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Zinzile  Seepie
Zinzile Seepie
(Зинзиль Сипи )
South Africa, Cape Town
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2 children, 2 out of them born in homebirth.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
Mother of 2. Zinzile is an internationally celebrated doula, breastfeeding consultant and doula trainer who teaches ancient African wisdom in pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum.

Zinzile is the managing director of Nana Wethu Doulas, the National Coordinator of Human Rights in Childbirth, the Co-founder of the Zulu birth Project, a contributor on Conscious Parenting Magazine, an expert on the Progressive Parenting Network, and a political activist for reform of birth in state hospitals. She has trained with multiple international and national Doula training organisations such as Doulas of North America, International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Gena Kirby Rebozo and Mama Bamba with Robyn Sheldon. To date, she has trained doulas in Arad (Israel), California, Portland, Michigan, Milwaukee, Oakland, San Francisco and New York in her unique "Way of the Zulu Doula" approach.

Zinzile used to be the National Political Co-ordinator for HRIC although now her focus is on marginalized communities in South Africa which she serves as a Spatial Planner when she is not serving birthing mothers in both Gauteng and the Western Cape Province.

She learned the cultural aspects of over 7 South African nations and has fluent understanding of isiZulu, English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Swati, Sepedi, Tswana and seSotho.

She has developed her workshops based on pure Zulu culture inclusive of African birth principles she witnessed and experienced.

On her Zulu Birth Project, she writes, "We are Mothers, Birthkeepers, Visionaries and Wayshowers, giving voice to ancient birth wisdom and standing up with strength for human rights and global maternal health".

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