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Perineal Ruptures during Delivery: Why and How the Sacred Gate Can Be Damaged

"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality,
You will never discover your true spirituality."
- White Tigress Manual [1]


It is time to write... I wish parenthood to be viewed as a great treasure, always having our caring attention. Our family commitments must be devoid of fears and anxiety. Much depends on the first intimacy and subsequent “honeymoon”, during which it would be desirable that lovers become the companions-in-arms of LOVE just the oppposite of taboos and prohibitions of parents’ patterns.

That is why I always present newlyweds with pillow books, Ananga Ranga, Sexual Secrets or with other wonderful textbooks of love, which came down to us as great and wise rituals of our ancestors, in order to keep their family hearths burning brightly. A family comes into existence and consolidates in an engaging imprinting and further reunion, in the same way as in prenatal and perinatal matrices: on the level of conception, bearing and delivery (the initial matrix of living). The first intimacy is a genetic code of maternal matrix: whether it has been achieved or not, did it bring struggle or happiness?

Shame and the feeling of guilt destroy the transcendent cells of our brain. Joseph Pearce devoted two of his wonderful books (Magical Child and Magical Child Matures) to this obvious truth, also Osho Rajneesh, a widely known Tantrist, professor of philosophy and researcher of the cultures of Eastern and Asian countries, devoted many of his lectures and speeches to it. He devoted a good part of his works to the issue of Human choice of the spiritual path of development and liberation from stereotypes of SEXUALITY. His lectures and articles published as books (The Book of Children, The Book of Women, From Sex to Superconsciousness, Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself), became a progressive achievement in the strengthening of a high creative potential of a human being.

Young women are ashamed to tell their partners about their wish to have a child, and by this, they infringe and depress their nature, which is detrimental to the sexual and creative interaction of the couple.

Parents, kindergartens, schools and universities do not teach the culture and happiness of the interaction between genders. Maturing children become ashamed of their nature, so they lose their constructive impulses for respect and liberation in a partnership, and they parents divorce because they failed to fulfill their secret wishes of sublime love and startling irrepressible sex.

What Does Modern Love Begin With?

The world of peace for wonderfull child

It begins with contraceptives, abortions, and miscarriages, and it finishes with cervical cautery, utero-tubal inflation, myomas, fibromas etc. for a young, beautiful but already not a healthy woman. Boys know nothing about such things as they indulge or destroy their natural needs, as well as their fathers did before them. What comes next? — The feelings of guilt and shame, because of fragmentary potency, do not arise without reason. Problems with prostatitis, infections, low sperm motility and thick sperm, depressed immune system function, and sometimes – chromosomal failure. Anyway, nature or the environment urges toward parenthood. Unfortunately, more and more often such parenthood may finish without being started.

And there you have an ordinary married couple, who used to enjoy each other, have already gotten through conflicts and disillusionment and now start to ponder over their progeny. They act trivially: a visit to a doctor and medical tests delivery for a start. Very often (happily, not always), the pitiable and shameful test results lead to accusations against each other and the whole world. Doctors begin to correct mistakes of the youth or of the parents’ inattention to the children’s growing-up – begin to cure, psychologists – to teach, parents – to push. Everyone saves the couple from their nature. Then IVF follows, and... a new stage begins (but not for all who have suffered) – the discovery of home birth or even better — oceanic water birth — and a natural wish to have a child MAGICAL in all parameters of health and spirituality.

Prepatations for childbirth

Often, a couple or a woman (as she may have supped more sorrow and shame) arrives at the idea of a conscious conception, gentle water birth, having already lived through the inhumane experience of a cesarean section. It is anticipated that a gentle and spiritual midwife, being aware of her mission, will overwhelm them with her powers and create a miracle — give birth to their magical child! This beautiful illusion – shifting the responsibility to a midwife – as it was shifted to the doctors earlier, is inadmissible on the new path.

The idea of altering consciousness, work with subconsciousness, genealogy situations, and distorted matrixes of sexual happiness, as well as the improvement of the body‘s health that suffered from cystitis, thrush, and herpes, may be reconsidered just because of the necessity to pay for spiritual midwifery. Shouldn’t "spirituality" be free of charge or very cheap from the view of spectacle of our education?! Probably, you would not say so about knowledge, skills, and qualification, would you? The occupation of a midwife must be remunerative, as responsibilities are the exchange of energies... In order to give birth to a magical child and to have an orgasmic delivery, one should integrate their consciousness, spiritual and emotional potentials and body. So and in no other way a woman may keep her Yoni (womb) undamaged, restore her libido, wholeness, health and family.

