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Rhesus Incompatibility: What Kind of Victory Does a Woman Need?


The article considers thephysical and psychological reasons of rhesus incompatibility in pregnancy referring to the world statistics and wide-known practitioners in obstetrics, psychology, midwifery, and naturopathy. The article outlines the ways to define a real Rh-incompatibility and the doctors’ “overdiagnosis”. The article contains a research of the reasons to use Rh-immunoglobulins (anti D-immunoglobulins (predominantly RhoGAM ®) in pregnancy and childbirth. There are inspirational techniques for you to create a perfect tandem with your child in the way of “win-to-win” in the view of the female nature in passing to your gentle childbirth and blessing maternity.

Where there is unity, there is always victory
Publilius Syrus

I remember when my husband and I were preparing to our first pregnancy, I was so happy to get the blood test results and find out we both have the same blood type B! Such a compatibility! However later I felt slight inner tingling: mine is Rh-negative and my husband´s is Rh-positive.

Rhesus Incompatibility in pregnancySo, I became pregnant from the first try, and without ultrasonography, I sensed that our first baby would be a boy. At that time I was pursuing postgraduate studies, was teaching to extra-mural students. Besides, having a so-called “excellent student syndrome”, every month (starting from the 13th week of pregnancy) I had my blood tests for antibodies in the Maternal and Child Safety Center in Donetsk (Ukraine), where I was going to give birth. I followed all procedures: physical examination, measuring, tests, swabs, ultrasonography for 3 times, photoroentgenography, my husband donated his blood. All that was in different medical centers, remote from each other, being painful and wearisome for me and usually incomprehensible.

I am grateful to doctors that they did not offer or prescribe me administration of immunoglobulin during the pregnancy, because at that point of time I would have agreed... As a matter of fact “Nowadays, in the course of antenatal prophylaxis, it is accepted to inject RhoGAM (Rho(D) — immunoglobulin) to all pregnant women with Rh-negative on the 28th week of pregnancy in the course of antenatal prophylaxis and sometimes a re-injection on the 34th week” [1, 2]. Our child was born with Rh-negative (the test was made in the maternity hospital) and neonatal jaundice, which lasted for about a month.

During my second wonderful pregnancy I had minimum visits to doctors at my maternity welfare center and minimum tests (I did a blood test for antibodies titer after the 30th week of pregnancy). The child was born at home, neonatal jaundice lasted for about a month too. We still don’t know the blood type and Rh-factor of our second child (2 years 2 month) and live on happily. :-)

My intense interest to do a research for this article was aroused by a letter, which came to our project “Miracle in the Heart” from Olesya:

“Good day! My baby has been wonderfully maturing inside me without any kind of checkups. However, the time of labour is slowly approaching and the question about a possible Rh-conflict is there. I am very interested in your opinion in this regard. Should we inject Rhogam or not? Perhaps you can recommend us an expert for advice. In two weeks I go to Bali to deliver there, and they say to take vaccine with me, because there is no any. I don’t know if I am ready or not to receive such medicated interference, and above all, what are the risks for my future pregnancies? Thank you in advance”.

I am not an expert, neither a doctor, nor a geneticist, however I have a cognitive nature of a researcher and have a mother’s sense, I believe in Nature Mother and justice in everything that takes place. I also want to help women to make their conscious choices, accepting or refusing medical support. I believe in Miracles too and see them happen more and more frequently :).

The first Miracle — Miracle of Non-Awareness

I had no clue how the following statistics would have influenced me, if I had known it before or during my both pregnancies. Perhaps my non-awareness in this question didn’t allow my neocortex to be involved and therefore let my both pregnancies and second childbirth be natural.

