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Protective Charm Birthing Gown Care Instructions

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Our birthing gowns are intended exactly for beauty, as well to revive the status of a Pregnant Woman-Labouring Woman-Puerpera as the Queen Mother, as well as to the comfort in every sense within childbirth (as a wedding gown is for the wedding ceremony!).

The Birthing Gown is to serve you not only for the direct birth process, but also for breastfeeding, sharing sleep, and baby sling wearing at home. However, wearing it during pregnancy and after childbirth is only bonuses (like a wedding dress or baptismal clothes are worn purely for this occasion).

At the same time, we are confident that our gowns will become your heirloom if you fulfil the Care Instructions for your gown!

Childbirth is a sexual and excretory process for a woman.

  • Parturient secretions are easily washed off purely in cold water: the gown is recommended to be washed out or soaked in cold water. If you use a stain remover, then it should be applied purely to the stain (but not to the protective charm symbol!); do not add to the washing machine.
  • Then recommended hand-wash or machine laundry in delicate mode with mild detergents without chlorine at 30-40*C.
  • Strong spin is not recommended! Drying is to be straightened in a well-ventilated area without direct sunlight.
  • Iron through a cotton cloth or on the wrong side of the product to prevent the hot ironing from contacting the paint. Steaming is allowed.

Sincerely wish you to have a happy pregnancy, gentle birth, joyful motherhood and purity of your body and soul!

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