What is the Path to Happiness Like? The Importance of the First Experience

Man in childbirth

The PATH should begin with mindfulness, then – broadening of consciousness and actions, there should be many of them. Their multiplicity depends on the threshold to the beginning of a new path: the quality of your own conception, the parents’ pregnancies, and deliveries. In modern obstetrics, a woman is separated from her nature and resigns herself to other people, who are not related to her child. As a result, the functions of her ancient brain become suppressed and the natural outburst of endorphins weakens (especially if there was stimulation with oxytocin). The rational brain turns on and incites stress (excess adrenalin) — abrupt labor, forced by orders to bear down, — and the lower muscle ring tears together with the perineum.

Or another variant: the position of a woman in childbirth when she is laying on her back hampers the descending of the baby’s head, the effect of the injected oxytocin ends, next batch of hormones does not come in, the phase of uterine contractions weakens or stops entirely and the baby is pressed out with various methods known at clinics. Most commonly, a baby goes "dry" (because of the artificial interference to a hormonal sphere) for lack of necessary liquids, inherent in sexual arousal. Thus, the baby descends inasmuch as his/her head presses the anal sphincter at first, then – the urethral sponge (the upper cushion of the vaginal wall under the urethra), in which the G-spot is located, and female output "burst at the seams." Apart from the ruptures of the inner vaults of the vaginal mucous membrane, the womb neck/cervix itself can tear, as it also does not get the necessary moistening of “three female waters” mixed with a fatty vernix that covers the baby’s skin.


This aggregate creates slipperiness, which facilitates the sliding of the baby’s head and provides elasticity for the mucous membrane of the birth canal. In modern obstetrics, bursting of waters in the delivery process occurs much earlier than it is programmed by natural birth activity. In most cases, a doctor performs an artificial rupture of the membranes as soon as the woman in birth is admitted to a hospital, although the child’s head has not entered into the pelvic cavity yet. As a result, not only forewaters pour out, but hindwaters as well. If a woman delivers at home, the waters will be replenished and renewed as she may lie in a bath or pool, and by virtue of increased fluid intake (with obligatory and timely urination of the woman).

Do not despair! You can always embark on taking care of your body by comprehending its versatility, reading literature about the secrets of sexual relationships and attending a conscious parenting group. Even if you are not going to give birth anymore, you need to be restored to life and to liberate yourself from traumas in order not to pass on their matrices to your children and great grandchildren. Just basic care of both female and male bodies may help to avoid birth injuries. It is important to talk about!!!

First experience

The first intimacy experience is extremely important! However, if it was unsuccessful, everything can be fixed (if there were no aggressive involvement of physicians).

Every young woman should investigate her "sacred gate": to measure the depth of her vagina (from 3 up to 15 cm), the height of the perineum, the islet between anus and vagina (can be from 5 mm to 6 cm), the position of the womb neck (how far it is backward-turned from the end of the vagina, sometimes it may shift to the right or left). Sometimes, very rarely, there can be an imperforated neck, generally, due to performed cautery, as a result – painful menstruation.

Moreover, the strength of three vaginal muscle rings should be investigated by inserting two fingers into the vagina and moving them apart at the width of the upper and lower vaginal vaults. Then the G-spot should be found by palpation of the upper vault of the canal with a turned forefinger pad (you will feel a desire to urinate and a subtle sensation of arousal, the reaction is not very pleasant at first).

In order to strengthen the sensation, you can cross your legs and retract vaginal muscles. Ask your partner for help, if you are a couple already. A man shall massage the urethral sponge (upper wall) with his ring and middle by rapid vibrations – pushing forwards. If he is active enough and there are a sufficient dilatation and arousal (if there was a good amount of foreplay), the woman’s juices begin to flow. The same happens when a baby’s head bears down – the baby stimulates the two main vaginal erogenous zones: the A-spot – a soft convexity near the cervix (in the delivery process – a smoothing “step” of the womb neck) and the G-spot.

