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World’s First Protective Charm Birthing Gowns as a design debut of Miracle in the Heart project

Birthing gowns 

It was on the five-year anniversary of our project (December 7, 2019) when we presented to the world our white, festive, special in every sense (energy, cut, femininity) Birthing Gowns “Miracle in the Heart”.

Our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns were created for childbirth in any place: a hospital, at home, in a birthing centre, birthing hotel, in nature. From our experience of motherhood, in communication with experts-perinatal specialists from 30 countries on 5 continents, with mothers with many children, we know that childbirth is a celebration for a Woman and the whole family that rarely happens in our life, maybe only once (like wedding)! Childbirth affects the whole life of the MotherBaby.

In this regard, we created white, light, elegant, flying, soft, delicate, festive, eco-friendly (from natural fabrics and dyes) gowns. White colour represents tenderness, femininity, lightness and purity. The white colour is considered in many cultures as the colour of the origin of life and of birth itself.

Our Protective Charm Birthing Gowns were developed along with the world-renowned midwives and mothers with many children with positive experience in the birth of their children! The gowns are with their own specifics (obstetric cut), and most importantly - with symbols that serve as a mascot in childbirth and early motherhood (which distinguishes our gowns from American and Australian hospital gowns). Well, judge the beauty of the gowns by photo☺. By the way, one of our beautiful models, gave birth to a fourth baby, can you imagine?!

The mission of our Birthing Gown is to be beautiful (feminine, bright, solemn, light), charm (filled with the energy of maternity symbols and blessings from the skilled craftswoman) and comfortable in childbirth and during the month of your postpartum and recovery. It is intended to revive the status of a woman as the Queen Mother, to increase the significance of the state of the Pregnant, the Mother in Childbirth and the Woman in the consciousness of her family, society and the medical community.

Our birthing gowns are designed just for convenience in every sense during childbirth (as a wedding gown is for a wedding). We know that even in a hospital birth you can bring your beauty and festive mood, because a woman is given a choice between official hospital clothes and her own. The gown is designed to serve you not only for the direct birth process, but also for breastfeeding, sharing sleep, and baby sling wearing at home.

Much gratitude to the delightful mother of 6 children, the expert of our project Yekaterina Osochenko for the amazing prototype of these gowns, and the talented craftswoman, mother of 2, the expert of our project Tatiana Kashina for the final creative creation of gowns and accessories for women in childbirth and puerperas! A deep bow and admiration to you, our dear!

Gowns are made of completely natural fabrics, decorated with natural lace, and the painting is made of almost natural colours for the fabric! Completely handmade up to the tag on the gown.

Here is what craftswoman Tatyana writes about creating the first protective charm birthing gowns, “This is not a gown for the sake of the gown - it is light, very dense, healing energy exerted through natural fabric, through the artistry of joining stitch to stitch, smear to smear, which at the end connected into Protective Birthing Gown, which mission is to make your Birth a solemnity! First of all, this is a huge internal work on myself, my condition, my thoughts, to let me just be close to creating such a thing ... These are dozens of sketches and shopping trips to find, feel “my” fabric, and “my” lace. Every detail, every little smear is loving, felt, thought out ... This is the wish of the purest, most blessed birth. And desire is healing, it is the creation of reality. Now I know exactly how this happens! ”

We even came up with birthing clothes sets!

You’re so much welcome to our special page with the presentation of Protective Charm Birthing Gowns ‘Miracle in the Heart’ to see the details and order Your Gown. Please try it on!:)