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Tlalie  Vered Shir
Tlalie Vered Shir
(Тлали Веред Шир)
Israel, Negev
No children.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
spiritual midwife
traditional (authentic) Midwife
childbirth preparation educator
Tlalie is a trained doula and a psychotherapist. She accompanies homebirths, mainly in water. She is poet singer and artist living in the desert of Israel.

"I have started being aware of the power of sound at the age of 4 when I heard the sound of the flowers at the back garden. At that moment, I realized that there is a whole life surrounding us with sound, vibration singing it self to being in every moment. This early experience moved me to the magical sound world, singing intuitively trans-forming and feeling expansion in the heart. I have been studying music , art and awareness through movement at the Body Mind Academy and SE psychotherapy NVC, NST.

Naturally, my life journey brought me to sound in birth: I have developed 'Heart Song'- a program that uses song/sound vibration with theta brainwaves, meditation and imagery.I am using new ways with sound for birth preparations and healing birth traumas, weaving sound frequencies with KAVANA – (intention with direction) the old melodies and Lullabies of the mothers and sacred feminine circle that whispers to unconscious mind and brings the joy of who we really are. these ways, enhances bonding on a very deep level…I later initiated the 'Birthing in Theta' program, 'Sound profound'- being vibration, and the 'Certified International Aqua Doula Training' for professionals, working and supporting women in their natural power of birthing and being.

Together with my partner we created 'The River' project, a non-profit organization, an ecological healing space for families, mothers and babies in nature, both in the North and in the desert of Israel and 'Paths to the sacred feminine journey ‘- creative retreats for women in nature, listening to their inner call". Tlalie is a member of the Sound Healers Association (UK) and a speaker of Midwife Today International.

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