Conception. Childbirth. Development. Naturally. Consciously. Blessingly.
Social project "Miracle in the Heart" We popularize
natural childbirth
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Online Programme ‘Miracle in the Heart on YouTube’

Post-Festival - means regular weekly Webinars
from experienced, delightful and soul-warming Speakers of our Project

Since December 17, 2015
We need experts

The Project 'Miracle in the Heart' actively realizes its mission on popularization of Natural Childbirth, Blessed Conception and Conscious Parenthood throughout the world on our 2 author channels on the most popular worldwide video-resource of accessible Internet TV — Youtube.

We receive lots of letters, where the experts dealing in the sphere of our Project, ask to enable them to speak in the Festival, but we can’t accept all of them, as far as the quantity of places is limited and we arrange them long before our MEGA-Event is to happen. Many of these experts are worthy of being heard by our audience and that’s why we’ve got such an idea:

as an inertia of the wave of the Second International Online Festival’2015
Miracle in the Heart: Conceiving. Believing. Transforming’ immediately after the Fest -
since December, 17, we arrange a constant Weekly
Interactive Online Programme ‘Miracle in the Heart on YouTube’.

We invite experts for the interview, so they will share useful information and answer your questions online on such topics:

  • ​Enlightened Conception
  • Blessed Pregnancy
  • Home Childbirth
  • Natural Childbirth in the maternity hospital
  • Warm Support of Childbirth
  • PostPartum Rehabilitation
  • Art of Maternity (first year of life)
  • Conscious Parenthood
  • Philosophy of Natural Parenthood (NP)
  • NP-relevant topics

If due to some technical reasons an expert could not have a speech on-line, we’d film it and edit the program in advance, and post the recording in the due time.

Every Tuesday (two days before the broadcast), an invitation email will be sent to the e-mails of subscriptionsrs of our channel. The email will contain the description of topic, expert-speaker activity, links to the Internet-resources of the speaker. Anyone can receive our emails to get the full access to new webinars in English after the subsciption.

Expected mailing audience — over 10.000 people.
World of natural childbirth

Weekly, every Thursday, we’ll arrange a webinar and invite experts of different professional levels and different specialisations to participate. They all will be united by a common world view principle of naturalness, trust to the Nature and a Woman, and directed to strengthen the Family Values.

Четверговые вебинары пост-Фестиваля - это полноценное погружение в тему на 2 часа. В среднем - один час на лекцию и 30 минут на вопросы и ответы в прямом эфире.

Any expert willing to participate in our weekly program, is welcome to write us an e-mail to with a title 'Expert Request Miracle in the Heart on YouTube'.

The letter should contain:

  • name and surname;
  • field of activity, work experience;
  • your achievements, personally arranged events;
  • personally invented methods, your books, authorship, etc.;
  • references to the Internet-recourses (website, SNS, channel, blog, etc.);
  • topic of your webinar.
We’ll consider Your request and within 2 days contact You. In case of a positive answer, we’ll define the date of Your broadcast.

See you on air!