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Unique Workshop of African inspirational midwife Ruth Ehrhardt on Sardinia (Italy) for midwives, doulas, monitrice and mothers!

We do recommend this unique workshop of South African inspirational midwife Ruth Ehrhardt planned in Sardinia (Italy) to visit for midwives, doulas, monitrice and mothers -  "Rediscover Birth: Protect the Basic Needs of Mother and Baby"!

Dates: June 25-26, 2017
Location: Cagliary (Sardinia), Italy
Working languages: English, Italian

Organisers: True Midwifery and Luna di donna

18 hours education workshop.
Certificate of attendance is provided.

The expert and good friend of our project, breastfeeding peercounselor and birth-breastfeeding-primal health-activist Hilda Garst (Sardinia) will celebrate her 20-year anniversary of her activitities for mothers, babies and families, including with Ruth Ehrhardt and Michel Odent.

Рут Эрхардт

Ruth Ehrhardt - mother of 4, Certified Professional Midwife (NARM), doula (Wombs/ZA) and paramanadoula (UK), "Helping Babies Breath" facilitator and master trainer. Author of the book "The Basic Needs of a Woman in Labour" (2010).

Ruth lives in a small village near Cape Town and works as an independent midwife, attending mostly out of hospital births. She is part of the Compassionate Birth Project which aims to bring love back into the maternity units by working with the midwives, doctors, medical students and other staff of those units.

She is part of the team that organises the Cape Town Midwifery and Birth Conference, which is aimed ad sharing and collaboration between South African birth professionals and the women they serve, for the purpose of promoting and supporting safe pregnancies and births.


  • Rediscover and interiorize the basic needs of the human mam- mal during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • If you are assisting at birth, what is your primary role during labour, birth and postpartum.
  • What to do or NOT to do in the crucial first hour after birth Regain trust in pregnancy-birth-breastfeeding in the age of excessive medicalization.
  • Protect the basic needs of a woman during birth after a previous pharmacological/mechanical birth or a prelabour-caesarean section or in labour emergency caesarean-section.
  • Considerations about the birth plan.
  • Discuss and learn from birth and breastfeeding stories.
  • Universal precautions and obstetric emergencies.
  • Self-care of the birthkeepers, how to prevent burn out. 

Subscription fee: 150€

Contact person: Luna di Donna -, Cagliari 3938272617

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We heartily invite you to join the international amazing event that is supposed to be incredible in the view of atmosphere, nature and knowledge!  

Svetlana, Miracle in the Heart founder, will also make a speech in the event to congratulate and thank Hilda Garst for her tremendous work for families in the world and making aware of midwives and lactation consultants in Italy!