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Mommy's Nanny is the Online Service for Finding Assistants for your Joyful Motherhood

Mommy's Nanny

When a woman births, not only
is a baby being born but so is a mother.
How we treat her will affect how she feels
about herself as a mother and as a parent.
Be gentle. Be kind. Listen.

~ Ruth Ehrhardt, midwife

Для кого мы служим

Our online project has existed for more than 5 years, and we, the organizers, know our expert database very well: we ourselves invited experts to our online Festivals, conducted joint courses and webinars, and agreed on consultations for participants in our projects. At the moment we are working with Russian-speaking and English-speaking (English may not be a native language) experts in 30 countries on 5 continents.

Every month we receive requests to find midwives, doulas, neonatologists, osteopaths, homeopaths, perinatal psychologists, lactation and baby carrying consultants, baby sleep and crying consultants, complementary feeding, swimming, development and other professionals in motherhood. In this regard, we had an idea to offer you, dear women, a service that we called "Mommy's Nanny".

Mom's means moms-to-be (including before conception) and current mothers. The nanny is an assistant you can safely rely on: she does her job efficiently, rapidly, with soul and gratitude, seven days a week :).

Our pleasant task in this online service service is to make your motherhood more conscious, easier, more understandable, more joyful!

We continue to advise happily and free of charge by e-mail, phone and in social media regarding contacts and recommendations of professionals in the field of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of a baby's life: we suggest the names and give contacts of experts in your chosen field. And, believe us, we do not have standard answers to the requests sent, because every situation is unique.

Even more non-standard queries like"... this is the situation, tell me what to do?", "Do you know anything about this? Where to look for information and experts? "," Can you give structured information, otherwise I rummaged through all the forums, but ...”Absolutely all consultations and tips require time and energy. Therefore, for the rapid efficient assistance for you, we decided on Mom's Nanny, which is a commercial service of our project.

Our maternal experience (over 10 years) in the practice of natural parenting, experience of cooperation with experts of national and international level, research work presented in our own articles and videos, allowed us to gain knowledge and confidence that this type of assistance is needed by women in the modern world.

How does Mommy's Nanny take care of you?
Иконка Контакты экспертов
Renders the mind map in assistants-experts selection, however doesn’t give and medical recommendations
Иконка Рассылки
Provides the actual and reliable information on your individual request (incl. contacts, links to researches, publications, books)
Иконка Вопросы и Комментарии
Tenderly shares personal experience, incessantly inspires; doesn’t scare, doesn’t evaluate your personality, position, choices and values
Иконка Избранное
Gives warmth and attentive communication; doesn’t ‘grasp’ a women for her fears and feeling of inferiority
Иконка Бонусы и Скидки
Keeps you completely private and sincerely enjoys your success!

You can order Mommy's Nanny by simply emailing to us at

What are the life situations for contacting Mommy's Nanny?

  • difficulty conceiving or carrying a child,
  • desire to consciously prepare for motherhood and prepare as much as possible for the birth of a healthy baby,
  • immersion in "postpartum shock" (How to handle a newborn? How to put your thoughts in order? What to do after leaving the hospital? Who is finally right in show the correct latching of the baby to the breast? Do I have enough milk? To swaddle or not? Why is it crying all the time? A sling or a stroller, or all together? Co-sleeping- I want and I am afraid... So to vaccinate or not? What is postpartum swaddling of a woman, are there professionals in postpartum recovery? I don’t want grandmothers and nannies after childbirth, but I can’t be alone! There are enough experts in breastfeeding, babywearing, baby sleep, but these are very narrow areas ... And what, after giving birth, you need to contact everyone: a neonatologist, homeopath, osteopath, maternity instructor?),
  • health problems (physical and mental) before, during and after pregnancy, health problems (physical and mental) of a newborn, infant, preschooler, schoolchild,
  • difficulties with self-esteem before, during and after pregnancy,
  • desire to find the resources for the birth of the next children,
  • if the husband does not want a child, and you really want to become a mother (including the second, third, etc.),
  • if you find it difficult to enjoy your pregnancy,
  • if it is very difficult for you to be a mother (unwanted pregnancy, problems with understanding the child and upbringing, etc.).
  • The ability of a woman to simply manage children has always been appreciated in societies of all countries and nationalities. Although, in fact, this happened where the woman was, in principle, appreciated. It is difficult for modern women, especially urban women, if they did not grow up in large families (where the daughters saw the everyday life of their mothers with children and could nurse them).