The non-awareness and ignorance of pregnant women are to be manipulated by doctors... Pregnant women with Rh-negative and their husbands with Rh-positive are not told in maternity welfare centers that:

  • Rh-factor is a special substance, which makes part of human blood. It owes its name to a rhesus macaque, in which it was first detected;
  • about 15% of Europe population has Rh-negative. In African and Asian countries, as well as among North American Indians, Rh-factor occurs with a frequency of about 1% and less, therefore Rh-incompatibility is much more less frequent [2];
  • a Rh-positive child born to a Rh-negative mother makes 8-9% of all cases [2];
  • the possibility that a child will take Rh-positive from his father is 50% (see the Table of Probabilities) [2]:
Table of Probabilities
  • only 0.6-0.8% of all pregnant women have Rh-incompatibility (it is a very rare phenomenon!) [3];
  • formation of Rh affiliation of a child completes by the 8th week of pregnancy;
  • to 92% of women, whose Rh-incompatibility develops during pregnancy, it happens only after the 28th week of pregnancy [4];
  • in terms of Rh-incompatibility only pregnancies with children who have Rh-positive are taken into account (no matter how many pregnancies you have had);
  • Rh Negative immunoglobulin in pregnancythere shouldn’t be any Rh-incompatibility during the first pregnancy. There can be rare exceptions if women had previous abortions, miscarriages, blood transfusions and other medical manipulations, which are associated with blood and placenta;
  • if during the first pregnancy Rh immunization (sensibilization/isoimunization) didn’t happen then during the next pregnancy of Rh-positive child the probability of isoimunization is about 15%) [5];
  • the sign of hemolytic disease of the newborn is the existence of neonatal jaundice after the first 24 hours. It is not often connected with Rh factor, and is most likely physiological. In fact, there are at least five types of neonatal jaundice of newborn and frequently these are safe. Hemolytic disease, which needs blood transfusion, is rare — 1-2 cases per 10,000 newborns [2].

Besides, Dr. Hilary Butler (New Zealand) has found a peculiar interconnection between early umbilical cord clamping (omphalotomy) and Rh-factor:

“If, as Dr. Niemeyer says, all newborns have bilirubin markers higher than normal markers in adults, and most of them develop and pass through neonatal jaundice successfully during the first weeks... So, what is the problem then? How would ‘neonatal jaundice’ have become ‘a dangerous disease’?

The question of cerebrum affection (bilirubin encephalopathy) had been first raised in 1950s in relation to Rh-incompatibility (quite probably because of immediate umbilical cord clamping of newborns whose Rh was different from their mother´s) and then, in the framework of this process, the medical science tried to determine what were the standards.

The guidelines, which had determined a normal physiological neonatal jaundice as a ‘disease’, were extrapolated from incorrectly planned researches of a small number of ill children with erythroblastosis. In addition, the number of researches aimed to give reason to the physiological basis of neonatal jaundice in healthy children without underlying diseases, is tragically small” [6].

Blood mixture of a mother and a child (with immune bodies carry-over) often happens only at the moment of labor. Even during labor this mixture happens only in 13-14% of cases [7]. Therefore, a birth by Caesarian section increases this percentage.

There is an immunologic incompatibility between mother and child (the blood type incompatibility) and a blood type immunologic incompatibility between husband, wife and child. The incompatibility can appear during the first pregnancy if a woman has the blood type A. It should be known, that if there is a blood type incompatibility then it will soften a Rh-incompatibility (and the blood type incompatibility is usually not so acute) [8]. However this is another topic for next article :-)

anti D-immunoglobulin in pregnancyThanks God, not all doctors tell about it to pregnant women. For example, on the Dr. Komarovskiy’s website (Kharkov-Kiev, Ukraine) we see the conclusion that: “It is important to understand that the chance of conceiving Rh-positive child from Rh-negative woman and Rh-positive father isn’t high. Therefore numerous tests for antibody titers and other tests in Rh-negative women are quite unjustified” [2].

Mikhail Fomin (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), a father of 6 children, family doctor, spiritual midwife, speaker of our online Festivals on Natural Childbirth and online course on Blessing conception:

If a woman does not get mad about this question too much, then most probably it won’t appear in the second or third pregnancy. I know women who have given birth to four children”.

