressed him to my breast.

I also remember the high points of my own birth: strong heat in the eyes and the desire to see everything, but something disturbed me and I started to shout for help. However, that was later, what I saw in the very beginning were incredibly blue eyes and a smile – this is my mom.

The word «beauty» is very colorful – that was said by a woman, probably, a midwife. My mom gave me birth by herself, without any help, in a maternity hospital in Baku (Azerbaijan), when she was 36 years old and she was in a wonderful athletic shape. Her arms and eyes meant the whole life to me; I associated them with arrival, transition and motherhood. That is why, when my mom was not around (that happened rather often), I missed her arms and eyes. My mother became my first imprinting. Sensory perception of the expanse of birth – this is the essence of the first imprinting – happiness of becoming a mother.

The word «beauty» is very colorfulThe joy of giving birth to my first born was immense, it was overshadowed neither by the separation with my mother, nor by the fact that the son’s father did not know about his birth. Then the grandmother raised us. She imparted this precious knowledge to us, which my son and I use it to this day.

My grandmother gave birth to my mother at the factory when she was sixteen. Her beloved one was holding her in embrace. She proceeded with her work on that very day. One year later, she became a widow (brothers-Muslims did away with her husband as he had married a person of another faith at the Christian church). Then she took little Maria away and devoted all her youth to the revolutionary activities of that time, remaining faithful to my young grandfather all her life long. The grandmother rarely talked about herself, but her life could be read by the miraculously extant photos: a 20-years old handsome young man of Iranian background and a 16-years old Don Cossack girl with the long braid up to her waist and a baby in her arms, their wedding and the baptism of their daughter…

I am writing about the events, already passed into oblivion, which are still the main guide for healing and delving into those prehistoric wisdoms, which continue to persist only in the memory of our family trees. They are imprinted not only in the cells of our physical body, but in the informational field of our individual soul as well – the experience of our inner consciousness. Jiddu Krishnamurti opposes the consciousness, imposed by the society ("we should, we must") and leaving no alternative, by the realm of relationships, which contain the essence of the first realized and in the same time spontaneous feelings – imprinted code of nature, life in love without rivalry and struggle, accepting one’s childhood.

Tao of children and Tao of parents

Tao of children and Tao of parentsWe will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become like a child - the idea of Christ clearly indicates that our nature lies behind the original matrices. They distorted with certain intentions; can deprive a child of an individual choice, suppress the individual soul (our soul). Modern pedagogy does not mitigate the process, rather the other way round. Division on smart and not enough, bad and good, hard-working ... creative impulse is suppressed by inhuman intelligence – it needs to become convenient for parents first, and then for the rulers.

In his "Biology of Transcendence" Joseph Pearce refers to several tribes living far away from civilization. These men and children fascinateby their health and awareness – everything equals to creation, i.e. to infinite love. They have no such thing as censure or blame, guilt or shame leading to dissolution of transcendental cells of the frontal lobes of the brain in children. They have no wars and strife because ancient type of brain, intermediate and anterior lobe are beyond a conflict. What happens to the modern civilized society built around the basic idea, which is to spark a conflict and war?

"Our problem as a cultivated people is the lack of identity along with the detachment from his own heart" (chapter "Communication with the heart"). The fundamentals of the Tao philosophy is based on respect of our own hearts, hosting the individual soul and the heart connection with other bodies, planets, stars, the five elements and the eight elements. I go by the Tao.

This is obviously the reason why we met with Joseph in 1997 at a Conference on childbirth in Thailand. Later, Pierce published a book on human transcendence, which was nominated for the Nobel Prize. The great humanist and researcher dedicates his final chapter to the new children which have balanced anterior and posterior cerebral parts, being convex at birth. We will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become like a childAs an example, he cites three children. He wrote about one of them, "This Russian baby, which has the frontal lobes as prominent as has the child living in an ashram in New Mexico, was not the most advanced person for his age which I've ever seen ..."

The book "The children of Charkovsky" (1980, French edition) describes that these kids are so smart and advanced, that they look like people from another planet. Exceptional children, subject to French research, remain unnoticed in society as adults. They are not obsessed with the desire for social success – an indication of how little influence has our culture on them.