A soft cushion under the A-zone that covers the womb neck up to its smoothing area emits a slippery hormonal lubricant, and the G-spot — for about one and a half glasses of a transparent vitaminous liquid with a slight odor as it mixes up with other female secretions and sweat. These liquids are called female ejaculation, three sacred waters, or in Sanskrit — amrita. They enable a highly spiritual orgasm that ascends the spinal column up to the body organs and goes beyond the Sahasrara Chakra.

Mandalas' picture

If a delivery takes place in an intimate, trustworthy environment (omitting any unnecessary participants) at home, especially if it is a water birth, nature endowed this process with multiple orgasms for mother and her baby. It can be easily achieved given that the couple knows the sacred secrets of sex. The husband leads the delivery process, and a tactful midwife gives assistance without interrupting the atmosphere of the sacrament. Music, the words of love, lover’s whisper, fragrant aromas, and delight create the splendor of a temple: a woman pours out with amrita, and the baby swims out into the ocean of LOVE! Only in this perspective or intuitive dilatation, a woman may rejuvenate herself giving birth to her children being capable of welcoming more and more cherished beautiful earthlings to our world.

The tenth formula of the ancient healing Tao was devoted to the process of the enlightenment of a woman, who gave birth to 10 or more Taoists. It is called a ‘Universal Tao’! According to extant knowledge, the runic culture of the ancient Russians was very similar to Chinese and Tibetan, Egyptian Veda. Religious rituals of births and rebirths in the love interaction of Yin and Yang may be found in all the cultures of high civilizations. Buddha’s progressive interpretation of Karma is the following: "...a thought about an action, the intentional personal choice of doing good deeds alters karma already." The subsequent actions will just be the implementation of the intentions. You do not need to be a Buddhist to make sense of these words!

The Science of Procreation and Having Many Children

Science of childbirth

When trying to revive the tradition to have many children, we should not forget its origins. It is known from historical sources and fiction of the previous centuries, that upper-class aristocrat women often died during the labor process since they had sedentary behavior, were picky eaters and treated their servants superciliously. Fatal accidents occurred whether during the delivery or afterwards. Whereas healthy peasant women, plowing and planting seed, delivered and fed their babies together with their master’s babies and still continued to work and cherish their families. There were many long-lived women among them and their husbands were also very healthy, active sexually and possessed necessary life skills, which fathers passed on to their sons.

In my childhood, I was keen on the lively and highly moral novels of Mikhail Sholokhov (Russian writer). I spent summer months with my grandmothers in a stanitsa (Don Cossack village) near to Vyoshenskaya stanitsa (Sholokhov’s birthplace). I absorbed the spirit of a simple, long-established lifestyle of middle-class and lower-income Don Cossacks. I saw births of domestic animals, watched pregnant women, who sometimes gave birth in the wild during harvest time singing folk songs. I loved to ride a bareback horse and saw her tears when she delivered a foal, then she fed him and continued to plow in the field...

It is known that a woman delivers in the same way as she lives her life, works and loves. My Great grandmother gave birth to my grandmother in a field when she was 60. She went to a better world at the age of 115, digging up potatoes in her kitchen garden. The family was considered to be not very large: two sons and four daughters. Were the times different?

One should get prepared for the having many children as well as to cherishing children — it is a great science of family generations.

Let us get back to the origins, where possessing many children was not a heavy burden or necessary circumstance of patriarchy. A woman that became a mother should care about her beauty, spirituality, fitness, health, centeredness, wisdom and the freedom of choice: she is the role model for her children as well as their father. Only then they are called spouses!

I am friends with some priests and their wives in Russia; they are kind, reasonable and patient spouses and parents. My other friends – dignitary teachers, monks, they live their lives in mercy and LOVE: “Judge not, and you shall not be judged.”

Amen! Love and Light! Namaste!

I wish you all the best on your way to wholeness!

Everything you have just read is confirmed by my many years’ experience, work with hundreds of couples as well as my own deliveries. It is also written in ancient Vedic and Tantric treatises, as well as described in Tibetan, Chinese and Egyptian Tantras concerning birth giving, and illustrated by pillow books of many nationalities, which used to be gifted to newlywed couples since ancient times.

"Yours earthy spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit.
Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you."
- White Tigress Manual

The remarkable photos are the courtesy of Marina Dadasheva-Drown, the pictures-mandalas were made by the author as well.


Original text: Разрывы в родах: почему повреждаются "сакральные врата"


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