For more details — watch a Mikhail Fomin’s webinar in our Online Fest’2015 //

Russia knows Elena and Alexander Shishkins’ family from Voronezh region (Russia), who gave birth to 20 children (!) in spite of different Rh-factor and doctors´ comments they would not have children. This family has been included in Guinness Book of Russia Records.

Tatiana Malysheva (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), a naturopathic doctor, gynecologist, speaker of our course on Blessing Conception, talks about another amazing fact: “If Rh- incompatibility statistics are so small, then most probably the reason is not in the Rh-factor! The reason should be in women’s body, which is, being involved in different overwork such as job and study, having a multitude of diseases of different organs, not only female ones, always tries to survive itself. Therefore, it gets rid of pregnancy, because it cannot get rid of external factors. Because pregnancy is very big stress for the body. Therefore in some cases it may be miscarriage, and other cases Rh-incompatibility (according to Rh-factor, blood type)...

Anna Knyazeva (Dubna, Russia), a mother of 7 children, clinical and prenatal psychologist, speaker of our online Festival on Natural Childbirth and online course of Blessing Conception, focuses on harmony of psychosomatics: “In my 20 year practice the three Rh-negative women had RH-incompatibility. All three had psychosomatic reasons (acute or continuous stress)! I know a mother, who has five children born at home. And she never has done Rh-incompatibility tests and injections of gamma globulin during pregnancy and after labor, because she did not go to maternity welfare centers for observations, but did ultrasound scan and checked heartbeats. Nobody still knows Rh-status of her children, but they are all safe and sound. Even in case of Rh-incompatibility not always it ‘reaches’ the baby. In this case, it is more important to watch placenta condition and heartbeats — if they are OK, then spontaneous delivery might be expected. Gamma globulin doesn’t exclude Rh-incompatibility in the next pregnancy, as well as a lack of it doesn’t exclude Rh-incompatibility”.

Rhesus Incompatibility in pregnancyHowever, I know it is not as important WHAT to say to a pregnant woman (when she is in such a delicate period of emotional and sensitive raise, a need of soulful support, knowledge continuity and... perfectionism), but HOW to say this to her. It should sound sympathetically, encouragingly, positively, with a sincere smile — “There, everything is going well now and will be OK, may God give!”, and telling to the upcoming baby — “Let you be!”

And then there happens the Second Miracle — the Miracle of Trust

This is the trust in Supreme Forces, the help of your unborn child, the belief in yourself as a Woman, your family (which becomes the Family with the birth of your first child).

During her blessing preparation to the conception, and especially during the pregnancy, the woman is given a fabulous opportunity to develop her deep intuition, perceiving of herself and her child.

Then, during pregnancy, is it possible that the woman feels discomfort without doing ultrasound and blood test, in case her child would have increased liver or spleen, which are the symptoms of destruction in general, including hemolytic disease, anemia, reticulocytosis, erythroblastosis, hydrops fetalis and other sicknesses described in Rh- incompatibility symptoms on Wikipedia [2])?

Here is the answer of obstetrician-gynecologist, neonatologist Alina Dynayevskaya (Kharkov, Ukraine) that sounds very reasonable from the doctor’s point of view: “It is difficult to say, if a woman will feel it or not. Everything depends on her sensibility. I as a doctor can’t recommend to rely on mother’s senses, but mother can make a choice based on her feelings”.

During my second pregnancy, while preparing to home birth, I relied on my sensitivity, my trust to the world and the child, so Mikhail Fomin’s comment goes along with my believes: “If something went wrong, then the first person who would feel it would be the pregnant woman. She would get worried and would go to the doctor, not the opposite”.