I would add to this that Chris Griscom ("Birth as a spiritual development"), director of the Light Institute, raised her son with yoga, swimming and in dynamic way. She knew very well Charkovsky’s system, and therefore gave birth to her son in the Bahamas, into the ocean, away from civilization along with older children. We met her at the workshop organized in Moscow region by the club "Family Health" in accordance with Charkovsky’s system. We have been meditating, running barefoot in the woods and dived into icy water. On the third day we saw an unusual luminous capsule landed in a forest glade. Chris calmly said that lives in several dimensions. Her books, lectures, classes tell about that. She communicates with free dolphins and whales. At 73, she travels around the world and provides tremendous information about life in the universe. Almost 30 years ago, I wrote a small book with essays about the meetings with Chris and there I also published her amazing book in a tiny number of copies in Russian on experience related to the birth in the ocean of her son Bapu.

Thank you, my best teachers!So our children, Charkovsky’s children and grandchildren grew up and still grow. They are just such ... very integral, modest, enlightened. They are our assistants involved into many births and healings. They like sports, meditation, science and animals, they are able to put a tent and make a fire, they are aware of the pure kindness from heart. Sure, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles help them (my Fedor became an uncle already 18th time, and, as I heard Bapu also has around 20 nieces and nephews).

Thanks to them, I am writing this article. Thank you, my dear, you are the best teachers!

Compromises and deception appears to be genuine tools for survival, and we have involved children into this. Each generation accelerates its pursuit of intelligence, which promotes leadership. New amazing books covering children with broken and sick souls have begun to appear. It is time to hear again the result of thoughtless and cruel parenthood. The follow-up to the famous novels "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Go set a watchman" written by Harper Lee in the last century, was published only now (last year translated into Russian). The theme of 'lost generation' of 1930s resonates with 50s and is developing today within the new prose as the most relevant literature for parents, those who are about to be parents and grandparents.

About significant books

Coming closer to my graduation, I chose a thesis on social and psychological novel by Strugatsky brothers. Following the defence, I decided that my PhD would be devoted Strugatsky story "The Ugly Swans" depicting the children who had gone from their parents to the hospital for lepers. Then, 25 years later, the book was published under a different title, and the film was shot, but we did not watch it.

About significant booksIn these years, I have already become a mother and listened to my kids. The book on parents’ madness and broken souls of children shocked me. I did not finish my work due to my dissident status, but it remained an openissue. This is why the news on shaman with Altai roots, a boy coming through camps and a forerunner of free water birth, inspired me on acquaintance with Igor Charkovsky.

Igor has become close to remarkable Soviet writers, poets, actors and their patrons - all dissidents of the time to name just a few. There were photos of wonderful gimnasiruyshie infants (the term used by Charkovsky’s supporters depicting those who are engaged in a dynamic gymnastics, baby yoga and swimming) and diving newbornbabies, e.g. Terekhova, Burljaeva, Mikhalkov, Raikin. People gave birth against the backdrop of the songs belonging to dissidents, for instance, bards Okudzhava, Galich, Vysotsky, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

My acquaintance with the wizard and magician turned right away into collaboration and then a friendship. It is possible to speak the same language only with Igor, but often it happens on mental level like with children. No art goes smoothly, without ups and downs, especially the work which goes against the system. We faced hunger, freezing days, and left behind former way of life, career.

In 2014 Mariam Petrosyan published a trilogy "The house where ..." on the crippled children and on the House where they live. Outside of the House is another life-the dull everyday life, which made them outcasts. The House contains a forest from another dimension, but it is not so easy to get there, and even if you reach it, you can get stuck. A book is about the world of children’s broken by parents and society souls. While reading this odd and horrible story about people who may be lucky enough to grow up and leave The House all the values are shifting, you become filled with compassion for living…

Another trilogy covering odd children hiding their uniqueness in different dimensions. "House of strange children" - trilogy novel of Renson Diggs, the American writer, journalist and photographer turns out to be a book of the year, urges to look on childhood in transparent manner, to let unique abilities of children be and overcome inner monsters, which take away from the children their unique world filled by free, different vision.

And then a totally unique novel on childhood of four children within rather peculiar family paves its way to the reader. "Castle of Glassby Jeannette Wallscan not leave any reasonable person indifferent. We all have a part of this castle, it is difficult to accept our callousness through the eyes of a child, and it is so difficult to admit that we do the same with regards to our children, and then our children will treat us the same way.

Books are the tipping point as far as parenting and childhood is concerned, they can help us to change the matrix of our living with our children and our parents. It is better to reveal all blocks and avoid repeating something, which can be conquered via kindness and love.

Common life programme

There are children who are born sad, they often cry, eat badly, refuse breast milk, live with the feeling of resentment and obscure ailments. It is not good for them to be the only child in the family, because they were initially programmed to have twin brothers or sisters, their like-minded people.

