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Lina Dunkan
Lina Dunkan
(Лайна Дункан)
India, Mumbai
No children.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
professional midwife
traditional (authentic) Midwife
childbirth preparation educator
Lina Duncan graduated with a Diploma in Midwifery from New Mexico, USA in 1999. She volunteered in slum clinics in the Philippines for four years where the poor utilised the services as a dignified and respectful alternative from the overflowing government hospitals. Having lived in India since 2007 Lina has attended many births in private hospitals as a midwife and doula. After 6 years of struggling in the system of over medicalised birth, Lina and her team now provide gentle birth practicesб including homebirth and waterbirth in collaboration with an OB/GYN doctor, which is the general model of care in India. Midwifery does not yet "officially" exist as an autonomous care model. She has also observed and attended births in training and government hospitals in the urban city and her dream is to train midwives and doulas so that all women can have support through their birth. Another of her dreams is to open birth centres that practice the midwife model of care and gentle birth practices. Lina and her team provide pregnancy services, classes and birth support to local and international families at home, private hospitals and in their spare time, they assist and advocate for the destitute poor to access care in government hospitals.

Lina speaks English, Cantonese, Hindi, Visayan (Southern islands Philippines).

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