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Amendments in the Mission of Miracle in the heart Project and meetings with Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro!

Within a month, in March-April 2018, the co-organiser of our project, Svetlana Demyanova-Ponomarenko, visited the island of Bali (Indonesia) and met there with two internationally known women, experts of our project: the American-Philippine midwife Robin Lim and American doula Debra Pascali-Bonaro.

Svetlana Demyanova-Ponomarenko

Svetlana shared her impressions and conclusions from these appointed meetings in the article “Miracles in Bali: Meetings with Ibu Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Divine prayer for the mothers worldwide”.

The article tells about:

  • who is the “mother” (Ibu) and “grandmother” (lola) Robin Lim and what is her famous natural birthing center Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation);
  • what are you treated to and who is invited to Bumi Peace Kitchen, also erected by Ibu Robin;
  • how Russian-speaking pregnant women are treated in Bumi Sehat;
  • what Svetlana brought as a gift to Ibu Robin and Debra, and how it was created by the Honoured Master of Ukraine;
  • which real miracles occurred during the meetings and within the preparation of them;
  • whether Bumi Sehat is the only place where you can give birth naturally and gently in Bali;
  • why the American writer and actress Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat. Pray. Love”) calls Ibu Robin her friend, and Bumi Sehat is an “army of people of good”;
  • where to look for the Divine Mother in Bali and near what fountain to desire harmony in the world;
  • how to really help Robin Lim and Debra in their activities;
  • how to help us all (mothers, professional assistants in childbirth and specialists in the perinatal sphere) to move to another birth paradigm that does not lead to the degeneration (according to M. Odent).

Updated mission of our project

Svetlana in Bali

Svetlana’s staying in Bali and our cooperation with Michel Odent (UK), Hilda Garst (Italy), Ruth Ehrhardt (South Africa), Valentina Ostrogliad (Ukraine) and other well-known practitioners in the field of childbearing inspired us to make adjustments to our activities, as well as in the mission of our project.

Now we focus not only on the popularization of natural childbirth worldwide, the unification of experts in the childbirth and perinatal subjects, but also on the message to them (not only to the mothers participating in our project) that humanity needs to move urgently from the obstetric paradigm of “help-support-coach-management” (in which, according to Dr. Odent, we are “on the brink of the abyss in childbirth”), “protection” (from processes that stimulate a woman's neocortex) and “a comprehension the physiological needs of the human species in childbirth and the postpartum”.

  • What are the basic needs of women and babies in childbirth and the first hour after birth, how to protect them?
  • Are the basic needs of human mammals in the delivery and early postpartum period different from the basic needs of other mammals?
  • How to protect them, thus creating conditions for safe deliveries, continuing the allocation of the necessary cocktail of birth hormones and influencing not only the population of mankind on the planet, but also the quality of its nature and attitude to its species (incl. empathy)?

You are welcome to get acquainted with the arguments of our new mission and the vision of its embedment at the local, national and international levels here.