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Harmonizing the third trimester of pregnancy: recommendations of the legendary midwife Marina Dadasheva-Drown

We pray for assistance and request witness,
from the sacred energies of our world!
AIR - Winds of the four directions,
winds that move the stars,
WATER - Rain, rivers, springs,
FIRE - Our sun, lightening that dances on the sky,
EARTH - Our mother, her sand, her cliffs, her mountains,
OUR BROTHERS - The four legs, the winged ones,
water children and those that creep and crawl,
OUR SISTERS - The standing people, from mighty tree
to smallest flower, OUR OWN HUMAN RACE - From our ancestors who
first walked this land, to our children's children, 7
generations distant. Most of all we call upon
OURSELVES, here and now, to witness and strive.
We are here to create a weaving of a new reality.
In any weaving, beauty is created by the warp, weft,
and the Pattern.”

~ Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Serpent of Light”
(Shaman Mary’s poem “Woven Pattern”)

To know and to trust your maternal instinct, to develop the internal communication with the child and a place of love – this is important!

Preparing to the Childbirth. The Counsel and Love

Марина в саду

God and nature gave us motherhood, the Paradise is in heaven, and only we ourselves can open the Terrestrial Paradise. Every discovery and achievement in it – there is a way, time-consuming and difficult. We have been waiting for this last month before delivery: it’s still a little bit and the miracle will happen! Enjoy your third trimester of pregnancy, through you God says: sing, kiss and hug with loved ones more often, dance, draw, write poems and stories, pour cold water and walk barefoot when possible..

So here we are in the mothering ritual joyful care:

  1. We nestle, communicate with the selected assistant during pregnancy and childbirth.

  2. We protect the family from too much information to anxiety. For grandparents, friends and acquaintances, a due date can be a bit put off for two or three weeks.

  3. We definitely root in the intention, adopted much earlier - where we’ll perform the ceremony of delivery: at home, at friends’ place, in nature…

  4. Marina with the upcoming woman in birth Childbirth is an intimate process; Kiss, hug, love and let love yourself! Practice meditation- exercise “Six healing sounds with “Inner smile” [basic Taoistic practices represented in the on the same name books of Master Mantak Chia, which let recover and balance vital human organs stimulating Ch’i energy flow through the body and the physical and mental release – editor’s note].

  5. Increase time and strengthen the quality of the yoga and chi Kung, walk without stopping (preferably outdoors) 1.5 hour in the morning or afternoon, and half an hour at night.

  6. A very important one of these kinds of b<>sports: skiing, skating or biking.

  7. Enjoy yourself in the mirror; invent beautiful dresses that you can wear and breastfeeding. Jewelry made of amber really accentuate the softness of your golden skin.

  8. Adjust the tactile contact with the body: touch, stroke, massage.

    In third trimester, offer your pregnant mother's beauty to the man: teach his gentle touch and intimate caresses with perineal massage (massage with coconut oil "Door of Life"" is the massage of intimate muscles of the lower vaginal vault at the crotch, pulling her to the anus).

    A couple near the waterfall Jointly open all the erogenous zones and especially the points G and A in the vaginal canal [a soft cushion under the A-zone that covers the womb neck up to its smoothing area emits a slippery hormonal lubricant, and the G-spot — for about one and a half glasses of a transparent vitaminous liquid with a slight odor as it mixes up with other female secretions and sweat. These liquids are called female ejaculation, three sacred waters, or in Sanskrit — amrita. They enable a highly spiritual orgasm that ascends the spinal column up to the body organs and goes beyond the Sahasrara Chakra.], and enjoy amrita yourself and him.

  9. Prepare the breast and nipples: it’s good to massage breasts with the oil that you like (do not forget the tummy, face, the kidneys, legs and arms).

    The infant and his first latching on The massage with oil around the nipples (the massage exactly, not stroking) in circular movements and flowing from the armpits to the nipples (at least 36 circular movements in each direction clockwise and counterclockwise, - so there will never be a mastitis). Nipples might be “coarsened” with male fingers, sucking, massage with a linen towel, twisting and pulling in different directions (tips of ancient midwives and my experience).

    If a woman does not massage her bosom before pregnancy and childbirth, then her subtle bodies miss their connection with the physical body, the hormone release decreases, and after birth it is very difficult to restore libido (many divorces after the childbirth are associated with this obvious nature of the woman). Besides, breast massage can protect from vaginal ruptures: the breast is directly connected to the cervix and the muscles of the yoni rings, and the breast massage stimulates Amrita secretion. Childbirth is a sexual process, and in sex, the breast is always involved: first, the man stimulates his own and the female libido by touching, kissing, pressing the breast, and when the woman becomes wet, she alternates kisses on her lips, breasts with yoni kisses, and only then, he penetrates in her. Many people do vice versa, that's why women get under C-section, and children live in families of divorced parents.

