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Tatiana Rappoport-Maslennikova
Tatiana Rappoport-Maslennikova
(Татьяна Раппопорт-Масленникова (Раппопорт))
Ukraine, Kharkiv
4 children.
A professional working in allied fields with natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
Tatiana is a craftswoman and a happy mother of 4, thanks to whom she has realised the importance of traditional toys in child development. She is the first and only organiser of international workshops making traditional dolls in Ukraine. Tatiana is an honoured craftswoman of Ukraine.

She is a craftswoman organising workshops making traditional folk dolls (female destiny dolls, birth attendant dolls, dolls for playing and performing rituals, etc.). Her works can be found in private collections in over 10 countries around the world. She is the founder of “Kamorka art studio” dedicated to creating and studying traditional dolls.

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