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Should a Man Get Prepared to Conceive a Child?

Spiritual nature of childbirth

In recent times women pay more and more attention to pregnancy and conception, and start to think about the child long before the moment of birth. Such conscious future moms get thoroughly prepared to conceive. That includes all kinds of activities and procedures, not only medical or preventive ones, but also of educational and even spiritual nature.

Meetings and discussions on childbirth, motherhood and parenting, as well as parents´ relationship during pregnancy, at the time of labour and after it are very important topics for a future mother. And it is great when a future father is involved in the process and knows how his beloved one is doing, how is the baby developing in the womb and what are the ways to soften and neutralize possible conflicts in the family, not only during the pregnancy, but also after the birth.

I would especially like to point out the importance of husband´s and spouse’s preparation to the conception. It is essential to distinguish a process of conception from a coition for pleasure. The most significant difference is that children are conceived in love and it is an act of Devine creation of a new life. In a spiritual sense, the process of conception raises the couple very high, bringing them to the level of co-creators of a new life, and it is desirable to get prepared to it.

The process of the man’s and husband´s preparation for conception may include different components, most of them of advisory nature, and it depends on each person in particular what to choose. Some prefer to go to the gym or a pool, the others go dancing, and everything is good. However, there is another part of the preparation, like going together to lectures and courses on preparation to birth, participating in group classes on postpartum family relationship modelling, friendly conversations with couples who have children. Some would prefer yoga and meditation and exercises for pregnant, the others would take care of themselves with the help of medicine by doing tests and boosting their health with homeopathy and vitamins.

Another very important point concerns awareness and positive attitude. Nowadays people tend to talk about and have fear of having genetic diseases or predisposition to them. I have good news! There are encouraging results based on researches and my personal experience, as well as my professional experience as a healer, osteopath and psychologist. There is a direct correlation! The more positive and soulful is the way one treats the others, the longer, healthier and happier is his life, thus giving protection to the families from such diseases.

The more happiness and health is in your live, the more diversified children are in such families. That means that one should keep being conscious, which let them lead an active way of living in an old age too, being happy and making happy the others, pass over the knowledge and experience of positive way of life to their grandchildren.

For those readers whose families are already in such a trouble, I could recommend to become closer to the God. The Lord consoles the humble, but helps the brave, so your life will become better and brighter. There is no sense to defuse the mine, which has already blown up. So one should work with the facts, with the consequences, and perhaps the next child will be born healthy. If you are with the God, who might be against you? Cofident relationships

I would like to particularly point out the importance of establishing good relationships with your parents. It is absolutely necessary to reconcile and mutually forgive offences, establish good relations and to resolve conflicts, as they tend to pass from generation to generation. Here you may seek help from a competent psychologist or a priest.

I highly recommend you visiting temple and praying. It brings a lot of good and purify one’s soul. The purer your soul is, the purer and milder are the tests and lessons the life sets for you.

Very often we say, ask, wish: “Oh, Lord, please give us, send us....” However, we should realize that the God gives just one time — the whole life at once! With all its options and possibilities. And it depends only on us, what life will we and our children have, no matter the faith and confession.

What is consciousness? The word replies for itself (translator’s note: ). Let’s look at its components in Slavic (ОСОЗНАНИЕ): CON — mutual, together; SCIOUSNESS — science, knowledge. So, being conscious means to have part of one´s personal knowledge in the universal knowledge, what means being in the present: here and now.

When raising the level of your spiritual and material life, keep the balance, and remember the most important commandment: “... thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength...Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. It will help you treat and perceive your wife, your home, your country as yourself. That is, starting with yourself, educating and caring for yourself, your health in body and spirit, we reach a very high level of self-awareness in our life and the value of any life as such. Doing so, love, joy, happiness and God’s blessing will be your constant companion in the course of your life, and the responsibility of fatherhood will bring joy, satisfaction and respect of your family and everyone around you.

Let me share my personal experience. I am forty-six and the father of six children, from twenty-four to one and a half year old. Thanks God, I could surely say that at any stage of your development you can change the situation to the better, no matter how difficult it might look like. After I took my health in my own hands at the age of eleven, I was able to recover from a back injury and tuberculosis of knee and ankle joints, and practiced self-healing for several times. My first children were conceived and born spontaneously, they were beloved and welcomed though. Since I had been helping the others, forgetting about myself and my family, I used only bits of knowledge for myself. It was only after a long spiritual and healing practice I could have generalized my own knowledge and skills so to apply them in my own family. As the result of that work, I got to another level of the fatherhood. Wonderfull experience

My spouse and I had realized that a new child is coming before the moment of conception. During a meditation on the family kin, we have met the soul that had chosen us as parents. By praying and doing other different practices, we had been purifying us and then conceived a son in love and goodness. We had prepared together to the childbirth and finally I personally delivered the baby at home. After that the most important thing began: the everyday test of love, endurance and firmness, when one should preserve and increase the peace in one’s soul, to fill every family member with these qualities.

Let´s take a simple electric bulb as an example. A spark of God is the electricity that passes through the core (the tungsten filament) and lights up the fire of the soul. The lamp begins to shine, but before the light goes beyond the lamp, it illuminates itself from within. If there is a lot of hindrance, the light would not go out, that means one should take them away. The interference is felt as body and mind tensions, and the whole world around us points out to our imperfections, most commonly through our closest ones. After all, in fact, we come into this world in order to reflect through ourselves the whole world and the whole world reflects the every one of us. Nobody promised the mirrors would be perfect, that our life would be easy. It depends only on you, what the world reflects you back, your stress or calmness, your anger and vanity or smoothness, rationality, love and generosity.

If you, dear men, future fathers, pay at least some attention to the issue of conscious conception, a positive result will be already guaranteed, although it might be expressed in different ways. The most important is that you become more aware.

If you get at least a little bit kinder and more attentive, it will be immediately reflected by a better life. There will be more nice little things happening. As my father used to say: “Our life consists of little things. The major events are only two — the birth and the death”.

And the greatest wonders need to be carefully prepared.

Original text: Подготовка мужчины к зачатию ребёнка. Как правильно зачать?


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