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Schedule of the Festival '2015

Schedule Festival'2015



Conceiving. Believing.Transforming"

  • The webinars marked in olive-green in the following table will be consecutively translated online from English into Russian and vice versa.

November 24, 2015 Tue

  • 18.00 Opening Ceremony of the Festival: Olga Vyshkina, Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko, Festival General Partner
  • 18.30 Grigori Brekhman Haifa, Israel
    Benefits of Following the Nature during Pregnancy and Childbirth, and the Ways of Rehabilitation of Natural Childbirth in Current Conditions of the Distorted Information Field

November 25, 2015 Wed

  • 18.00 Sister MorningStar Ozark mountains, Missouri,USA
    Global Prenatal Village for Happy Family Lives
  • 19.00 Valentina Ostrogliad Zaporozhye, Ukraine
    Blessed Conception of a Healthy Child: Midwife’s Secrets
  • 20.00 Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos Portland, USA
    Fears of Midwives and Women in Childbirth

November 26, 2015 Thu

  • 9.00 Marina Dadasheva-Drown Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Sacredness of Tantric Lotus ChildBirth: Placenta, Massage, Diving, Yoga and Dynamic Gymnastics - the Experience of International Midwife in ‘Russian Method’ of Igor Charkovsky
  • 10.00 Evelyne Opondo Nairobi, Kenya
    Disrespectful and Abusive Treatment of Women while Accessing Maternal Health Care: Perspectives from Africa –Lawyer’s Evidence
  • 18.00 Natalia Kotlar Moscow, Russia
    Water Birth. Children of Water: Who are They?
  • 19.00 Vladimir Savelyev Moscow, Russia
    Power of the Osteopathy in Pregnancy and Postpartum Period for Mother’s and Child’s Health, and for Happiness of the Whole Family
  • 20.00 Fernando Molina Eugene, Oregon, USA
    Global Movement for a Humanized Birth -My Contribution as a Male Midwife

December 1, 2015 Tue

  • 18.00 Tatiana Fomicheva Riga, Latvia
    Sacred Power of Crystals for Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Harmony in the Family
  • 19.00 Gennadiy Zosym Gorlovka, DNR, Ukraine/ДНР
    Homeopathy for a Healthy Pregnancy and Gentle childbirth
  • 20.00 Michel Odent London, UK
    Vaginal Birth (VBAC) after C-section (part 1)

December 2, 2015 Wed

  • 9.00 Maria Konovalenkova Bukit, Bali, Indonesia
    The First Postpartum Hour for a Child and Mother ( No Trivial Matters Time): the Experience of the Birth Centre in Bali
  • 10.00 Yekaterina Zhitomirskaya-Shekhtman Toulouse, France
    Dealing with Labour Pain: the Doula’s Approach
  • 18.00 Olga Vyshkina Kharkov (Ukraine), Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko Khartsyzk (DNR, Ukraine)
    When and How to Start to Look for a Childbirth Supporter for Homebirth?
  • 19.00 Natalia Gromova St. Petersburg, Russia
    Unborn Children: How to Let them Go and Go through the Loss
  • 20.00 Nadezhda Oberezhnaya Vysokoye village, Orlovsky region, Russia
    Value and Power of Sacred Defensive Embroidery and Clothes for a Happy Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Harmony at Home

December 3, 2015 Thu

  • 18.00 Veronika Nazarova Moscow, Russia
    Preeclampsia (e.g. Gestosis) – What is It? What to do? What’s next?
  • 19.00 Marina Lembo Buenos Aires, Argentina
    How to Assert Homebirth Rights and to Open the First Birth Center: Argentine Midwife’s Experience
  • 20.00 Anna Polupan Kiev(Ukraine) – Moscow(Russia)
    Importance of Unsprained Atlas for Child’s Health

December 6, 2015 Sun

  • 18.00 Mothers having many children:
    1. Olga Chervyakova Taganrog, Russia
    How not to be Afraid to Give Birth a Lot of Children and Where to Find Support and Inspiration?
    2. Anna Tarysheva Saint Petersburg, Russia
    How to Stay Well-attended, Socially Active and Optimistic Having a lot of Children?
  • 19.00 Olga Svistunova Sevastopol, Crimea
    Pedagogic Complementary Feeding : 5 Simple Prinicples for Your Baby to Eat with Appetite
  • 20.00Ruslan Trofimov Moscow, Russia
    How a Woman Can Legally Defend her Right for Natural Childbirth in Russia?

December 8, 2015 Tue

  •  18.00 Michel Odent London, UK
    Vaginal Birth (VBAC) after C-section (Part 2)

December 9, 2015 Wed

  • 9.00 Red Miller Singapore, Singapore
    Biodynamic Midwifery and its Role in Natural Childbirth: A Midwife’s Experience in Asia
  • 10.00 Yekaterina Vard Kaluga, Russia
    Sacral Placenta and Journey on the Path of the Savage Woman Power
  • 18.00 Lina Duncan Mumbai, India
    Working with Families from Challenging Situations – Midwife’s Storytelling from the Philippines and India
  • 19.00 Mikhail Fomin Saint-Peterburg, Russia
    Rhesus Incompatibility: What and What for Pregnant Women are Threatened with?
  • 20.00 Tlalie Vered Shir Negev Desert, Israel
    Healing Sounds in Pregnancy and Birth

December 10, 2015 Thu

  • 18.00 Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik Kefar Sava, Israel
    Reflexology in All Stages of Maternity
  • 19.00 Julia Shushaylo Kiev, Ukraine
    When the Doula is the Only Person who Defend the Rights of Mother and the Family in a Hospital. Realities of Ukraine and World Trends
  • 20.00 Olga Pisaryk Vancouver, Canada
    Features of the Creation of Reliable and Safe Attachment with Babies up to One Year ( by the Theory Of Attahment Parenting of Gordon Neufeld)

December 11, 2015 Fri

  • 9.00 Alexander Kobasa Kyiv,Ukraine
    Natural Childbirth as a Way of Forming of the Hyman Being's Psychological Immunity
  • 10.00 Isabella Voskresenskaya Petrozavodsk, Russia
    Ultrasound in Pregnancy: Who Cares?
  • 11.00 Yekaterina Mikitenko Kishinev, Moldova
    How to Plan a Journey with Babies up to 3 Year Old: Practical Advices from the Mother-Traveller
  • 18.00 Alla Kirzhayeva Barnaul, Russia
    Role of the Spirit and State in Conception and Birth
  • 19.00 Oles Timofeyev Kiev, Ukraine
    How Mom Can Make Money on her Hobby in the INTERNET?
  • 20.00 Closing Ceremony of the Festival
    Gratitudes, Conclusions, Contests’ winners, Perspectives