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Tips from the Australian and French Doulas for the World Doula Week-2016

Few tips

We heartily congratulate the participants and speakers of our project who are the doulas by their nature, as well as licenced doulas, doulas-midwives simultaneously :), and doulas-men (such as Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik (Israel) with your professional holiday!

With Miracle in the heart, we wish you, our dear friends and women’s helpers, health, prosperity, patience, sincerity, happy and grateful families on your path, wisdom and support of professional communities!

Let us present you our present that might be helpful for experienced and aspiring doulas, - the video interview with a doula Irina Sergeyeva (Melbourne, Australia), especially for the social project ‘Miracle in the Heart’.

In the video interview, you will find out:

  • 3 key tips for aspiring doulas.
  • How a doula could find her first clients? (Education programs go over and further steps are needed to start practicing).
  • Should a doula go to any first client’s place to support?

Irina is a mother of 2 boys, a doula, a founder of and education area for Russian speaking doulas and perinatal professionals // (member of European Doula Network

“7 years ago preparing for the birth of my elder son, I questioned myself, what influences childbirth and what might be done to make it gentle and favourable as much as possible for mother and baby. Such a question lead me not to the point I expected, letting me find out much about myself, accept myself as I was, experience my birth as a way that I’d like to remember, and discover a new occupation – to help women to pass their path to themselves, their birth and maternity.
I’m happy to contribute into the development of this occupation by my website where people can find a birth care provider, as well as ideas and information about pregnancy and childbirth, different communities and education programs, supervision and exchange of experience”.

We conducted an interview with the French doula Valerie Dupin(Soisy-sous-Montmorency, France) especially for our project, and we called it

«3 Crucial Mistakes Made by Doulas, and the Parting Words
for the Doulas of Russian Speaking Area».

Valerie is a mother of 2 children, teacher of National Childbirth Trust, doula in Scotland (since 1990), doula in France (since 2001). Co-founder, co-chair and mentor of the Association Doulas de France . Co-founder and tutor of the Institut de Formation Doulas de France, mentor of the European Doula Network.

We wish Valerie not to feel lonely because she is really not, having so much Strength and Love in her heart and her hands! She is not alone because doulas throughout the world can hear her words and be inspired to make happy at least one family, and it generates a ricochet that Valerie talked about!

We’d like to remind you, that we support women all over the world in their conscious and informed choice in conception and childbirth regardless of birth place and surroundings. We serve you to let you make this choice relying on the information collected by us and other sources expressed by our regional and world level speakers-experts, but the most important – relying on your own soul that never lies!

In the meantime, we gathered over 100 experts – helpers in the preparation for childbirth, birth itself and maternity art. However, as the spiritual midwife, mother of 12, Igor Charkovsky’s team-mate, Marina Dadasheva-Drown, writes us: “We should teach women, but preferably couples, to Love and to give birth without anybody’s assistance!”

Let it be! We wish you interesting, fruitful and joyful week!

Warmly yours,
Svetlana, Olga and ‘Miracle in the Heart’ team