    That is, the direct transfer of experience from generation to generation has been disrupted. A gap has arisen in the "maternity science" and the need for teaching maternal science, inviting / consulting from special assistants. And if during pregnancy this is often not felt, then how does a woman who gave birth want (and reasonably!) to be praised, appreciated for her routine work with the baby and housekeeping. With the childbirth she also was reborn, transformed and ... confused.

    Suddenly she lock-downed in a complete isolation, psychologically and financially dependent on her husband. Everyone continues to live as he/she did, but she does not!

    In addition, in the first year after childbirth, the family rebuilds its structure. Attention is distributed not to two, as before, but to three (sometimes to four or seven, if there are elder children). A woman enters a period of strong dependence on a baby who needs her 24 hours a day, and she understands that this is now for a long time. And if a young mother tries to "live as before", then by 2-4 months it becomes obvious that "as before" will not work. And here mom can get completely confused and panic.

    Did you recognize yourself or your sister / girlfriend in this?

    Therefore, we so want to catch a woman before conception, either during pregnancy, or immediately after childbirth, keeping her by the hand in motherhood. We want to instill in a woman confidence in her abilities and the feeling “it's not difficult!”, to form an impression of herself in her, “I’m well done!”, “I can do everything!” A child needs a safe and confident mother.

    It is noteworthy that the assessment of the results of the work of maternity counsellors (for instance) in most cases occurs closer to the 1 year of the baby's life, when the mother, through observations on the playgrounds and communication with other mothers, sees what other mothers go through and how comfortable motherhood she is.

    The results of the work of postpartum recovery professionals, osteopaths and homeopaths (again, for example) can be seen both instantly and after a few years! The results of the work of assistants for conscious or difficult conception and gestation (according to the experience of our online course on conception) are manifested in a lag from 1 day to 1 year. And yes, all this is a joint work with a woman and the team results, do not forget!

    You may have reasonable questions:

    Why do I need a commercial selection of consultants if there is your unique online search engine ProEstRo-Expert, thematic websites and forums, as well as communities in social media? Couldn't I find all of them by my own?

    Answer: You are absolutely right and you CAN start with these services! If you know for sure, in which field you need a professional or even better - his name and surname. If you understand or feel that you are confused in the flow of conflicting or non-responding information (experience of friends, recommendations from forums and relatives, difficulties with the perception of medical terms and conclusions), and you also need an answer and moral support very urgently, then Mommy's Nanny will certainly help you!

    We know from experience that even the “luminaries”-experts do not always suit and “shine” for everyone. You need to look for exactly "your" assistant. Our project, fortunately and with God's help, has gained a reputation as a responsible, prompt and friendly doer. We are in close contact with almost 200 experts in the field of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and perinatal issues (astrologers, yogis, swimming coaches for pregnant women, kineziologists, homeopaths, osteopaths, craftswomen, time managers, etc.).

    Most of these professionals are internationally renowned and significant. But this does not always mean that their fees and consultations are much higher than locally known experts (which are also in our database). Moreover, from our experience, these are very modest and open people (this is how we marvelled at respected Michel Odent, Grigori Brekhman, Sister MorningStar, Ruslan Narushevich, Valerie Dupin, Hermine Hayes-Klein, Jack Newman, and others!)

    Why do I need consultants at all, if antenatal clinics and hospitals render preparation for childbirth courses, as well as there are many face-to-face and online courses?

    Answer: We agree, now there are many modern intelligent authors and joint online courses. We'll just qualitatively expand your vision of contact persons and perspectives in this area.

    Concerning antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals. Of course, someone is satisfied with their recommendations in terms of breastfeeding and caring for a baby. However, their recommendations for breastfeeding, dummies, complementary feeding or early complementary feeding may not suit you conceptually. In addition, they do not teach the correct latching, comfortable breastfeeding positions, do not talk about the psychology of the newborn and the mother and their needs.