For us, women, it is very important to learn, above all, to trust ourselves in questions of childbearing and to our own body, which knows how to bear the child and give birth, having a millennium ancestral memory. It is notable that the notion of “trust” (lat. veritas — truth, verus — truthful) in some languages have the original meaning “to choose”, and etymologically “to nourish faith” (lat. credo) means “to give the heart” or “to put the heart” [9].

So another question comes out: should we (in case of a normal pregnancy) “give our heart” to other people, taking “it” out from the family, which our child has chosen to come into love and for love, “to choose” other people, who are allegedly more experienced in our body and in life of our child?

In addition, if it is a pregnancy with deviations or normal one, but with no trust to our own capabilities and to our unborn child (with whom the woman can communicate, ask for advice, signs and assistance!), then again, we hope to the Miracle...

Rh Negative immunoglobulin in pregnancy

The third Miracle — the Miracle of Prevention

Anti-D Immunoglobulin had been introduced into medical practice since 1963 [2]. It is injected intramuscularly during pregnancy or within the first 72 hours after the labor, or any other event, which can lead to the mother’s sensibilization.

It is sad that even doctors, whom I talked with about rhesus immunoglobulins influence on mother and child health, don’t know about side effects, which are stated in the annotation to these blood medications.

The annotations are uploaded in Internet, for example, here:


I am not an advocate of children “immunization”, however I extremely sensitively relate to researches about vaccines or synthetic immunostimulants, because they affect very seriously health and happiness of the whole family.

However immunoglobulin RhoGAM (the trade mark) is not a synthetic product, but a “live” one, and to be more precise, it comes from donors (it is produced from people’s blood and plasma).

In this regard, potential complications for a woman, who gets RhoGAM (anti D-immunoglobulin), include all risks which are connected with blood products (such as hepatitis B, C or HIV).

Here is a citation from “RhoGAM® and MICRhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human) are made from human plasma. Since all plasma-derived products are made from human blood, they may carry a risk of transmitting infectious agents, e.g., viruses, and theoretically the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent” [10]. Besides, in Christian tradition it is believed that on a spiritual level stranger’s sins carry over together with stranger’s blood...

Although immunoglobulin undergo tests, in annotations to medical products there are methods of viruses’ inactivation; however, these are the products of pharmaceutical companies and are made using technology by people, who may make mistakes. In fact, it is known that antibodies to HIV sometimes generate only in 2 months after infection. However, during that time, an actual donor could give blood several times for Anti-D Immunoglobulin production (RhoGAM).

The second point — the implication of preserving agents for immunoglobulin storage. On the official website of American manufacturer RhoGAM it is confirmed that from 2001 it doesn’t contain mercury in the form of thimerosal. It is known that “in 1980-1990s the Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (USA) recommended all pregnant women, who has Rh-negative, to inject one dose of anti-Rho-D-immunoglobulin within the 28th week of pregnancy for prophylactic purposes”.

Rhesus Incompatibility in pregnancyIt was recommended to do for prophylactic purposes in any potentially dangerous procedures, such as amniocentesis or intestine villus sample extraction, and other bleeding incidents during pregnancy. So, as a result, during the last decades the number of mercury antenatal infection has been increased. It happened during the same period in 1980s and especially in 1990s, when we have become witnesses of unprecedented rate of diseases of autistic spectrum. The level of mercury in anti Rho-D-immunoglobulin ranges widely from very law 7.5 mg to very high 65 mg per dose. By that time more complex vaccines were introduced during pregnancy" [11].

Having taken a look at different forums, I found out doctors and homoeopathists were surprised that there were no preservatives in RhoGAM´s annotation anymore. Then I started to doubt as well — how is it stored than? On forums some doubting women write [12] that they have taken the example of Rh-negative mothers of many children who refused injections and keep giving birth happily. They have also consulted doctors (for the head of Maternal and Child Health Department, doesn´t “understand how mother’s and child’s blood mix together in a normal vaginal birth”) [12].

