Conception. Childbirth. Development. Naturally. Consciously. Blessingly.
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natural childbirth
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Nadezhda Zelenaya
Nadezhda Zelenaya
(Надежда Зелёная)
Ukraine, Kyiv
consultations online
2 children, 2 out of them born in homebirth.
A professional primarily working in natural childbirth and/or conscious parenting
spiritual midwife
professional midwife
traditional (authentic) Midwife
childbirth preparation educator
postpartum recovery professional
perinatal psychologist
trainer on swimming for pregnant
lactation consultant
natural infant hygiene consultant
Mother of 2 children born in home waterbirth. A home midwife cooperating with maternity hospitals in Kyiv, a founder and a member of the Association of Authentic Midwives of Ukraine, a visiting midwife in Ukraine and other countries, conducts classes for pregnant women.

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