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Journey to the Sacred Feminine and Aqua-Doulas unique international event

Albert Camus

Travel, which is like a greater and a graver science,
brings us back to ourselves
Albert Camus

‘Miracle in the Heart’ Project supports, participates in and invites
to the unique international event

‘Journey to the Sacred Feminine

interweaved with the first module of

the ‘Aqua-Doula’ international training’

February 25 – March 3, 2016

Journey to the Sacred Feminine

Tlalie is a trained doula and a body-mind psychotherapist, member of the ‘Sound Healers Association’, a speaker of Midwifery Today International and a speaker of the Online International Festival’2015 ‘Miracle in the Heart’ She accompanies homebirths, mainly in water. She have started being aware of the power of sound at the age of 4, she have been studying music, art and awareness through movement at the Body Mind Academy and SE psychotherapy NVC, NST. She is a developer of ’Heart Song’ — a program that uses song/sound vibration with theta brainwaves, meditation and imagery. She is also an initiator of ’Birthing in Theta’ program, ’Sound profound’ — being vibration and the ’Certified International Aqua Doula Training’ for professionals, as well as ’The River’ project, a non-profit organization, an ecological healing space for families, mothers and babies in nature, both in the North and in the desert of Israel and ’Paths to the sacred feminine journey’ — creative retreats for women in nature.

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Cornelia Enning (Germany), an experienced home water birth pioneer, liсensed midwife for over 40 years, an author of several books about waterbirth obstetrics and swimming for babies, selling on Since 1994, Cornelia has taught hospital staff and homebirth midwives about waterbirth midwifery. She also publishes a quarterly German-language newsletter, Wasserbaby Post, and is web mistress of

Great experience

Caring Aqua-doula Circle (Israel) is initiated by Tlalie. It is a circle of women, most of them have given birth at home in water. They are connecting with the pregnant women in pregnancy and creating 'singing to the womb' ceremony after birth for mother and baby. Their goal is to empower, support and remind women to be in their own truth, deep connection with themselves and with the energy of life with a lot of love and grow the ripples of this bliss to the world.

I am very touched to share breath work, and its connection with sound and water.

There is so much depth in it, whole worlds of wonderful opening of joy and love
Tlalie Vered Shir

We asked Tlalie to touch this theme in her essay specially for
the 'Miracle in the Heart' Project (pictures for essay - Cornelia Enning)

>Tlalie’s useful practice for pregnant, planners and women
especially for the project ‘Miracle in the Heart’ the on

Why is breathing in water so meaningful,
especially for pregnancy and birth?

‘Floating in love’

Picture by Cornelia

As the water resembles the womb of life, when we breath in water, taking in the breath and releasing it in/out of the water, like dolphins and other Marine Mammals do, is creating an endless movement, circle spiraling deeper and deeper into our clear consciousness and coming to a state of trans, trans-forming our emotions and letting the light that comes through our inhale clear our being and this deep clarity resonates and manifests the light and shines it to the world.

This special reciprocal process can transform our life and help us manifest more and more our true self and sense of being. In the pregnancy journey, when the mother and father are breathing in water, it enables them to have a sense of wholeness, inner peace, softness, acceptance and deep connection with the embryo.

Mother's love

The breathing practice cleans old emotions from the past; previous births, old thoughts and unsolved issues – therefore enables the birth to flow more easily.

Preparation for the birth in water teaches the embryo the skill of holding its breath during the birth process by the breathing practice – which is likely to lead to a safer birth.

Awareness through movement combined with special Aqua-yoga exercise increases flexibility of the joints, generates strength and fitness, encouraging blood circulation, creation of bone cells, results in freshness and renewal. Using these tools allows us to enter together into a magical realm connecting to healing and relaxing frequencies.

Using sounds and singing

Smiling baby

The vibrations of sounding and singing, especially of overtones in water empowers the process significantly and can release and heal deep past memories and traumas.

Humming – MMM – the parents can create between them whilst breathing in water together, holding hands – in between them, a beacon of light for them and for the child to feel safe to trust, lean, rejoice feeling a love ‘cradle’ that is created for them all as one of the deepest presents for all their life, celebrating this state of unconditional love, vibration of pure joy and sense of being.

You can enjoy Tlalie’s brief shining movie
of breathing in water and melody of light and water,
taking in Tlalie’s retreat centre in Israel

Welcome to follow the path to your inner well, surrounded by:

Natural beauty
  • natural beauty of Israel (3 seas to visit3 seas to visit: Dead Sea, Red Sea and Sea of Galilee) together with a circle of professionals (local and international doulas),
  • new knowledge, bathing in joy!
  • healing vibration songs and sounds,
  • enhancing your professional skills with the Aqua doula Training,
  • learning about neonatal Water Training, Limbic Imprinting, Re-coding, Aqua-breathing, WBSC (water baby sensory continuum),
  • song and dance and more


is here to download >

Experience the silence and magic of the desert and the pure shine of the moonand the stars, meet with the dolphins in the reef of the Red Sea!

Happy family

What will you get in this special time? 

- Your inner voice, your true calling by:

  • taking the time to be present in the moment,
  • increasing awareness and sensitivity,
  • building up a deeper connection to the sacred feminine inside, seeding the fruits that are our unique gifts to give birth to, and bring them into the world.

Tlalie, Cornelia and Aqua-Doula Circle invite you to enjoy international special company and their wholesome, nurturing, one-of-a-kind premium-quality meals and treats.

Miracle in heart

THE FEE $ 1400 INCLUDES  (February 25 – March 3, 2016, Israel)

  • food;
  • accommodation;
  • travel costs;
  • guidance and instruction;
  • admission to sites - Dolphin reef, springs and spa in EinGedi,
  • Participant Certificate,
  • children’s participation.

Such inspirational, especially international, events usually give rise to new emotions, healing of soul and body, new friends and inception of other projects. We love it indeed!

Greatfull child

If you’re a starting or professional doula,
midwife, a mom, not-yet-mom, a couple,
a lady striving to cognize yourself, this project is for you!

For more information, details and registration
contact at: ,
office phone: +972(0)49830484

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 'Activity is the only road to knowledge'
(George Bernard Shaw)

Looking forward to meeting you in warm Israel,
Your Tlalie, Svetlana and ‘Miracle in the Heart’ team