    Why to pay money for ordering an individual expert for "elementary things"- maternal skills - which, in fact, every woman has in her blood?

    Answer: Indeed, it is generally accepted that a grandmother, a patronage nurse or a friend who has many children can easily teach such skills, for example, how to carry, bathe, soothe, feed, nourish, temper, and others. Alternatively, the mother will “wake up” dormant maternal instincts and genetic skills. Or (in addition to the above), the mother will take it herself, listen to herself and the baby, begin to deeply study and delve into literature and various sources. We, Olga and Svetlana, mastered the last option.

    In our societies, the scheme of a kind of "marathon" works: to get pregnant - to bear and give birth, but what will happen next, after childbirth, remains "behind the scenes". The support of the female part of the family and / or girlfriends is far from always available for various reasons. It is not customary to discuss the problems of motherhood in our country.

    So if there are no such efficient people around, there are no opportunities and qualities for the woman herself (and yes, this is really not laziness!) Moreover, you are in a difficult physical and psychological situation (described above, why we decided on Mommy's Nanny, which is paid service of our project), then it is better to look for experts-assistants.

    And yes, you need to be prepared for the fact that online consultations or visits of assistants will not be one-time, and may include a program for a year (for example, some maternity counsellors have a program for a mother with a child from zero to a year designed for 7 visits: three immediately after birth and four consultations throughout the year).

    The motherhood processes should not be commercialized, should they?

    Answer: We absolutely agree! That is why we started fulfilling the mission of our project with free international festivals on natural childbirth, gracious conception and conscious parenting. On our website you can find a lot of materials publicly available.

    We invited experts to our project selectively, guided by maternal instincts, proven recommendations and the study of biographies and works of these experts. The spiritual aspect of motherhood is very important to us.Applied things are undoubtedly important (physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, skills in caring for a baby). However, we prioritize the inner world of a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and the first year (especially). It is important for us that a woman's rethinking of herself in this world during pregnancy and after childbirth, the search for herself, inner harmony (above all), is voiced and nurtured in the hearts of mothers and their environment. It is necessary to know, understand and protect the basic needs of a woman and a baby during pregnancy, childbirth and in the first months of life after them.

    We offer help with difficulties in a conscious approach to motherhood. If the help of the experts we recommend is appeared free of charge for you, it's great! However, each work must be paid in some way (salary, fee, barter, donation, etc.). The work of the experts of our project is a lofty work!Everyone has different rates, and we offer a choice of assistants with different skill levels, fame and salary. Some of the experts are "universalists" (psychologist, doula, maternity consultant, etc.).

    You can order Mommy's Nanny by simply emailing to us at
    Мамина няня

    What does Mommy's Nanny pay attention to when choosing professional consultants for you?

    1. The emotional aspect of your request. Your duration of gestation or maternity experience.
    2. The expert's understanding and maintaining of the woman's sense of competence in maternity issues.
    3. The assisting professional should give the woman a sense of her competence.
      Articles, videos, personal communication with a practitioner should not cause a woman to feel helpless, that she herself cannot cope or cannot figure it out, is too weak and little knowledgeable, and the only thing that “can save her” is unquestioning following this practice. The assistant is called to HELP a woman and her family, to be a guide on the path along which she moves. That is, the professional plays the second fiddle.
    4. The assisting professional does not decide for the woman.
      A professional should not generates advices "do this and you will be happy" (see item 1). With the consequences of any choice made by a woman, she will have to live with this, but not this assistant. In this regard, you should try to find someone who will help a woman understand herself better and realize what she needs.
    5. The expert-pro closely monitors the maintaining of the boundaries of his competence.
      He does not impose his opinion and does not give recommendations in an area where he does not understand anything. He does not generalize his personal experience as universal for everyone and gives his recommendations correctly, politely and optimistically.
    6. The work of an assistant in motherhood is for the result.
      The result, for which an expert in the field of conscious parenting works, is a woman who is self-confident and confident in her mother role, a healthy and happy child, a formed bonding between mother and child, peace and understanding in the family.