To the point, from 1960 to 1991 in the USA the immunoglobulin injection with mercury was produced in large quantities. Where did it all go? To the Third World Countries, including Russia and Ukraine? You can buy anti-Rh immunoglobulin in pharmacies for 1,100 Hryvnias (about 40 US dollars) in Ukraine, and from 5,000 Rubles (70 US dollars) in Russia. It is not a low price at all! And it is too high price for women´s and children´s life...

These are analogues of anti-Rh immunoglobulin registered in Russia:

  • BayRho-D
  • Hyper Rho S/D
  • Human immunoglobulin antirezus RhO (D)
  • Immunorho Kedrion
  • KamRho
  • Partobulin SDF
  • Rhezonativ

In fact, the manufacturer RhoGAM manifests that they work permanently with 300 certified donors [13, 14]. Merely! How can they provide blood all over the USA and the importing countries, if in the USA the norm is to inject anti-Rh immunoglobulin twice to a pregnant Rh-negative woman, including miscarriages, abortions and above-mentioned situations?

anti D-immunoglobulin in pregnancyFurther another question arises. Do doctors observe instructions for application of RhoGAM in our maternity hospitals, in particular the point of possible side effects from hypersensitivity and allergic response to anaphylactic collapse? Are there, as the Full Prescribing Information says, in the room where immunoglobulin is being injected, certain technical facilities for bringing out the woman from anaphylactic shock and hemolytic reaction? And finally, after immunoglobulin injection, is the woman kept under monitoring for half an hour?

Besides, if you are going to give birth in Bali (like our heroine of the letter, who inspired me to write the present article) or in another place, and decided to bring anti-Rh immunoglobulin with you for delivery, take into account that the annotation for its storage says “the product has to be stored in the safe place from light under the temperature 2-80C”!

It is strange and frightful that up to now there is an opinion in some medical circles that additional increasing of anti-Rh bodies with mother’s milk can support yellow disease in the newborn and as a result hemolytic disease the child. Based on this, there are such traditions in Maternity Hospitals:

  • not to feed a newborn during the first 3 days by mother’s milk;
  • not to feed a newborn till the antibody titer in mother’s milk is defined.

At present, there are no reasons for such kind of attitude to mother and child, because of absence of researches, which confirm efficiency of these measures and cure of hemolytic disease of newborn [15]. In my opinion, this attitude is criminal.

Would you like to know one more paradox? On a medical forum, there was a cry from the heart of Rh-negative woman, who has been given immunoglobulin during the middle of her pregnancy. Then the doctor sent her to do antibody titer blood test, and the antibodies of course were found there, because she was given donor´s blood. At the same time, the doctor sent her to the hospital... Is it the Samsara Circle and doctors´ ignorance, or purposeful commercial interest?

We have explored a traditional method of prophylaxis Rh-incompatibility in medical industry. However after all there is a more traditional method, and what is more important, it is effective and natural: to modify our diet. For example, German researches [16] show that raw food diet or even just no meat consumption during pregnancy (especially at its second part) encourages reinforcement of blood vessels in woman’s body, and therefore prevent penetration of antibodies to the child.

I don’t support any tremendous changes in diet and sport, especially during pregnancy. Our speakers of the Blessing Conception course mention it (Tatiana Malysheva and Mikhail Fomin): there should be no extreme during such a sensitive period of life. However, I think, if life gives you signs in the form of frightful medical diagnoses (if of course it is not a so-called “overdiagnosis” of doctors), we should change our lifestyle and the way we think. For the new life — yours and your child´s, to whom you are a blessed guide!

