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Robin Lim
Robin Lim
(Робин Лим)
Indonesia, Ubud
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8 children, 5 out of them born in homebirth.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
traditional (authentic) Midwife
childbirth preparation educator
postpartum recovery professional
public figure
Robin Lim (Ibu Robin Lim) is a mother of 8 children (five of them were born at home and three are adopted), an US-Philippines midwife, a founder of several clinics Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation), the CNN'2011 hero for helping a lot of poor women in Indonesia and the Philippines, and charity work around the world, an inspirational speaker, a writer, a poetess, an advocate in HRiC, leading educational seminars, a saviour of thousands evacuees to Bali, Haiti, Lombok and the Philippines.

She is called Ibu Robin in Bumi Sehat and in Indonesia, and in the Philippines - Lola Robin. Ibu means “mother” in Indonesian, and lola means “grandmother” in Filipino.

Ibu Robin is a mother not only for her children indeed, but also for thousands of families around the world. Robin considers herself and all children born on the Earth global citizens.

Ibu Robin is not only the founder of Bumi Sehat and an indefatigable rescuer after natural disasters, but also a first-class fundraiser for her clinics and evacuees.

In addition to assistance with childbirth and free medical care, the staff of Bumi Sehat clinic conducts lectures on health and breastfeeding. Here, midwives from all over the world study and practice. Here they teach nannies, nurses, and teachers ("If a girl has a dream to become a nurse, a midwife or a teacher, we will help her, we will find a sponsor" (Ibu Robin).

There are also free classes on English, computer, gardening, music, and art for the local youth, as well as taking care of rubbish recycling and purity of Bali, conducting yoga classes for the aged people.

Robin’s Lim books in English: The Geometry of Splitting Souls, The Ecology of Gentle Birth, Placenta the Forgotten Chakra, Mom and Daughter Talk, Eating for Two, Eat.Pray.Doula, After the Baby’s Birth.

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