      A birth attendant, for example, must have an excellent knowledge of the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of childbirth, and understand and protect the basic needs of MotherBabies in childbirth and postpartum. While the maternity counsellor should be also good in the stages through which a woman will go through in motherhood; "pitfalls" that can jump out along the way and how to bypass them, and, if necessary, eliminate them; know what's a woman's perception of life and her psyche changes during pregnancy and childbirth; know the needs of the baby, its physiology and psychology, what it expects from the mother, and how to satisfy all these expectations; have knowledge of osteopathy and homeopathy.

      As a rule, the assistant immediately teaches new, comfortable habits of life with the baby, without resisting changes, as well as helps to redistribute attention in the family, taking into account the baby's arrival.
    7. Tracking mutual liking between the woman and the selected expert assistant.
      It is very important for us that the mother and the chosen consultant develop mutual sympathy. Knowledge and professionalism are not everything to establish trust with a client. Temperaments, way of thinking, values may not match. And that's okay. Therefore, when a woman communicates by phone, Skype, online, in social media or personally meets with an expert, feedback is important to us so that we may continue to search a consultant for a woman again.

    Mommy's Nanny guarantees:

    •  a natural approach to conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum of the MotherBaby;
    • environmental friendliness and understanding in considering your request;
    • immediacy in providing services;
    • quality in the selection of expert assistants and the selection of relevant educational materials for your situation;
    • emotional support;
    • Your privacy;
    • quick and easy refund if you have any complaints about the quality of the Mommy's Nanny service (in accordance with our Indemnity Guarantee Policy).
    Mommy's Nanny doesn’t guarantee:

    • an unambiguous and instant solution of your situation;
    • instant liking with all the professionald selected for you;
    • the same result with this expert as your friend or others obtained sharing recommendations with you.

    Feedbacks of our project participants and experts

    Эксперты служат Вам

    Хильда Гарст Hilda Garst (Italy), mother of 3, public figure,
    “I discovered Svetlana's and Olga's project "Miracle in the Heart", and I realized that two mothers (TWO MOTHERS (!) had been able to create and work hard on an international festival in which they involved the most famous activists and experts on world level for the rediscovery and re-protection of "Conception-Pregnancy-Birth-Breastfeeding-Primal (as science shows more and more!) Evolutionary Health”. And they did and do all this, primarily thanks to their deep motherlove, mother commitment, mother sensibility, mother strength, mother-experiences...”

    Sister MorningStar Sister MorningStar (USA), mother of 3, authentic midwife,
    “It has been an honor to support the holy work of Svetlana and Olga in their global vision of Celebrating the miracle of childbirth as the heart of preserving sacred life now and for the future. May wisdom and great love guide them to continue to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower wimyn the world over to birth in power.”

    Grigori Brekhman Grigori Brekhman (Israel), father of 2, MD, perinatal psychologist,
    “Thank you very much for your vigorous activities on recovery of normal childbearing and hence in favor of less traumatized generation within pregnancy and birth, and the happier generation!”

    Olena (Switzerland) Olena (Switzerland), a project participant,
    “Miracle in the Heart project is a small island of warmth, love where milk smells, and children's laughter sounds. Such an aura and energy spread by participants, project creators just grasp, and afloat into the world of changes, joy, faith and hope that doctors’ determination doesn’t finish your life!”

    More reviews of experts and participants of Miracle in the Heart are here.

    You can order Mommy's Nanny by simply emailing to us at

    The most interesting thing is that you can't "buy" a quick problem solving. Motherhood is a colossal work. Motherhood changes us forever! Although not everyone is ready to completely change their lifestyle, expand their personal boundaries for the sake of a newborn. We believe that you are ready to work and change in motherhood, one of the main assignments of a woman!

    If you are interested in this service or if you have questions about its implementation for your situation, please email to us at with the subject “Mommy’s Nanny”. In your email, please indicate:

    • Name
    • Е-mail
    • City of residence
    • Country of Residence
    • Description of your situation
    • Questions

    С любовью, Ольга и Светлана You are not alone!
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