Rhesus Incompatibility in pregnancyI have been breastfeeding my “home-born” 10 days child, when I had 39,80C fever, passing him my antibodies for the infection, while the renowned doctor recommended me to wean him if my fever would be over 38.50C. However, I felt in another way... I am sure that the wise Creator designed that woman can feel and heal herself, her children, her family. Speakers of our Festival-2014 and Blessed Conception course, mothers of 6 and 3 children, midwifes Valentina Ostrogliad (Ukraine) and Lubov Miloserdova (Russia) spoke about it too. In addition, if a prenatal child doesn’t need some things, then it won’t come to him: antibodies from Rh-negative mother don’t harm her child. Exceptions are very rare:

1) serious injury of the mother, which leads to separation of placenta and functional impairments;

2) aggressive medicinal influence, which is damaging impenetrability of placenta. It happens more often than p.1, however it is easy to prevent during healthy approach to pregnancy.

I believe (and it is confirmed by doctors and mothers) that in both cases the Supreme Forces make miracles to save the child. Otherwise, considering the modern lifestyle of many pregnant women all around the world, they would exhaust their prenatal children by food preservatives, alcohol, tobacco and other pleasures of the civilization. And these are much stronger than Rh factors!

Taking that all into consideration, adding active campaigns of Rh-negative women intimidation (even non-pregnant ones, so it is no surprise they change their mind to give birth!) for use of anti-Rh immunoglobulin with statistics of the unknown origin, it makes one suspect that it is another “bird flu”, Ebola virus and so on, which are the source of income of the world pharmacologic mafia.

Therefore I don’t’ see any point (beside the commercial one, of course) to inject women preparations made of stranger’s native (liquid) blood, which do not 100% (and not even 60%) accomplish their goal. Should we accomplish this goal in general, in particular using such methods?

In my opinion, only woman with faith in God and her child, as His Ultimate Gift, can prevent any conflict in herself and in her family. What kind of victory does a woman need in any conflict? — Peace and harmony!

Stephen Covey, the father of 9 children wrote that “better to be happy than right”. He also wrote about importance of the vital skill “win-to-win” in interpersonal relationships. A woman with Rh-negative becomes happy if she addresses her female energy to avoidance of the Rh-incompatibility. If the conflict appears, then she is to put her energy to lower or discard it.

Rh Negative immunoglobulin in pregnancyYou can create such a tandem with your child in the way of “win-to-win” by:

1) being in permanent contact with your child, aspiring to the prenatal communication with him;

2) accepting circumstances with joy and love;

3) accepting yourself as a Woman (you can get inspired by walking in nature, wearing female cloth, home-baking, cooking with love, doing handcraft, developing creativity, spontaneous dancing, singing, receiving support from like-minded people, pregnant and mothers with positive experience of natural birth, communicating with babies, and also reading Olga Valayeva and Mikhail Fomin) — “Let life come inside you!”;

4) accepting your new role of a mother with its relevant responsibility. Being pregnant, you are already the mother to your child! Long-lasting toxicosis and Rh-incompatibility might be non-acceptance of your new role and function (fear, doubt, uncertainty, disbelief, going into the outer world and self-realization) on the spiritual level. The above mentioned acceptance will help to overcome this, also will help the husband’s support, strengthening of family ties and forgiving others (including yourself for previous relationships, actions);

5) total trust to the child (I believe that it is possible to come to an agreement with him/her about anything, for example, to spin over from the pelvic presentation);

6) total trust to the Supreme Forces, that perfectly calculated what child would come to you, when he should come, and what qualities should he have. You may ask for specific character features for child, health and strength to raise them. “According to your faith be it done to you”;

7) permanent gratitude to the Supreme Forces and the Power of your family kin for blessings and boons, to the child that s/he has chosen you, your couple, to be born in your family!

8) active health care (purification, liquid balance, etc.), so your body wouldn’t reject your child on the physical level, like an overwork!

Then, after your “victory”, you will get the highest “Olympic” reward — your mind won’t be worrying about Rh-factor, and another miracle will come — the Miracle of Birth! The Miracle of Birth of a new, healthy person into a new, transformed Family. Let it be!

With love and in the name of Miracle of Birth in the world,
Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko.

Original text: Резус-конфликт: какая победа нужна женщине?
















[15] istoriya-zhenstvennosti/



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