Common life programmeI remember much about my mother, and even something what was before my birth. Try to remember your childhood when you were under seven years old. Many children see and feel like in a dream, and in the emotional moments of growing up something what did not happen with them, before their birth or at the time of the birth. Their questions often discourage parents - the simplest way is to wave away, it is a way more difficult to remember what our childhood was and that we are conscientiously trying to hide deeper and deeper into the subconscious.

It is rare exception that when I was up to 3 years old, while teething, when the cold laid the nose and the temperature caused both utter warmness and coldness and, the taste of iron became frightening, and fear of lost and death shadowed as a large cloud, I saw two boys and suffered their pain. Once the secret of my compassion was brought to light - my mother told me about the two unborn twin brothers, which she was unable to bear up until bear amidst starvation and war. It was the beginning of her enduring pain, which did not disappear even following my long-awaited birth. Dad expected the boy - this is my offense, and a breach in our relationship.

I remember much about my mother38 years later my offense and a breach in our relations was revealed during pneumo catharsis sessions; I forgave my father and infinitely loved him feeling compassion and reunion (32 years after his tragic death). Following this, I understood that the men always need forgiveness, tenderness and care, and that all issues need to be brought up and discussed. This made a part of mated trainings with Colin (editor’s remarks: Colin Drown is Marina’s husband and mentor).

When my first son was two years old, we visited the children's clinic. Nurse shared her souvenir with the doctor that I was that particular person who is one of twins or was born after them. Maybe I did not understand it or she messed up something but for me it was the thing that I subconsciously afraid to hear – I faced my old memories. It's a lot of guesswork and answers. My very strong feeling, desire (of two years old child) was to give a birth to my girlfriend, take care of her, to give the best and to be together. In three years old thanks to the fate, I met with a two-year-old little girl, who was the third little sister in a family aspiring for a boy. And I “adopted” her – put her on my knees, caressed and kissed, and then, when his parents took away her home and I bitterly cried, missed my motherhood and my "little sister"…

Happy kidWhen my dream was realized, and I'm not just a simple mom, I am enriched by kids, the twins were requested! It was heard, but my memory, being a part of the family tree, came out from the subconscious ... I broke something, went in spite of fate, lost a lot of blood, I was returned by my two-year-old son, returned back to my motherhood.

It happened in Australia. On the shore of the ocean with the little boy, we made a ritual of memory (under the big tree) for those who came as twins, so that we could learn them a lot. There was a miscarriage...

The experience of our mothers, grandmother’s imprints in a genealogical tree. Then awareness stroke: you must remember all the ancestors and to thank them, let go of all defamation and evil eye, and carry out the ritual with fire and water, rinse, breath in deeply inside all negative within the memory - everything that is not related to our individual soul.

Loved childrenLong before I was growing up, my sensitive, indecisive and gentle mother was glad about the birth of the first grandchild. The grief for dad stopped to be so acute, grandson became salvation and meaning until I took him to the emerging new family to his future brothers and sisters.

After 40 years, the favourite grandson called out of respect his second daughter after his beloved grandmother Maria. Mashka (Maria) is a wonderful child, of those whom we call agents. I hope that the gentle birth and active trainings aimed at reunification transformed after all past mistakes, which is inappropriate to repeat. I'm sure the baby yoga - is a sacred art, which, by opening channels of memory, frees children from anything that is not associated with unconditional love and excellent health. Dynamic exercises made by parents with a toddler both assert the child as fully self-realised person with its physical abilities and prepare for life without physical injury ("And I also know how, and no one makes me a slave to the cradle and diapers, from the outset I can crawl, keep my head up, roll in different directions, no one did not cut the life of the channel, or the umbilical cord, I am full and equal member of the family").

Private birth description at the time of studying at the University

28 years ago many students of Institute of Culture in Moscow region selected for their firstborn water birth method in student’s campuses, then they took birth from each other within cheerful company of young dancers and singing enthusiasts. They did not have to prove how cool to engage kids in active gymnastics and swimming with breath holding from the first minutes of their life. And so it happened: Igor and Olga, being singers and dancers, set up a bath in shared apartment! The girl was named Nastya. After such amazing beginnings, bath did not stand idle even for a month - babies were born musical swimmers and acrobats.

And those who laid the oath towards water birth called their second little girl Leticia. She was born in the bath of a rented apartment. The birth was more intimate and extremely beautiful, we joked and danced together with waves thanks to which beautiful Leticia was born. The baby came out on the backdrop of love songs and affection.

