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Red Miller
Red Miller
(Рэд Миллер)
Singapore, Singapore
No children.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
professional midwife
childbirth preparation educator
traditional (authentic) Midwife
yoga instructor
hypnoBirthing practitioner
Red is a deeply passionate woman, activist, lover, yogi, midwife, and biodynamic craniosacral practitioner. She has been living, loving and serving in India and other parts of Asia (including India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia) since 2007. She got her education in National College of Midwifery (Mexico), Northern New Mexico Birthing Center, International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing (India, Switzerland). She is a Certified Professional Midwife, CPM (North American Registry of Midwives), a licensed Craniosacral Therapist, LCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America).

Red worked as a consultant midwife in Women's Health Cambodia and now she is a Director/Consultant Midwife in Birthvillage Natural Birthing Center (South India). She founded her organization Orange Blossoms Midwifery and works there as a passionate midwife offering services in birth preparation classes, hypnobirthing, prenatal care, postnatal care, homebirth, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

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