    Linimenting nipples with a towel is an ancient practice depicted in treatises on childbirth - Chinese and Tibetan - and also with the goal of restoring sensuality “after the finish of breastfeeding the child” and anticipating cracks “in breastfeeding infants” (2nd century AD). Very popular with ancient Russians and Hindu was the liniment of the nipples with the walnut shell, its inner side: the exuded walnut oil nourishes nipples, and the roughness coarsens the skin, which is very vulnerable to sucking. Nipples of white-skinned women and part of Indians are very vulnerable; Oriental women with slanting eyes usually have got large nipples, with thick skin, as if specially designed for active breastfeeding. Even these women, with the often and active sucking of freeborn children, have cracks on nipples appeared, where the infection can get in and mastitis might begin.

    Children that I write about and say they are in touch with breast milk for up to three years or more, and moms do not feel a burden, but enjoy it (as well as their dads). I breastfed most of my water children up to 4 and a half years, one of them – up to five years, this did not stop me from loving the next bearing baby and giving birth with joy.

  10. Marina's Tai Chi Increase the volume of drinking (running water is very important).

  11. Exclude hard-assimilated foods from your diet: red meat, mushrooms and eggplants. Do not get carried away by baked sweets and socializing with people who do not help your centeredness and not in tune with your intentions!

    Singing birds, contact with pets, as well with kind, helpful people and kids will help you gain confidence and sufficiency! Help those in need your kindness and sympathy, prayers and meditations, will help you to return in the HEART and to live in it.

  12. Swimming and a steam room will help get rid of edema, weight loss, anxiety, tachycardia and normalize blood circulation.

  13. Discipline yourself in duties: do not behave capriciously and follow the work of the household. Your husband will help himself if he sees your concern.

Be up with the sun (it will facilitate your life after the birth) and go to bed before 10 pm. If you cannot sleep in the middle of the night, you can read, do breathing exercises along with the asanas, and eat a piece of chocolate and drink a sip of milk or the infusion of rose hips.

If you are thirsty at night, it’s good for you a room temperature yogurt. To get rid of a heartburn its good a salted or a soft-salted cucumber (the replacement – a grain of sea salt on the tongue and dissolve). When insomnia, it is good help dousing with cold water, and lovemaking.

How many people, so many situations, so you can trust intuition and discover something of your own, the emotional state is very important in the choice of means...

Under stone-lying water does not flow...

"Naturally, in order to begin to live, guided not by the mind
but the heart, at the beginning you are required to reach into
this method, and then to generate inner changes.
Just so, not by mind but the heart of how we lived before the Fall,
i.e. before the separation of the one mind to mind the dual (“good” and bad”).
The separation happened 13,000 years ago. Since then,
we have begun to evaluate each situation
and each position the life presents us."

~ Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Serpent of Light”
(Cleansing Mayan country, Chinen Itza temple)

A stone must be uplifted and shifted from the old place, it is necessary to dig a depression in the ground, to clear a supply, and a net jet will pour ringing to our humdrum symphony. Sound waves, colors, aroma flowering, loving ecstasy, a sense of beauty, partaking of the gifts of nature, acceptance and donation – there is immortality continued in children physical and creative.

All of these sensual discoveries beginning created hormonal surges, peculiar to pregnancy, in which three are involved. Woman’s sensations of the world transmit to the child, and their harmony joins amrita (feminine sacred waters of immortality) in a man's heart in their loving intercourse.

In two lunar months before the birth of the child, according to Vedic knowledge, a woman increases the force-energy Apana Vayu (the sexual sphere of our bodies), which allows her to turn the energy of the lower zone and push the baby out of the woman womb into the world.

A mother’s and a child’s bond is dual: at once, with the first breath of a child, zones of the heart of both open – Prana Vayu. From the solar plexus energy flows up from Samana Vayu to Udana Vayu – the crown, and Vyana Vayu energy spreads throughout the body.

Aqua trainings If the birth took place in the natural environment with natural assistants, the mother and the baby are in absolute safety: friendly maternal bacteria embedded in the mucous membrane of the child, through breathing, meditation, and touch; a sustained immunity is fixed. Maintaining the placenta and umbilical cord of integrity (no cutting the cord), the most valuable blood from a set of prostaglandins and stem cells (150-200 grams of placental blood) saturates the infant organism, including all of the reflexes with optimal contemplation, hearing, smell and touch. Besides, the child’s five, besides the known seven, intrauterine chakras do not overlap. That led to preserve the finer feelings and to contemplate not only with the eyes but also with the transcendental parts of the brain located in the frontal lobes - the inner eye.

If the child is not separated from his mother and from the placenta, the baby can stand on legs, crawl, smile, dive, float, actively suck and separately utter joyful sounds similar to the words of a language we have forgotten.

These chakras are in tune with the chakras of the planet, there are 12 chakras totally.