The young parents decided that their third gift of God should be born in Adriatic on the Italian side. They purchased tickets, supported by my beloved Colin as he lived in Florence. However, it was not that easy as on the eve of the departure baby defended his right to a home birth. Suitcases already packed, the girls are tempted to sleep early. Accompanied by my children I arrived to finish with shopping of something necessary for the trip at the market near their home. And following the contractions and forgetting about bearing-down pains, another princess came out right in her father’s and my hands. Her blue eyes were widely opened. All children dived and made gymnastics in the bath until the morning, and the father ran to register the newborn for the evening flight to Italy.

Private birth description at the time of studying at the UniversityMiracle happened as the baby was documented into the passport. We took our charter flight charter and went to the coolness of the ocean in May. Varvara was born much centred, and the next morning she with her placenta basked in the sun of almost deserted Adriatic coast. As always I was accompanied by my four youngest: Valentin, Marisha, Igoresha and Fedorchick. They swam, dived, and did gymnastics. Since then, twenty years have passed.

And then they were all young pioneers, paving the way for their next brothers and sisters as for the birth in the ocean and maturity. Following Leticia, other four little singers came to her family, and the last one was a long-awaited boy. All children who grew up with Russian training method proposed by Igor Borisovich Charkovsky, under my guidance and though improvement of creative skills thanks to Vedic philosophy of Tantra and the Tao of Love, all those children grew up healthy, beautiful and gifted individuals. Fate has thrown these pioneers in South America, in particular regions close to the ocean, where the family continues its development. ChiChildbirthldren quickly learn the languages, and teenagers study at foreign schools and universities. The eldest, Nastya, lives with her family in Russia, Moscow and close to the sea.

But finally this is the reason why my memory touched upon the history of this family. When the little girl with this special name Leticia, turned a little more than 6, she overcame through a difficult situation. She always pleased her family and friends, as well as her domestic fluffy kitties. They bathed her hairy legs on fat bellies on the balcony under Moscow sun. And they witnessed the following: Leticia, being out of breath after her game with sisters, like a lightning, she fell out in an open the window - it was already open behind the curtains, and ... girl flew away. Height is quite considerable, it was the third floor, and SHE BALLED THE LEGS, SOMERSAULTED AND LANDED ON THE FOOT.

The ambulance arrived, doctors could not believe - no fracture, just severe bruising fingers. Dad explained to doctors and neighbours that his daughter is in the dynamic flying gymnastics in parents’ hands since her birth,and also does exercises at the home in accordance with Skripalev’s gym complex. Bravo, Russian dynamic gymnastics and stunning prudent parents!

Family Tantraas a key for your true nature

Entry into the world via water is natural transition to a similar prenatal environment. Now, there are many articles and research findings of doctors and parents on a perinatal and postnatal development of the person. The bottom line - human respect in its natural, soft and at the same time active and independent way of birth. Finally, the humanity comes back to its origins, which is respect of nature! How does this show respect, no one knows, because it is obvious, that for a long time no such matrices in the birth of our parents and grandparents...

Family Tantraas a key for your true natureLatest generations were born with the use of forceps, vacuum, caesarean, laughing gas and oxytocin (injection into the muscle or the nasal cavity). Now we add to all listed epidural therapy with new types of hormonal stimulants. And how does all of this is reflected in the next generation of mothers? Hereditary lethargy during childbirth or, on the contrary, the rapid traumatic birth, multiple breaks not only of the vagina, perineum but also cervix; mental damage as a result of the distortion of primary natural childbirth matrix; decreased libido, if not its total loss. And as a consequence - a split in the family and damaged the health of both parents and children.

Now a lot of alternatives put forward as opposed to the artificial acceleration of the process of childbirth and weaning in the first seconds of life. Several generations of earthlings were born through the distorted generic matrix. Doctor makes a choice for mothers, and delivery accelerated in industrial manner: extrusion, vacuum, forceps, caesarean section - and all this under absurd anaesthesia, hormonal doping or, worse, epidural intervention in the sacred process, unifying a child with his parents’ birth process...

No one has ever mentioned, and did not care about or present in the medical textbooks, taking into account only pathologies, which obstetrics is only considering. Why? Obviously, the purpose differs from what was intended by nature. Although a book written by Joseph Pierce, an expert in evolutionary methods of child upbringing was published 10 years ago in Russian and our medicine did not welcome it.