Transcendental chakra HRIT (Hridaya, Surya) chakra is under ANAHATA chakra in the heart, TALU chakra is between VISHUDDHA (communication) chakra and AJNA (third eye) chakra. MANAS is located above AJNA chakra, INDU chakra is under MANAS (is in charge of the spacious intellect Budhi), and finally NIRVANA KALA (Kala chakra), the highest chakra in the body (in the skull), refers to SUSHUMNA [Sushumna runs down the central axis of the body, through the spinal cord. The Sushumna channel is the most important channel of the astral body. – editor’s note]. The twelfth chakra, GURU chakra, adjoins the lower petals of SAHASRARA chakra.

Dynamic gymnastics

Since we have basic transcendental chakras (neuroendocrine centers) at the head and the heart levels, the brain of children born naturally (gently, into the water, in love) matures much faster, that is, until one year of age; feelings of empathy, compassion and kindness peculiar to them at origin. These children are reunited with the world of good and nature, and are not tied to the benefits of the civilization.

According to the medical data, in utero brain must increase its physical volume almost double after the birth for the integration and adaptive functions, so the baby should be born first, and increase the size of the head of the body for the brain maturation.

To the extent of the human maturation and its assimilation of the skills of the human world, transcendental lobes resolve, and the communicative intelligence with the skills of movement, chewing, and evaluation of situations dulls sensitivity and feeling of closeness with the world of subtle phenomena of nature, cannot be explained by the scientific evidence.

It is said, “The true shaman is born, not made”. It is when maternal instinct wins imposed environment and the method for birth of a HUMAN. The sources for this information served the Indian Vedas, the runes of ancient Rosses, books by Joseph Chilton Pearce and published researches of Eugene Faidysh (Евгений Файдыш), a Russian scientist-mathematician and orientalist. There are also my own observations and experiences of attendance in more than 3,000 births. Now the information is read out from the pure, crystal waters of the waterfalls, at the touch of stalactites and stalagmites in ancient caves and pyramids, it is presented by the sun's rays, the violet glow of the constellation Ursa Major, and the trinity of the North Star, Tuban and Vega (the information is consonant with discoveries of Bulgarian scientist and philosopher Mikhael Aivanhov and Knowledge of Healing Tao).

You are another me!” is the Mayan greeting! Really, return to the heart is so simple that most people first find this process slightly more difficult. We were taught to believe that the more anything complex and sophisticated, the more it is significant. But to our original consciousness this is not true.“ ~ Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Serpent of Light”, chapter 14 “The Movement of the Earth's Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light

What is not worth doing in the last month of pregnancy?

Marina with her husband
  1. To be afraid!
  2. To refuse Love!
  3. To intensively visit the prenatal clinic. If you have questions, contact your experienced midwife running groups for the birth preparation of pregnant women and couples.
  4. To sit in front of the computer and communicate with YouTube, – instead, communicate with your loved ones in person.
  5. To be a bargain hunter, to go to parties to old friends’ places and to stare at the TV.
  6. To eat in vain (in a hurry and without giving thanks).
  7. To keep late hours and to cram for the night.
  8. To forget to clean the intestines every morning (and better in the evenings too).
  9. Do not brush your teeth after every meal (in the morning it is a need to clean the tongue by a scoop or a special brush).
  10. TO DO ULTRASOUND SCAN, – teach yourself to feel the baby, put your husband’s ear and his hand to your belly, stroke and massage your tummy with a melody and sayings.
  11. To do tests needlessly, – trust your body and your healthy lifestyle with cold water immersions, swimming, yoga and gymnastics.
  12. To be offended and to offend, - take in consideration the truth about the hormonal surges that lead to the emotional vulnerability.
  13. 13. Not to pray! Please pray!
  14. To be in a frantic hurry thinking you are not in time to finish something beforehand the childbirth, and do not undertake repairs. You'll get all done in time… in motherhood! :)
  15. live in vain and claims, to blame others, to envy other people's wealth. – Be happy: you have gained the brightest, the most beautiful and core thing in your life – the happiness of motherhood!


Marina with an infant

"You ask what you can do? Easy – leave your mind and your constant thoughts and return to your heart. Inside your heart is a tiny place where all knowledge and wisdom resides. Whatever you need on all levels of your existence is there for you." ~ Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Serpent of Light”, chapter 11 “Unconditional Love: Images within the Heart”

In my pregnancies, I had many contacts with the doctors - I was very compassionate to them, but I managed to help only very few of them. They became heroic apostates from university knowledge and accepted sacred skills and mystical resources of our sexual sphere, which we transform into health and expansion of consciousness in the spiritual aspect. I’m full of gratitude to contemporary doctors for teaching that one should not perceive everything as a postulate, but one should be guided by opposing postulates with knowledge, this knowledge is in our heartfelt love and compassion...

From my loving heart to your heart this brief message to your pregnant life...

The inspirational photos are the courtesy of Marina’s Dadasheva-Drown personal files.

Original text: Гармонизируем третий триместр беременности: советы легендарной акушерки Марины Дадашевой-Дроун


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