Healthy familyAs a follow-up to the release of children from the yoke of "should", "must", "shame", "shameful" we are delighted to welcome a book about love with a capital letter (so-called "The Scientification of Love" - "Scientific Approach to Love"), written by the greatest master of obstetrics, poet and artist Michel Odent, his art resonates with movies, books, essays, and a charming smile of Frederick Leboyer. His well-known book on the birth seen by a child, which amazed gynaecology circles with regards to the genuine nature of experts in this area ("Birth without violence" (In Birth Without Violence (1975).

And these are three pillars that changed our views on the respect for the person from the moment of conception, are faced with shamanic approach on the release of personality at the time of birth and the postnatal changes in approaches regarding a child introduced by Igor Charkovsky. Stanislav Grof integrated the influence of perinatal matrices for the rest of a person's life by his experience of pneumo catharsis...

But respect the birth process itselfis just as important as respect for the emotional state of the mother and baby. You should not speed up labour by force! You should not create special occasions and reasons for disruption of the heart, increased blood and intracranial pressure both for mother and child, and then "to flog a fever" and "save" them both inhumane methods!

I saw in the surgical intensive care wards, what has been done with premature babies (according to the notorious Apgar scale)! It is like a torture in concentration camp. And it is strong children who survive... What is their impression on such a start in life! And with whom they are reunited, and whether this process is included in general? Instead maternal heart sounds, which they have evolved, smells, colours, what they received instead, how the world treated them? Hospital, illness, pain and suffering - life can be obtained only through surviving under anaesthesia in the operating room with tubes and catheters, where's Mom? She abandoned a child, she was taken away ... Why, what has the baby done? The fact that he was born of non-standard weight and height, is too small or large, the wrong colour, or just did not want to scream? Prejudices and rules - for whom and for what, and for what purpose they were invented? Humiliate, subjugate and humiliate the dignity of a free choice to live.

You must create schools for parents, centres to develop genuine nature of family relations and to introduce this knowledge to the process of the birth, with melodious music, candles, favourite smells (very important olfactory stimulus-the smell of her husband), a bath with warm water, and a tub of cold water dousing that stimulates the natural release of oxytocin. Love, gentle touch, massage, sacred words, hot tasty drinks, chocolate, dried fruit in labour - this is a great help when a generic weakness or stress of unexpected situations (the arrival of parents or unwanted calls, disconnect the cold or hot water, empty fridge or bursting into door neighbours).

Schools for parentsIt is good to start labour with love, at the beginning of labour, or when the water is broken water; sperm prevents infection and promotes its natural disclosure of cervix.

The medical approach is 100 percent opposite as medical textbooks do not include the ancient treatises on childbirth, and how many doctors or even home midwives practicing the healing love and family Tantra? But this is the main part of our lives as important as a healthy diet and the healing breath, muscle, and spiritual, and emotional training. And yet the silence, inner peace, love, and orgasm explosion, a cry-fulfilment, sex reunification, and then an active, vigorous and joyful inclusion in the flow of life ...

Our social life is quite stressful, it's easy to deprive our bundles of flexibility, including genital (which is very important to relax during labour), and drives in the sacral region fears and nervous breakdowns.So it is very important genital-inguinal and sacral massage with elements of eroticism or erotic massage with urethral sponge (in the depths of the point G) and perineum. If you put this knowledge in and introduce to the gender interaction to continue the healthy human race, the medicine would exhaust its purpose regarding the birth of a person.

That is why doctors treat the mother and the child from possible pathologies, which are based on all obstetrical textbooks. And now it's time to save from doctors.

Please, let’s be kind, sympathetic, grateful - only then we can expect the same from children. Do not transmit to children fears, envy, distrust and bitterness; it cripples not only the souls of the children, but our universe, deprived of creative protection from the evil of the world! Be kind, faithful and trust.

To return to our genuine nature – sacramental love and orgasms during birth, we must learn not to shift the responsibility for our child, which is the fruit of love and intimacy – on doctors. We should try to improve our health by ourselves with exercises, good humour, patience, positive thinking and good thoughts!

We all need to learn to feel and love our baby before birth, and to prepare for birth before conception. It is important to understand that the birth is the culmination of love. Conscious conception and active and creative work during pregnancy lead to orgasmic lovemaking.

Original text: Новые дети и старые родители. Размышления Марины Дадашевой-Дроун о родах, детях, информационной памяти, тантре и Чарковском

Translated by Natalia Serhiienko (Ukraine) and Valeria Dubrovskaya (Russia)

Amazing pictures are from the family archives of Marina Dadasheva-Drown and Colin Drown


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    Thanks, great article.
    Thanks, great article.
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